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A bird’s eye on the acts of Police on Ayesha Murder case is showing the descending values of Police and their bias interests on the poor.

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AYESHA MURDER CASE: Ayesha Meera, (19) I year B.Pharmacy Student of Nimra Engineering College, Hostler of Sri Durga Ladis Hostel,a private hostel, murdered atrociously at the midnight hours of 26th December, 2007. This illfate incidence moved much the public. Cohostlers noticed Ithe same in the early hours of 5.30. By 6 a.m., relatives of the warden and the local public representatives gathered. Police reached the scene of crime at 8.30 a.m. leisurely. In the meanwhile the identifications to trace the felons wiped completely. Parents and public expressed their resentment that wiping off the identifications is merely to side track the crime except the write ups on chest portion of Ayesha and a love letter at the scene of crime are alone and mere identifications left. After few days get hold of a left foot-print and started then the investigation.
In fact, villagers of Ibrahimpatnam and the residents nearby and the persons who have visited the scene of offence including the Honorable Chairman AP State Minority commission Janab Yousuf Qureshi and the Honorable Member of National Women Commission, Smt. Nirmala Venkatesh who visited the scene also expressed her doubt that without the connivance of the Warden and Insiders, the offense could not have happened. Further, Hon’ble Member of Women Commission, Smt. Nirmala Venkatesh also suggested for Narco Analysis test to the Warden and her husband and one Ch. Madhavarao, MPP who said to be present at the scene of offence before the arrival of the police. The public at large applauded the response shown by Nirmala Venkatesh and her analysis and opinion is very near and suits the circumstances of the case and also coincides with the public opinion of that area.
AGITATION TO ARREST THE ASSASSIN – Student community and public agitated on this issue. Muslim community and Muslim Organisations like MUSLIM UNITED FRONT got reacted naturally and immediately to the ghostly event Parents of Ayesha and the public demanded the arrest of grand son of a Minister of the ruling party. A few days under the leadership of TDP leader Mr. Nara Chandrababunaidu demanded the arrest of the prime assassin declared by parents of Ayesha throughout the state. The issue got a political colour too. Debated the issue at Assembly. Ruling party suspected that the TDP struggle and propaganda on the issue may hit their vote-bank. Government with an election fever forced and pressed the police to bring out the guilty soon . Reading of all the newspapers which published Ayesha murder, police investigation and its developments shows their insufficiency and insincere efforts of certain policemen and their attempts on innocents to prove them guilty.
POLICE AND THEIR INVESTIGATION – Police torturned the innocents left the Hostel organisers, cohostlers of Ayesha and those who rushed to the scene of offence much earlier to the police. They tried to book and prove the relatives of Ayesha as felons who are at Tenali at first and when they faced dissent they made a full stop to such trials.Later taken into custody oneMr, Sivanjaneyulu, tortured him and took him to Hyderabad and renderedall examinations and declared him as accused. His family members reported the same to Human Rights Commission. He was on leave on that day. The commission determined the fact of his leave on the day of crime and directed the police to enlarge him. Residents and relatives of Sivanjaneyulu resorted to public agitation and finally police left him free.Police arrested all those students in and around Ibrahimpatnam and all those who gazed at Durga Hostel, passers on the road leading Hostel, suspected and treated them all as suspects involved in Ayesha murder. About 1300 were got examined different ways, media has spoke. Panic atmosphere prevailed. Public afraid even to spell the name of Ayesha. All were thus got frightened and speachless.Police hunted for petty crime doers. Arrested Upendrasingh of Jagityal, Karimnagar district and showed him arrested at Kondapalli. Heis an accused in theft case and rape. He interrogated for 15 days, conducted blood tests and examined his handwritings and shown him as accused in the case. His mother Lakshmibai complained to State Human Rights Commission, thus he was saved.Immediately they arrested Mr.Gurvindar Sinsh Anand alias Laddu alleging that there are certain grounds to suspect him in the crime. Laddu expressed life threat through encounter from police and pleaded for a Magesterial enquiry and to enquire him before the Magistrate only. As Judge refused to his pleading, police took him into their custody. Third degree methods