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SC Reservations issue Effective sharing is the only solution

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SC Reservations issue Effective sharing is the only solution

The main purpose of introducing reservations is to identify and provide special privileges to communities that are discriminated socially, economically and educationally. Dr. BR Ambedkar dreamt that by providing reservations to Daliths suffered with the menace of untouchability as a whole will move ahead towards cultural manifestation and thus become rulers of this country. “Reservations are only one destination, not the final goal”.

“Reservations are like half bread which will give strength to raise the voice for those who are crying for full stomach meals”. According to Manyasri Kanshi Ram, “Reservations are like walking sticks, do not depend on these sticks forever”. “Reservations are not simple solution for all problems – All problems are not solved without reservations”. Hence, there is a need to distribute the fruits of reservations equally among all concerned communities.

It is a fact that among the SC communities with same social status, resulted with disparities as a result of 60 years implementation of reservations. In Andhra Pradesh, the Mala community utilized more reservations than the Madiga community. The clash between to factions will lead to victory and defeat. According to Dr. BR Ambedkar, “the fight between same group will lead to its destruction”. The two communities Mala and Madiga will fall under same category as they suffered the social evils like oppression, untouchability, exploitation, pains and tears equally. The demand raised for the distribution of reservations took a shape of fight. In this situation, there is an urgent need to find an amicable solution; otherwise it will lead to its destruction. The fight between two community organizations i.e, Mala Mahanadu and Madiga Dandora created war like situation between two communities.

The dreams of Dalith martyrs who spilt their blood for this soil are scattered. The two communities who suffered all insults in peer are readied for splitting into two rival groups just because of reservations by forgetting its identity. The leaders who are following the tactics of Rama which divided the brothers of Vali and Sugreeva became slaves like Hanumanthas who obey orders of Rama at any cost. The issue of reservations mainly concerned with the small percentage of “educated Daliths” in the society.

The upper caste parties are eagerly waiting to divide these two communities for their self interest and thus molding them as their vote bank. They are trying to get warmth with the fire of Dalith huts. The issue of reservations is burning since 13 years only because of upper caste parties and their crooked strategies. The upper caste parties are using these Mala and Madiga communities as pawns in every election by ensuring that the issue remains alive with their tactics and showing temporary solutions. The leaders from both the communities are becoming responsible for this situation.

The origin of this issue is from coastal Andhra The Mala and Madiga communities from coastal Andhra region utilized reservations more effectively because of so many historical reasons. It is observed that the IAS, IPS and other class I offers are mainly from Mala and Madiga communities from coastal Andhra region but not from Mala and Madiga communities belonging to Telangana region. The condition of Mala and Madiga communities from Telengana region is not differ from one another. There are more number of IAS officers from Mala and Madiga communities belonging to coastal Andhra region. In this process, the population of Mala community is more than the Madiga community in coastal Andhra region.

In Telengana region, the population of Madiga community is more than the Mala community. The Mala community from coastal Andhra region which are majority in that area gained more advantage in reservations by using the special climatic conditions and privileges. This is the main reason for this dispute. The Madiga community is lagging behind in utilization of reservations is a fact. In the same way the Mala community is not responsible for their lame is also another real fact.

As there is no caste profession for Mala community and some profession is there for Madiga community is also affected in utilizing reservations. Mala community is one of the communities which stood on the last step of the ladder like steps system. It is against the law of social justice to enlist Mala community into list of plunders though they might have improved their living condition in some places in some special situations.

Madiga Dandora Movement – For social justice Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi(MRPS) incarnated in 1994 with categorizing the SC reservations into A, B, C, and D subgroups as its prime agenda. The stated reason for its demand is “The mala community is taking more share in reservations from the pool of SCs comprising 59 communities and other castes are loosing their share in reservations.” All democratic, revolutionary, communist organizations, political parties, intellectuals and scholars supported, welcomed this movement. This movement helped in boosting moral strength and self respect among Madiga community, though this movement emerged out of disparities in reservations. Millions of people from Madiga community participated in this movement voluntarily.

