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Minutes of the first Meeting of “Sathyambabu and Ayeshameera Nyaya Porata Committee” held on 14th September 2010 in Progressive Media Services, Hyderabad

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Minutes of the first Meeting of “Sathyambabu and Ayeshameera Nyaya Porata Committee” held on 14th September 2010 in Progressive Media Services, Hyderabad


1. R.Ravi Kumar, National Dalit Forum
2. Ramesh Hazari, Progressive Media Services
3. Narayana Swamy, Secular Democratic Front
4. Mohan, Arunodaya
5. Denial Prakash, Dalit Stree Shakthi
6. V.Nanda Gopal, Sakshi- Human Rights Watch
7. CH.Issack, Sakshi- Human Rights Watch
8. G.Sanjeeva Rao, Shankar pally
9. Jayaraju, Kula Nirmoolana Porata Samithi
10. K.Chandranna, Trade Unionist
11. M.Prem Kumar, Dalit Activist
12. B.Siddeshwar, Madiga Mahajana Sramika Vimukthi
13. D.Anjaneyulu, Navayana (Society for Social Transformation)
14. Dr. DJ Narendra Bondla, Centre for World Solidarity
15. M Sudarshan, Centre for World Solidarity
16. Latif MD Khan, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee
17. M.Venkata Swamy, Samatha Sainik Dal
18. Bathula Venkanna, Dalit Bahujana Sramika Vimukthi
19. B.Sanjeev Nayak, Thelangana Lambadi Hakkula Porata Samithi
20. M.A.Shakeel, Human Rights Law Network
21. KVR.Reddy, Manava Vikasa Vedika
22. B.Karthik Navayan, Navayana (Society for Social Transformation)
23. Sridhar Human Rights Forum
24. B.Murali Krishna, PUCAAR


1. Bojja Tharakam, Advocate High Court
2. S.Jeevan Kumar, Human Rights Forum
3. Jaya Vindyala Peoples Union for Civil Liberties
4. Bogey Raja ram, Ambedkar Youth Association
5. D.Suresh Kumar, Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee
6. Bheem Bharath, Dalit Bahujana Sangharshana Samithi
7. Y.Srihari, Thelangana Ambedkar Sangam
8. Habeebur Rahman, Muslim United Front
9. Srinivas, Advocate. Are absent due to unavoidable reasons, but they expressed their willingness to be part of the activities planned in this meeting

Important Decisions

1. It is decided to request Bojja Tharakam to be convener to this committee as he is familiar with the case and fallowing it from lower court of high court from the beginning

2. Denial Prakash will prepare a legal note about the case with the help of Bojja Tharakam to circulate and submit among the different forums and authorities

3. Karthik Navayan will coordinate all the activities of this committee

Activities planned

1. An Open Press meet and Dharna will be organized at the Ambedkar statue located in lower tank bond, (date will be finalized)

Demanding the government

 To admit Sathyambabu in Nijam Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital immediately as he is suffering from a neurological disorder, Guillain-Barre Syndrome

 B) To transfer the Ayeshameera murder case to the Central Bureau of Investigation for the re investigation of the

2. In this press meet & Dharna the Sathyambabu and Ayeshameera Nyaya Porata committee will bring the mothers of both victims (Sathyambabu mother Pidathala Mariyamma, and Ayeshameera Mother Shamshad Begum) to participate and to explain their version to the media and public

3. A Representation will be submitted (date will be finalized after approaching for the appointment) to the Governor / Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for their intervention for the unbiased and proper investigation and to punish the real culprits in the Ayeshameera murder case. and also to provide proper treatment and release of Innocent Dalit boy Pidathala Sathyambabu who falsely implicated in this case to protect the real culprits

4. A public hearing will be organized (date will be finalized after press meet& Dharna)
5. It is decided to plan some activities in the national capital Delhi after completing the above activities

Contributions for activities

V. Nanda Gopal Rs 500/-
M. Prem Kumar Rs 200/-
B.Karthik Navayan Rs 100/-
K. Jayaraju Rs 100/-
Dr D.J Narendra Bondla Rs 100/-
K. Chandranna Rs 100/-
KVR Reddy Rs 200/-
MA. Shakeel Rs 200/-
G.Sanjeeva Rao Rs 100/-
B. Murali Krishna Rs 20/-

Total Rs 1620/-

Dear Committee Members

Please get back to me for any quarries or if missing something in this minutes I will update you regularly after finagling dates, we will decide date for our second committed meeting after press meet & Dharna

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support for a noble cause


B.Karthik Navayan
Sathyambabu And Ayeshameera Nyaya Porata Committee


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