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Report of Public meeting demanding justice to Sathyambabu and Ayeshameera

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Report of Public meeting demanding justice to Sathyambabu and Ayeshameera

On – 30th Oct 2010, In Parvana Hall, Gun foundry – Hyderabad

Organised by

Sathyambabu Ayesha Meera Nyaya Porata Committee, Andhra Pradesh

This meeting was organized in the backdrop of the recent verdict by the Sessions Court Vijayawada on 29th September convicting Sathyambabu an innocent Dalit laborer from the nearby locality, for life imprisonment. Several persons representing various Dalit Organizations, democratic movements, Muslim organizations and women’s movements attended this meeting. There were also representatives from Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights Mumbai, and Dalit Mukti Morcha Chhattisgarh, Dalit movement in Maharashtra and West Bengal. The Sathyambabu Ayesha Meera Nyaya Porata Committee had put forward two major demands such as –

a)      Ayesha Mira murder case should be reinvestigated by CBI.

b)      Provide proper provision of health and treatment to Sathyambabu. as he is suffering GB Syndrome caused by the police torture

Several speakers expressed their concerns, suggestions and demands in this public meeting.  This meeting presided by the coordinator of Sathyambabu Ayeshameera Nyaya porata committee Mr. Karthik Navayan, Here is a brief of the proceedings of the meeting.

1. Dr. Anand Teltumbde, Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights, Mumbai.

He told that it is a prepared story. It is like sacrificing poor Dalit boys for the sake of judicial institutions. In the judgment one can see the statement of Ayesha’s mother; it says that Sathyambabu is innocent, he is not accused.

He mentioned that Satyam Babu’s case is a technical flaw, which needs to be dealt by competent lawyers. He also mentioned the patterns of judgments delivered by the courts in recent years. He told that it needs to relook into the Khairlanji and Ayodhaya verdicts. Told that these verdicts come with the same neo-liberal agenda therefore these verdicts need to be checked in the context and pattern of globalization process.

On the Khairlanji verdict he mentioned that the way the verdict was placed saying there was no caste conflict, no sexual molestation of women, there was no conspiracy was just astonishing. Therefore the court also took the position that it can’t come up with any position or render capital punishment to the accused. Such judgment is design judgment. Referring to the recent issue raised by Shantibhushan of corrupt judge, he said that people have lost faith on legislation, democracy judiciary and bureaucracy.

He also suggested that we need to be an introspective. There are many unknown Sathyambabu, therefore it’s not unique case, but we need to be introspective about the weakness of our movement.  The system should ensure that one should not face problems just because of he is poor.

He also suggested to form committee of lawyers since this is a technical (legal) matter. However there should be the demand for reinvestigation of this case. At the same time we need to look at the possibilities to put a political demand.

2. Mr. Aanant Acharya, Democratic forum for Dalit, women and minorities

He said that the judiciary and police are not working with any sort of accountability. India is basically an upper caste Hindu state, which has Brahmanical hegemony. In India the exploiters united but the exploited are divided. He also mentioned the importance of fact finding work.According to him Brahmanism today is in most modern form; apart from Brahmanism there are many other forces who are working to exploit others.

3. Mr. Goldy George, Dalit Mukti Morcha, Chhattisgarh

He spoke about the ongoing politics of framing cases. Satyambau’s is not a singled out case. Framing of cases in this country is like a riddle. The politics of framing cases comes from the fear that the state feels due to the growing people’s dissent and struggle. Today there are different levels of struggle against Corporate, Castiest, and fascist forces. The way Binayak Sen. was implicated in a fake case as shown this trend in Chhattisgarh. In Chhattisgarh on an average 10-15 fake cases are filed every day. The more stronger the struggle, the more stronger the state repression would be.

Secondly he mentioned that while framing such cases the easy targets are always the Dalits, adivasis and minorities and in some cases women. They are the soft targets, who could be easily trapped. Sathyambabu had fallen prey to this trap.

Thirdly he expressed his apprehension that this cases would had led to the Gujarat Paradigm of caste-communal polity where the early preparations were in the 80 and then in 90. Eventually we all witnessed it happening in 2002 as a mass genocide program of the fascist state. Similarly in Andhra Pradesh there are communal forces that could encase. The state has got its agenda to a head such a Brahmin -Baniya design which is to support the neo-liberal corporate agenda. There are people who are victim and victimized. Ayesha was the victim while Sathyambabu was victimized.

