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Innocent Dalit boy Sathyambabu convicted for life – Please gather at PMS to plan our protest activities against this castiest judgment X

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Dear friends

I am here in Vijayawada court for whole day today, and observed the entire process of delivering judgment in the Ayeshameera murder case. It is shame on our police, prosecutors and judiciary that all are colluded to protect the real culprits for the money and other political advantages.

In the morning judge Sri Sudha (Brahmin by caste) called Sathyambau in to the court hall and told him that the case proved against him, and asked him whether he wants death penalty or life sentence, then Sathyambau replied bravely her to hang him, if it is really proved that he is the real culprit. (As he was not at all involved in this case and not expected this kind of judgment form court) The cruel thing is that the prosecution lawyer Umadevi (Kapu by caste) behaved inhumanly at this time and argued that Sathyambau should be hanged

And the judge posted case for judgment after lunch, at 2:30pm at this time the defense lawyer P.Srinivas argued that according to the Supreme Court, death penalty is applicable in the rarest of the rare cases, but this is not that kind of case. He also argued that there is no evidence at all, except report from the forensic lab, even that cannot be believable as the director of the forensic lab Dr Venkanna who given forensic report in this case was caught hold by the anti corruption bureau police and remanded for the offence of taking bribe to give a false report. The forensic report in the Ayeshameera case also given by Dr Venkanna, which is not at all believable, he argued.

After hearing to the defense counsel the judge again posted it for judgment after 10 minutes, but she came to the bench after 1 hour and delivered judgment that the innocent dalit boy Sathyambau sentenced for life for offence under 302 of IPC and 10 years imprisonment for the offence under 376 IPC that is rape and also awarded Rs 1000 as fine, if he is unable to pay that amount, he has to be in the jail for another 6 months

Though there is no proper evidence against Sathyambau, and there are protests in all over state in favors of Sathyambau the police and court were influenced by the political lobbies and bend for money, and punished innocent dalit boy, to protect real culprits

This is a clear cut case of caste discrimination against dalits in general and Sathyambabu in particular; this is the time to raise our voice against the castiest judgment on innocent dalit boy Sathyambabu

So we have to take a series if activities in protest against the castiest judgment. And Punishing a innocent dalit boy

Please assemble at Progressive Media Services  at 4pm in Hyderabad – Hyderabad  to plan the protest activities

Thanks and regards

Karthik Navayan


Sathyambabu and Ayeshameera Nyaya Porata Committee


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