rendered against him. Poligraph examinations conducted and as the answers were found correct, police propagated Laddu as the prime accuse. Police pressed Laddu and offered 25 lakhs and assured him that the case will also be lifted. Yet Laddu disagreed to the above offer. Home Minister of the state announced that police detected the case and soon the criminal will be caught hold and bring before the public. Laddu’s father contended strongly that Laddu is not at town or scene of offence at the date and time of murder before the Court, Laddu thus saved.ANOTHER SCAPE GOAT SATYAM BABU : Satyambabu (20) arrested and when all think the crime story reached the climax, it is necessary to think of him mor. He born in Anasagaram village of Nandimaga hails from poor dalith family. Lost his father and poverty-stricken. He studied upto 7th class doing masonry works and he is only bread winner.He was arrested in a cell phone theft case. As he and his family Is not having any financial capacity applied for no bail. He was kept in the station for few days and released later. He was involved in sundry cases and jailed for 6 months. Except a cell phone case there are no other crime or cases committed by him. There are no other rape cases in the police records against him.When wife and husband got separated in 2005 he suffered psychologically and is not a psycho as alleged, villagers said. He suffered imprisonment 25th January to 23rd July, 2008 and there are no such psycho acts done in Jail and as per jail records.
POLICE FIR REVEALS- Police making appearance of Satyambabu before Judge on 17.8.2008 in their FIR shown his arrest as and at midnight of 16.8.2008. In fact he was arrested on llth August, 2008 in between 1-2 hours at night. Armed police took him into their custody from his house. Villagers staged agitation before DSP office on 13th itself.He was kept in unlawful custody for 4 days and told that he was arrested on 16th before the court, nothing but misdiverting the Court and the public. This itself clearly proves that Satyambabu is not guilty of the offence.
FORCEFUL CUSTODY OF SATYAMBABU-: Police took Satyambabu on llth August. On 12th villagers and other people organisations conducted rastarokos and dharnas. Staged dharna before DSP office on 13th. On 14.8.08 Relay fasts were conducted by Dalith Sanghs and other public organisations.
IS సత్యమ బాబు A PSYCHO ? Police when taken into custody Satyambabu unlawfully propagating through media that Satyambabu due to family disturbance became a psycho quite often and commiting crimes. It is only to make public believe that a psycho commits crimes. It is such that when to fire a dog, it is to be proved as a mad-dog. It is through media he is propagated as psycho. A well framed sotry of Nandigama police.
A DIRECTION OF POLICE OFFICIALS: The series of murders – Murder attempt on Vangapati Radha of Krishi college, Nandigama on 8th November, 2007, Rate on Ayesha on 26th December, Murder of Boddu Varalakshmi, Night Watch Woman in NandigamaSocial Welfare Hostel are one and similar in nature and supposed to be committed by mentally retarded, ordering the police to search (select) for the guilty in Nandigama area is the result of the arrest of Satyambabu who came out from Jail on 23rd July, 2008. An idea flashed in the mind of Police to fix Satyambabu.
SATYAM BABU IS NOT GUILTY -The attempt of murder on Vangapati Radha, her relatives and people fronts made agitations on this issue. On 18th May 2008 ASP of Eluru went Konakanchi village and obtained all the reports of Vangapati Radha and after due clarification on this case assured about the arrest of Lakshmi Prasanna and Mandadapu Gangadhar. When the district S.P. visited the Hostel stated before the media that the attempt to murder is found premotivated one with furty, hostel rooms were locked with an intention of coming out of the girls from their rooms, observing this the plot of murder is a premotivated one. Accused were arrested in this two cases. So Satyambabu is not guilty of the crime in this case.In the case of Ayesha. Police stated that the hand writing in the letter available at the scene of crime and when compared with the writing of Satyambabu is found one and similar. Contents of the letter are that person who is maintaining longstanding relationships, who is loving her from a long, when expressed his love to her at Hostel and when she rejected to say I.L.U. he murdered Ayesha in fury. As per letter contents it reveals that Satyambabu is having long standing friendly relationship with Ayesha. Even if the police believe it, none else believes so. Villagers says that Satyambabu participated in the Christmas festive celebrated on 25th and 26th of December, 2007. So Satyambabu is not guilty in this case clearly and so Satyambabu is not psycho. Saying Satyambabu is a psycho is creationof the Police.