Fourth, he criticized the court’s proceedings in recent years in following the eminent domain. All the recent verdicts such as Ayodhaya, Khairlanji and Sathyambabu the trajectory followed is based on the Acts, laws and rules framed by the British, to suppresse all kind of dissent against the state. So expecting justice from such a framework would be impossible.

He also proposed a few things such as to fight this battle inside and outside the court. Both these fights are necessary for a change process. He supported the demand for a CBI investigation, but also cautioned about the dangers as seen in several cases. He also suggested the formation of an independent fact finding team (with people from outside AP)

4. Mr.Habibur Rehman , Muslim United Front

He explained the background of Ayesha Meera Case. After the murder of Ayesha Meera, Police officials of Vijayawada announced that they have names of accused and will reveal it in the next 2 days. In the meantime they stopped investigation and went to Ayesha Meera’s hometown and tried to create a story around love affair with someone in her hometown. The intention was to create a scene of rape and murder by some unknown lover of Ayesha. After while police realized that Ayesha didn’t have a boyfriend. Then police started trapping her family members (Maternal Uncle) MAMA and others,. Police even misguide CM in this case, when the parents went to meet the CM.

The police then accused someone working in college canteen where Ayesha Meera studied.  As there was protest to in support of this person, they had to withdraw from this ploy. Then police started targeting innocent persons from village. One of them was Gurvinder Singh alias Laddu, with some cases against him. He was book in this case Gurvinder Singh after two months of incident. Then when there was strong opposition against the arrest of Gurvinder Singh and also due to the lack of evidence against him, he was dropped out of the case. Then they got hold of Sathyambabu a poor laborer from the nearby village. He was an assistant to a mason on a construction site. Police had tried to trap an innocent, poor, socially and economically backward person in this case, without any political backing and Sathyambabu was the best prey.

The question is that why is the government reluctant for a CBI investigation into the entire case? Is there any hidden agenda behind that? Rehman strongly advocated for INSAAF (justice) for Sathyambabu and for his unconditional and immediate release.

5. Adv. V. Narayana Reddy, Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights

He told that there are many loopholes in the investigation process right from the panchanama, fortification of postmortem report, getting various persons as accused in this case, etc. He also discussed about the weak role of the State Human rights Commission in this case. He said that a full narration of this case must be taken on record and the case should be reinvestigation by the CBI.

6. Jansi , Dalit Stree Shakthi

She told that the judicial system, police force and political system of state complete insensitive towards the poor Dalits. She also explained how it victimizes innocent Dalits like Sathyambabu and Dalit women… She spoke at length about atrocities in the state. And she reiterated that the need of unity of Dalit, Bahujan masses

7. Mr.G.Shankar, SC and ST Rights Protection Society

He said that the judiciary and police system failed to punish the real culprit. He elaborated the encounter and targeting tactics used by police. There are many Ayesha and Sathyambabu type of cases in this state. He commented on the role of High court and Supreme Court in many cases. He stressed on need for Dalit-Muslim Sanghtan (unity), in this case. Also he emphasized on the need of democratic protest, Dharna, and March till the time justice is not delivered. There is need of consistent protest against present system. We have to create awareness about the failure of judiciary and police machinery. We should approach Chief Justice of India, National Commission of Human rights etc. seeking justice in this case.

8. Mr. P. Srinivas, Defense lawyer of Sathyambabu

He told that the judgment delivered in this case was solely opposed by the people of state he also told that the appeal was filed in the high court and he hoped that at least in the high court Sathyambabu will get justice

9. Mr. D. Suresh Kumar,  Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee

He said that in neo-liberal world the way people denied justice by judiciary is really dangerous. He demanded for a reinvestigation by the CBI. He told that the social system, judiciary, police force, politics are nothing help for poor and Dalits.  He spoke about strengthening of educational system; judicial system, social system

10. Mr. S. Jeevan Kumar , Human rights forum

He told about the conditions of Dalits and explained how the Dalit and poor are becoming scapegoats for the upper caste social system and he also analysed .the social, political system, police and judiciary and given examples of violation of human rights in many cases, and said that his full support will be there with this struggle

