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The Pathetic condition of Kacheguda SC Hostel

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Hello Friends!

The Campaign for the elimination of caste discrimination in education institutions, conducted a fact finding with  8 members team consisting of

  1. Avula Balanatham, Founder president, Scheduled Castes rights Protection Society- AP
  2. Prem Kumar, founder president Andhra Pradesh Ambedkar Youth Association
  3. Kadaram Yadagiri, Member, SC, ST Vigilance and Monitoring Committee, Hyderabad District
  4. B.Karthik Navayan, Programme Officer, National Dalit Forum
  5. M. Mandakini, Advocate and Activist
  6. Ambunayak, Lambadi Hakkula Vedika
  7. Venkatesh, Chatri, (campaign for the housing and tenurial rights)
  8. E.Sudarshan, Advocate and activist

Have visited Kacheguda SC hostel on 19th February 2010, and observed the physical condition and other facilities in the hostel and also interacted with the students

The hostel completely neglected by the officials,

  1. There is no proper electricity wiring the wires are hanging everywhere where on the walls

2. Electrical wires are hanging even on the floor

3. The water taps are giving electricity shocks while on and off

4. There are 60 rooms in the three floors and in each room about 15 to 16 students are accommodated

5. Mess was not functioning from last one year and students have to cook their food every time

6. If there is no electricity supply then students have to cook their food with woods

7. Students told that there are 6 sweepers are working in the hostel to clean but the premises of the hostel was very un clean

8. There are only 12 bathrooms 12 toilets for 600 students, and the bathrooms are not having doors

9. Five years back the authorities have constructed 12 bathrooms in the 2nd floor, but they are not connected with water so remaining un used

10. No doctor were appointed though it is necessary, and even there is no visiting of a doctor to check the health of 600 students

11. The mess Bills that is Rs 525/- per month is not released from 9 months , so students going to private works to feed stomach

12. The people around Hostel are dumping garbage just beside of the hostel, and it is producing mosquitoes

The state and central governments are claiming that they are providing all facilities for the Dalit for their empowerment, in the budgets we have seen thousands of crores were allocated for the dalits but where the money is going and spending for what

It seem the upper caste governments and officials may not digesting when dalit are studying that why the all social welfare hostel are in the pathetic condition, it may be the hidden plan of the upper castes to keep away dalit students for the education

One can understood the situation of the SC, ST Hostels in the districts and mandal head quarters, after knowing the situation of the Kacheguda SC Hostel which is located in the heart of Hyderabad city

The students demanding for urgent actions

1)      Proper electricity wiring should be done

2)      Bathroom doors should be arranged

3)      Water connection should be given to the bathrooms

4)      Mess should be re opened immediately

5)      Mess bills should be released

6)      Buckets, mugs, plates should be provided

7)      Library should be established

8)      Dustbins should be provided

9)      Doctor should be appointed

10)  Surrounding people should stop dumping garbage beside hostel

A students team went to the Executive director of social welfare department and submitted a memorandum with the above demands on 20th Feb 2010, he replied that he will look in to the matter But it will not end with this representation and we the Campaign for the elimination of caste discrimination in education institutions is decided to meet the higher officials for the immediate actions

Thanks and regards

B.Karthik Navayan

On behalf of The Campaign for the elimination of the caste discrimination in education institutions




  1. Your tteam has vicited the hostel on Feb 2010. Why the report is put on web in 2011 after nearly an year?

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