VILLAGERS VERSION ABOUT సత్యమ బాబు – When Satyambabu jailed for six months for a theft, we never bothered about him. But he is not a rapist and murdering nature. There are so many educating girls in our village and others too. If Satyambabu is having tendency to spoil modesty of a girl, such incidence might have come to public knowledge. As such villagers say he is not that type and nature.
STATEMENT OF MAHILA COMMISSION MEMBER: After the murder of Ayesha, a Central Mahila Commission Member observed the scene of crime and the hostel. She got furious at the behaviour of the Warden Padma. She said that the behaviour of Padma is not of a housewife. Directed to conduct Narco analysis on her, her husband and two other female students and certain others compulsorily. Hight Court granted permission to the same. But the police for reasons unknown not conducted any examinations on them. Police failed to cooperate with her. Commission suspecting the role of the police too.After observation of the above -Satyam babu, an isolated person, fixed in this case. Satyam babu is not guilty of the offence.No mention is made about the mental retardation of Satyam babu in the Jail records. If he is a mentally retarded person, such medical examinations are conducted or medicines administered on him? Only to misdivert the attention of the public police propagated him as Psycho.Failure to arrest the actual prime accused and or fear to arrest him, the police are arresting innocents and torturing them.Court never take into consideration the statement agreed before the police under third degree measures. Law is boldly expressing this fact.Ayesha murder case got political importance and colour, A state wide problem. Unless it is concluded soon, the ruling party suspecting its adverse impact on it. If the real one is arrested, they will political benefits. As such innocents are suffering. They havescrapped all the identities at the scene of offence. They have taken undue advantage of the love affairs at colleges and created unhealthy atmosphere – tried to make the lover alone responsible for the crime, created a love letter and left the same at corpse of Ayesha. All these known to the police but to save the real persons, all these things and exercises are doing by the police and thus earning a bad reputation to the police administration.
TV CHANNELS SHOWING THE ATTACKS ON THE MODESTY OF WOMEN are alone responsible -The serials in TVs on crime in an indiscriminate manner is the root cause in crease of rate of crime. Values are degrading and polluting the culture. Pub culture is having adverse impact on the youth, result right from 6 to 60 the women are subjected to harassment. Woman are treating as a pleasure toy . Ayesha Meera, Padmasri, Badiga Lakshmi, Ganga Bhavani, Prasanna Lakshmi, Sri Lakshmi and many other students and women are becoming scape goats to these vicious culture.Struggles were made against these evil culture, good results are attained. Increase in the number of TV channels, certain channels are telecasting sex in absurdity only to earn more and more income. Is there any safety to women in this environment from these Mafias. Police at a desperate condition targeting innocents like Satyambabu.An unified struggle is needed to protect our culture from these social evils and to protect the innocents. A continuous and a non-political struggle is needed to safeguard the interests of the society.
Join in common struggle to protect innocents from the evils prevailing insociety –

Right from Ayesha murder case, the police officials are giving statements contradictory to each other. Narco analysis examinations are to be conducted on all the police persons involved in this case enquiry.
Release innocent Satyambabu unconditionally.
Arrest those persons on whom Ayesha parents are alleging and demanding their arrest. Conduct Narco analysis on them.
Conduct Narco analysis examinations on Hostel warden Padma and others on whom High Court granted permission.
Pay compensation at Rs.5.00 lakhs each to those who were interrogated and tortured by the పోలీస్
Remove the పోలీస్ from their jobs who foisted unlawful cases on innocents
Resist such serials and cinemas who are misdirecting the youth andtelecasting and screening evil, absurdity in sex and enforce restrictions on print media for misrepresentation and for all publication of falsehood.


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  1. raju solanki says:

    what has happened to sathyambabu in ahesha meera case, happened with thousands of dalits through out Gujarat state during post-godhara riots in 2002. I depicted their plight in my book ‘blood under saffron’. more than one thousand dalits were arrested in Ahmedabad city alone. they were made scape goats of narendra modi’s hindutva.

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