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Summary report on : Discussion on Gandhi in UOM,Flint,Michigan-Dec.6th-2010

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A discussion on Mohandas Gandhi was held in UOM,Flint campus on Monday-Dec. 6 in the Loving Cultural Lounge. The keynote speaker was Colonel G.B. Singh (U.S.Army,ret.) who has spent 27 years studying Gandhi and also one of the country‟s leading expert on critical study of Mohandas Gandhi. This discussion is being held due to the protests over the bronze statue of Gandhi that was erected across from campus in Wilson Park in October 2nd This discussion was sponsored by Ambedkar association of North America (AANA) http://www.aanausa.org in cooperation with university of Michigan, flint, department of diversity council and university relations. Prof.Tendaji Ganges – Department of diversity council introduced the topic and started the program by explaining briefly regarding the support of University for the Gandhi statue. GB Singh and Crystal Flyn (Diversity council) Anand Bally(Ambedkar mission, Canada) introduced the Col.GB Singh to the audience. In his short speech he mentioned that there are many real heroes‟ that represent peace and have done better work than Gandhi for the society. He also urged that Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is the real person who fought thorough his life in order to get the liberty equality and fraternity of the lower caste “dalit”. Col.GB Singh started his power point presentation by introducing the real Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His lecture at UM-Flint covered the history of Gandhi, and the evidences that he gathered during his entire journey to study on Gandhi. GB Singh started his research into Gandhi one month after seeing the 1980s movie about the Indian leader. After the movie, Singh said he discovered that Gandhi was a Sergeant-Major in the Army and participated in a war against black people in 1906. “He was inciting the Indians against the black populations and encouraging them to join the Army to go out and be able to kill blacks, one incentive among many that he promoted,” Singh said during his presentation. Gandhi lived in South Africa for 21yrs since1893-1914 and he mention that he discovered further evidence of Gandhi’s racial politics. According to Singh, in 1895, Gandhi got the Durbin post office to install a third door for Indians to use. “Earlier Indians used the entrance door reserved for blacks,” Singh said. “Gandhi thought it was below his racial dignity to use the same door that blacks used.” “Over the course of his history, Gandhi made four long statements on these 1893 racial incidents,” Singh said. “Every time he opened his mouth, the story changes.” Gandhi’s own writings at the Indian Opinion newspaper were used as evidence to support Singh’s conclusions about Gandhi. • It cannot be said that Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism are separate religions. All these faiths and their offshoots are one. Hinduism is an ocean into which all the rivers run. It can absorb Islam and Christianity and all other religions and only then can it become the ocean. Otherwise it remains merely a stream along which large ships cannot ply. • During a prayer speech on June 16, 1947, Gandhi said: “If we had the atom bomb, we would have used it against the British.” • In August 1947, following British exodus and during nationwide Gandhi-inspired racial and ethnic genocides, Gandhi blessed the Indian Army to forcibly annex in the states of Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Junagarh. Kashmir still bleeds. Approximately 50 to 60 people were attended to hear his presentation and understand his points on Gandhi. Question/Answer session & comments during presentation Ms.Elizabeth (representing Geneses County): She was not happy about the university what they have done to install the statue in the community park. She demand university either to remove the statue by replacing the real American Hero e.g. Dr. Martin Luther King. She also mentions that University should not put any statue if the person is in so controversial issues and done bad things in his life. GB.Singh has written two books about Gandhi. He wrote Gandhi: Behind the Mask of Divinity and Gandhi under Cross-Examination, which he co-wrote with Dr. Timothy Watson. GB Singh provided the detail coverage on Gandhi‟s non seen activity to the local community members, research students, the faculty, the staff and University’s administration the framework on “Gandhi the Racist, Gandhi the Violent Man” We are all hopefully university members will understand our opinion and take action of removal of Gandhi statue from the university premises. Jennifer Hogan (Director University relations): She was answering the question to Elizabeth and mention that the Gandhi statue was gift to the university. Also Wilson Park itself is gift to the university so there is not involvement of Geneses County and city of flint. Mahesh Wasnik: as answering the question to the Jennifer Hogan mention that AANA went all the way long to Geneses County, City of flint Mayor Office, Congressman, and University director to get some responsibility to understand the major involvement of the statue. No one take a responsibility but said it‟s a gifted from the community to put in the university premises. Jennifer Hogan (Director University relations) and Prof. Tendaji Gange (Diversity council) Surendra wankhded: He mentions to read one me book Gandhi: Naked ambition by Jad Adams. He also mentions that there are so many evidence are not spoken or written in the public. He also mentions , Gandhi slept naked with his niece (and 12 year old girls) and other women to prove that he could control his manliness. University student African America:(representing Alumni): The African American Lady asked “I am convinced somewhat with Mr GB Singh… Now that we have already installed the statue…being the alumni of the University…. A group of few Alumni can start working on sending the letters to University to remove the statue and put the statue of some Local Nobel man fought for peace. She supports Dr.Martin Luther King., Jr instead of Gandhi. ARA(Annurangam Raju): brought out an important analysis of the number of population affected by Gandhism. 237 million Dalits equals three fourth of US population and equal to Indonesia, 2 times as Japan, 10 times as Australia, 45 times as Singapore and 110 times as Mongolia. So the seriousness of the issue should be internationally understood and cannot be shelved away as trivial matter Shashak Vaidya : “Mr Gandhi was nominated for Nobel peace prize five(5) times and he was rejected all the times. What was the core reason for that? Why the western world does not read this too to decide if it‟s worth installing his statue. GB Singh stated “The more important things were Mr Gandhi’s attitude towards Black people in South Africa and his efforts against the humanity. Martand Varade : He mentions that university is the place to understand the correct history . If history is wrong then it will affect the students and my children‟s and wrong massage will pass into their mind. So University has to take some action to provide some lecture on real Gandhi. Anand Bally: He mentions that the UM-flint should replace the Gandhi statue with on a true hero such as Dr.Martin Luther King.,Jr or Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. Manohar Koche: He mention that Gandhi never come to US not he studied in US then why is here. He support replacing Gandhi statue with Dr, B.R Ambedkar. Finally the discussion was gone all the way to the argument with the Jennifer and university official but Prof. Tendajji Ganges stop this discussion because the time limit and the GB singh flight schedule. AANA member Mahesh Wasnik delivers the vote of thanks. He mentions that AANA would like to thank UOM,flint for providing a stage to discuss on Gandhi. He also thanks all the university staff, Specially Jennifer Hogan who supported us from day one, Crystal flyn , Tendaji Ganges from Diversity council and the local Media and press for their detail coverage on this issue . A big „thank You‟ to „Col. GB Singh for his valuable time & efforts for giving an excellent coverage and presentation „on Gandhi. AANA distributed 125 books ” Annihilation of Caste” by Dr. B R Ambedkar ( Thanks to the Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha, Bagwan walmiki sabh of New York for the book donation). We also distributed 25 books on “Gandhi under Cross-Examination”by GB Singh to student, UM –flint officials and attendees. Finally, Ambedkar association of North America(AANA) & whole group demanded UM-flint officials to take immediate action for the removal of Gandhi statue. AANA and other group can gift Dr.B.R. Ambedkar statue if UM-flint is willing to accept it


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