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In ancient and mediaeval times they (Brahmins) made such an alliance with the Kshatriya or the warrior class and the two not merely ruled the masses, but ground them down to atoms, pulverized them so to say – the Brahmin with his pen and Kshatriya with his sword. At present, Brahmins have made an alliance with the Vyshyas class called banias. The shifting of this alliance from Kshatriya to banias is in the changed circumstances quite inevitable. In these days of commerce money is more important than sword. That is one reason for this change in party alignment. The second reason is the need for money to run the political machine. Money can come only from banias. It is the Bania who is financing the congress largely because Mr. Gandhi is a Bania and also because he has realized that money invested in politics gives large dividends. Those who have any doubt in the matter might do well to read what Mr. Gandhi told Mr. Louis Fischer on June 6, 1942 – Dr.B.R.Ambedhkar ( Dr .Babasahib Ambedkar Writings and speeches, vol.9, page 208

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