11. Shamshad begum , Ayesha’s mother

She absent to the meeting as her younger daughter and mother was fallen ill health. She   spoken over phone to the meeting, and told that Sathyambabu was not the killer of her daughter Ayeshameera and requested all to fight for the release of innocent poor Dalit boy from the police and corrupted judiciary

12. Jaya , AP Chaitanya Mahila Sangam

Jaya told that appealing to the government will not help to the victim as the government it self is a culprit, and she opposed the demand of re investigation of case by CBI as the CBI also part of the state and how we expect help from them, she also opposed the proposal of submitting a representation to the Governor requesting his intervention for the CBI inquiry in this case, and she told that he may not respond positively as the governor is the former police who created the idea of green hunt

13. Mariyamma, Mother of Sathyambabu

Mariyamma told that she is coming from the charlapally jail where her son Sathyambabu placed, she met him in the jail and spoke to him, came to know that the jail constables bet him badly as he is requesting the jailer to arrange an appointment with the superintendent to put a request for shifting him from Vijayawada to Charlapally (he shifted here for treatment), She told that her son was in sound health condition when he was arrested by the police, but he is now unable to move him self for a small distance She cried bitterly when she reminded all things about his son

14. Mary Madiga

She told that the main culprit that is who really murdered Ayeshameera also belongs to the a Dalit sub caste, but they are very rich, and politically influential family, and it need to invite and include the leaders and organisations from Madiga community to be part of this struggle committee to achieve justice to the Sathyambabu and Ayeshameera,

15. B.Siddeshwar, Madiga Mahajana Sramika Vimukthi

He told that the state is using the conflict of between Dalit communities in this case, none of the mainstream Mala and Madiga leaders responding to protect Sathyambabu as he is poor, While Krishna Madiga accusing that the Mala community is so strong and stopping the classification of SC reservations as ABCD in Delhi, But the Sathyambabu belongs to the Mala Community, and He falsely implicated and badly beaten up also made as physically handicapped, so as a leader of poor Manda Krishna Madiga should join in the struggle for justice to Sathyambabu he added.

The other speakers, M.Chalapathi, Human Rights Law Network, V.Nanda Gopal, Sakshi Dalit Human Rights Watch, Prem Kumar Founder President Ambedkar Yuvajana Sangam, Ganumala Gnaneshwar, Senior Dalit Activist, Boge Rajaram, General secretary AP Ambedkar Yuvajana Sangam, K.Jayaraj, Kula Nirmoolana Porata Samithi, Demanded the government to re investigate Ayeshameera murder case and also demanded proper treatment to the Sathyambabu in the NIMS hospital

And the Sathyambabu Ayesha Meera Nyaya Porata committee meeting also held after public meeting. And it is decided to submit a representation to the Governor requesting His intervention and direction for CBI investigation in the Ayeshameera Murder case. And also requesting him to direct the Jails department to shift Sathyambabu into NIMS Hospital, it is decided to meet Governor by end of this month

Also decided to conduct a private investigation as suggested by George Goldy on the Ayeshameera Murder case by a national team including a Supreme Court lawyer, a forensic expert and a writer and activist, the members for this committee will be finalized by George Goldy and it will take place December or January of 2011

Mr. Karthik Navayana convened the entire proceedings. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by him.

– Report by: Bhupali Vitthal Magare, Dalit Activist, TISS, Mumbai

Note: Protect the human rights of an innocent Dalit boy Pidathala Sathyambabu from corrupted judiciary and police, who falsely implicated and punished him for life sentence in Ayesha Meera murder case, to protect the real culprits

Click here to sign : http://www.petitiononline.com/sathyam/petition.html


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  1. karthik repote baga rasinaru.meru e case meda madigala nudi akkuva supporte vachha laguna cheyyandi,tappu chesina vadu tanavadaina chattamu mundu tala vachaka tappadu.e matanu maine madiga leadars tho medialo matladista MANCHI RESULT untadi nenu,meku andubatulo untanu, elanti casula ppudanna dalitula iyekytanu,rajakiyalallo unna burjuva dalit maind galapeddalaku,kandlu musuka poina e prabutwalaku,agravarna party laku telisi vachela cheddamu.satyamubabu ku,ayesha meera kutumbaniki nyamu jariganta varaku,kalasi udyamiddamu…..what next ….send me,call me….by..jai…bhim

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