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Caste discrimination on Triveni Hostel Dalit Students

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Before Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission

At Gruhakalpa, Nampally, Hyderabad

HRC No            of            2010


1.       M. Ravi Kumar, MA Mphil age 28 years S/o Mallaiah

2.       M.Purushottam MA age 29 years S/o Chinna kistanna

Both are R/O Triveni Hostel, Osmania University Campus, at Hyderabad 7



1.       Ravi Kumar Mphil, age 26, Room no 2

2.       Ramana Chari MA, age 30, Room no 5

3.       Sravan Kumar, PhD Student, age 35, Room no 9

4.       R.Vinod Kumar PhD Student, Age 32, Room no-2 and Other Upper caste Students

All are residents of Triveni Hostel, O.U.Campus, at Hyderabad – 7

5.       Sripada Subramanyam, Age About 50 years, S/o Not known to the petitioner

Occ: Registrar,

6.       Anumandla Bhoomaiah, age About 60 years S/o Not known to the petitioners,

Occ: Vice Chancellor Bothe are working at Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Nampally, Hyderabad – 1


Petition filed under section 12 of the Human Rights Protection Act 1995

Respected sir

We the applicants of the petition are  students of Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Nampally, and residing in Triveni Hostel here by submitting this petition on behalf of all the SC ST Students of Triveni Hostel, Located in Osmania University, Hyderabad,

It is respectfully submitted to you that we want to bring to your kind notice about the caste based discrimination and harassment that we are facing in Triveni Hostel, On January 7th 2010 at 11am the above mentioned four students gathered at our hostel mess hall and caught hold of the Applicants and threatened by saying “SC ST – Mala, Madiga, Erukala Lanja kodukulu evaru maa prakkana kurchovaddu meeru pandulu, aavulanu thintaru evadaina kurchunnatlaithe Champutham” (You SC ST Mala, Madiga, Erukala Bastard should not come and sit in the same bench where we sit in the mess hall, as you are Beef and Pork eaters, if anybody dares to sit beside us we will  kill them)

We opposed the words of the four upper caste students and asked them why they are using filthy language and abusing in the name of caste, then they again scolded us in the name of caste and threatened that they will do it again and again, they also said “Is it not true that you SC STs are beef eaters and pork eaters? And further said you bastards should approach the Hostel authorities to arrange separate mess hall for you, don’t come to this mess hall

We informed this incident to the university SC ST cell on 7th January 2010 and they brought it to the notice of the Vice Chancellor, but nothing has happened; as the registrar of the university and the Vice chancellor are also belong to upper castes and are supporting the upper caste students. This silence of the authorities is further encouraging them to harass the SC ST students in the name of caste. The Vice chancellor had tried to implicate SC ST students in the false cases alleging that the students insulted him and with the intervention of some elders he withdrawn the cases, so it is crystal clear that the vice chancellor is biased and supporting to the upper caste students to harass SC ST Students in the hostel

The registrar too in support of the upper caste students and is instigating the upper caste students that he will take care of them, in case if SC ST students files any cases, through the help of high rank police officers known to him and some of them are his relatives also. ,With the help of the both registrar and vice chancellor the upper caste students continued to behave in the same fashion

We feel that including the Vice chancellor, registrar and the upper caste students are not in a position to recognize and accept the SC ST students as equals with the other upper caste students. Hence they are not allowing the SC/ST students to sit in the same benches where upper caste students are also sitting. That’s why they are encouraging upper caste students to harass SC ST students. With  this background the above named upper caste students are regularly harassing us and other SC ST students in the name of caste and insulting our food habits

In addition to the above on 7th march 2010 again the four above named upper caste students came to the mess hall and shouted loudly that “we have told you SC ST Bastards should not sit in the mess hall but why you are sitting, and threatened us by saying that if we sit on the same benches in the mess hall they will bring their people from outside and they will thrash us

It became a regular phenomenon that the above named four students are harassing each and every SC ST student whenever they found them single. Also if they see any SC ST student on the way they are loudly shouting that “see! See Beef eater is ..…” it is a humiliation to every SC ST student on the campus and in the hostel.

So we request your kind self to protect our human rights, dignity and self respect and relieve us from this mental trauma by directing concerned authorities to take action against the above said respondent Students, Vice Chancellor and registrar

And we pray this honorable authority to direct the police concerned to register a case against the above said students, Vice chancellor and registrar according to the provisions of the SC ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989


SC ST Students of Triveni Hostel, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad -7

Name of the Student                                                                             Signature

1.       M. Ravi Kumar, MA. Mphil

2.       M.Purushottam MA

1.       N.Swamy, PhD

2.       K.Mahesh Mphil in Journalism

3.       K .Ramesh MCJ’

4.       A.Sudhakar, PhD

5.       S. Nagajanu MA

6.       G. Jangaiah, MCJ

7.       CH.Chandraiah, PhD

8.       K Sadan tej, MA

9.       G. Maddileti MPA

10.   K. Buchaiah MCJ

11.   K. Kurmaih, MCJ

12.   Vijay   BFA

13.   Salaiah, Mphil

14.   Chiranjeevi, MPA

15.   M. Kurumurthy, MPA

16.    G. Naresh, BFA

17.   M.Balakoti, BFA

And other SC ST Students

Counsel for the petitioner

B.Karthik Navayan,
Advocate, Ho.No. 21-7-761,
Opp.High Court Post Office,
Gansi Bazar, Hyderabad,
PIN-500002, AP. Cell:09346677007,



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