The then Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu enacted “categorization of SC reservation into A, B, C, D 20/2000” bill because of pressures from many democratic organizations, and different forces of the society. Prior to this act, the government appointed Justice Ramchandar Raju commission to look into this issue. This commission did not study well as it was expected to. It did not consider census of SCs region wise. This commission did not receive inherent feelings from Daliths. It did not consult National SC commission for its opinion on this issue. Even it did considered the fact that the issue of reservations will come under the jurisdiction of union government.

Chandra Babu Naidu government brought “categorization of SC reservations into A, B, C, D” bill in the assembly in a hasty manner by neglecting suggestions from various sections. This is nothing but vote bank politics without having sincerity towards social justice. If the reservations are shared properly, then this issue might not took this tough shape. The then government should own moral responsibility for this. Honorable Supreme court quashed the act to categorization of SC reservations into A, B, C, D on 4th November 2004, just because of Ramchandar Raju commission ignored some technical aspects. Court considered the technical aspects but ignored social justice. Because of this, the problem restarted again. In the mean time, while this movement is going ahead with some ups and downs, some members of Mala community came forward protesting against this categorization and formed a group called Mala Mahanadu.

Mala Mahanadu is claiming that the unity among scheduled caste will ruin by this categorization. But this is fake unity. These people are not concerned about the communities which are unable to claim the benefits of reservations after 60 years from now onwards and how to make justification for them. At least the first generations of the sub castes from SC communities which are more backward than Madiga community living as wanderers are unable to claim the benefits of the reservations. Preaching unity principles by ignoring the above facts is quite surprising.

Is A, B, C, Ds a final settlement? There are 59 sub castes in SCs. If we divide 59 castes into four equal groups, then the caste which is forward in that group will utilize the reservations more than remaining castes in that group. It is likely to happen that the single caste from each A, B, C and D categories may get more benefits and the rest may suffer with injustice. If we examine the categorization of BCs into A, B, C and D, then it is clearly evident that there is no equal distribution of reservations among BC communities. Hence, the Chakali community(BC) is demanding to consider them as SCs. It is a fact that inspite of dividing BCs into A, B, C, and D sub groups, it failed in ensuring justice to all backward castes in its sub groups. If the same formula is applied to SC reservations, the communities which are trailing in gaining the benefits of reservations will come with another movement. Hence, the leaders of Mala and Madiga community should come forward to take an initiation for effective, scientific method to distribute reservations on rotation basis population wise and region wise.

The front organizations Mala Mahanadu and Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi(MRPS) are using Dr. BR Ambedkar’s image to support their claims. According to Dr. BR Ambedkar’s aspirations, the person who is far behind in utilizing the benefits of reservations should be given highest priority. For this sacrifice, everyone should be prepared both physically and mentally. But the actual fact is that the upper caste partiy gimmicks are working on Mala Mahanadu and MadigaDandora leaders. And hence, they are trying to make it a burning issue forever, play tactics by not resolving this issue and gain political advantage out of this.

Effective measures should be taken to give first priority for those persons who are lagging behind in competing persons from the same caste, if reservations are shared in rotation basis. For example, the students of Mala and Madiga communities from Telengana region will lag behind in competing the children of IAS officers from Andhra region from the respective communities. Hence it is a good idea to consider economic and region factors in the same communities. Reservations should be implemented by treating the first generations people who enjoyed reservations as second grade people and given second priority. Solution for reservations issue should be on the basis of unity.

The leaders of Mala Mahanadu and Madiga Dandora are failing to come closer by shunning their personal egos to safeguard the interests of Dalith communities and finding an amicable solution on “unity basis”. They should come out of the influences by the political parties which are become hurdles for this issue. Attempts should be made to find a solution acceptable to the leaders of sub castes without waiting for the settlement by keeping this issue in the hands of upper caste political parties. There are so many issues that are yet to be resolved by the Dalith communities staying united and fighting together. Dalith race will become insolvent if they fight each other and forget long pending issues like reservations in private sector, filling up of backlog vacancies and land struggles.

