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Protest Meet- against State Repression on Telangana Mass Movement

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Dear Friends

Telangana has been witnessing unprecedented mass movement as well as repression by the government. This is a historical moment in many angles and has many things at stake for all those working for a better society. The moment will decide how the state is going to view all the democratic and dissent voices against any form of domination, not just regional. If the government succeeds in repressing the mass movement, it will harden its attitude against all forms of protests in any region. This might strengthen hands of repressive state eroding whatever democratice spaces already available.If the Telangana movement succeeds, it will strength the dissent voices within the region also for further demand for democratization of society.

The dissent voices within the movement should always be seen as a healthy sign for further demand for widening the scope of movement. This should never come in the way of democratic forces in unequivocally opposing the unprecedented repression unleashed against the mass Telangana movement by the state . HRF invites all the democratic forces to join hands in condemning the repressive state aginst peaceful mass movement and register their dissent voice in the historical moment.

Protest Meet against State Repression on Telangana Mass Movement

Organised by:  Human Rights Forum
Venue: Indira Park
Time: 10 am to 2.00 pm
Date: 18th October 2011
Contact: Karthik Navayan:09346677007
               S. Jeevan Kumar: 09848986286

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