The dream of great persons “ if we fail in the efforts towards achieving the unity among SCs, STs, BCs and Minorities” to have state power in Daliths will remain like futile. Hence, considering this fact, all the leaders of Dalith communities should come forward and fight for constitutional rights and gaining power to rule this country by resolving all internal disputes. The Dalith activists should not involve in the activity of selling the Dalith race by becoming brokers to the upper caste parties. The intellectuals, scholars and employees from Mala and Madiga communities should come forward by understanding the gravity of the situation. Many Dalit intellectuals suggested various scientific methods to resolve this issue on equal justice basis. Efforts are on to form a front called “Mala-Madiga Ikya Sadhana Vedika” with responsible Dalith leaders to resolve this issue unitedly. It is not a big difficult to find an amicable solution to SCs reservation issue if all leaders of Mala and Madiga communities think in this direction.

July 2007 Bahujana Keratalu, Swetchalochana



  1. Srinivas Panthukala says:

    Dear Karthik, you have very nicely articulated the SC reservations and Categorization issue and gave simple solution. There were initiative earlier like you proposed of Mala & Madiga Ikya Vedika, Solidarity Committee, Civil Society Organizations, Mala & Madiga discussion forums who wants to solve this problem as soon as possible. Because of Third Party (Poltical Parties) intervention instead of becoming a strong Mala & Madiga Poltical force it has become beyond our control and vote bank for politics parties. This is not only the demand of AP, but also Pubjab and Haryana, Bihar, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and other states. I think once again there is a need to academic and intellectual discussion, debate and find solutions as soon as possible with in the Scheduled Castes.

  2. mary madiga says:

    all are daliths think about this karthik i sujet you ples you organaege one discurstion i am all so paticipeting that discortion.shering sum………..this

  3. pnvaraprasad says:

    jaibheem iamhappy seeyour website september 24 is very important day .The leaders of bramins enjoy their judgement on sept 24 because on that day poona act AMBEDKAR was signature so we are get togother dalits discuss about poona act held at meeting in ANANTAPURTOWN

  4. crystal says:

    నిజానికి మాల మాదిగలు ఆది ఆంధ్రులలోని ఉపకులాలు. ఆది ఆంధ్రులు గా పిలవబడే వీళ్ళ మధ్య వర్గీకరణ పేరు తో చిచ్చు వచ్చింది కొన్ని కులాల్ని షెడుల్డ్ కేస్ట్స్ గా రాజ్యాంగం గుర్తించి రిజర్వేషన్ కల్పించింది కులానికో రిజర్వేషన్ ఎక్కడా వుండదు ఇప్పుడు బిసి లను తీసుకుంటే ఎన్ని కులాలు ?ఎదో వాళ్ళలో వారే పోటీతత్వం తో చదివి ముందుకు వస్తారు అవకాశాల్ని అందుకొని సమాజం లో గౌరవస్థానం ఏర్పరచుకుంటారని పోటిపడితే మాదిగలు ఎందుకు వాళ్ళని డామినేట్ చెయ్యలేరు? విద్వేషాలు మంచివి కాదు ఆది ఆంధ్రులు ఐకమత్యంతో సాధించాల్సినవి చాలా వున్నాయి ఈ రిజర్వేషన్ ని జనాలు ఎలా అర్థం చేసుకున్నారంటే ఓ సి అంటే ఫార్వార్డ్ కేస్ట్ రిజర్వేషన్ అనుకుంటున్నారు బిసి లు, ఎస్ సి లు సెలెక్ట్ ఐతే అందులో ఇందులో కూడానా అని అడిగుతుంటే నవ్వాలో ఏడ్వాలో కూడా తెలీయకుండావుంది ఓపెన్ కేటగిరీ అంటే మెరిట్ సీట్లు అని కూడా తెలీనివాళ్లు చాలామంది

  5. sadashiv says:

    Send me some important address of madiga rakshana depertnment addresse in Bagalkot & karnataka & related police & mahila sangha address bcoz my friend is SC, he harassed by upper caste people day by day………

  6. manyam says:

    Telangana state
    sc reservation 15 %(mala has more reserveved post than madiga it not rule of law)
    Mala 10% below population (12%post)
    Madiga 90% population(3% post)

  7. Sharath says:

    Sir, I just surfing through the SC Caste issue on landed in this page, i my organisation, the departation is becoming more and more. Am a new bee in my organisation, they are beating each other sometimes for funds distributions too. that is the era of big leaders in my companies. How can i control, where can i get the full knowledge of Schedule Castes and Acts, Rights and Reservations to Question them and to give supporting answers to them with acts and rules.

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