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What is an NGO

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What is an NGO

 About 4 years back one of my colleague told me this funny story, it will not suit to all the NGOs but is similar to the activities of an NGO called “Indian against Corruption”

A urban educated man approached a rural shepherd and asked

Urban Educated: “Hey man I will tell you, how many sheep you have with all details male, female, and age. What you will give me?

The Shepherd: How can you tell? You don’t know it, even I never thought of counting my sheep?

Urban Educated: not knowing your own sheep is your backwardness, listen to me. I will prepare a detailed list of all your sheep with their age and gender

The shepherd unwillingly said OK

Urban educated: Then what will I get for that job? I want one of your sheep, Will you agree for that?

The Shepherd kept silent as he never thought this kind of situation

Then the urban educated prepared a MoU and the shepherd put a Thumb Impression unwillingly on it

The urban educated opened his laptop and drawn a table with some figures and given it to shepherd and said: “See this list of your sheep with full details, give me one sheep”

The shepherd put his face blank

The urban educated chosen one and told “i want this sheep”

Then the rural shepherd told “OK OK you can take that one” and asked the educated urban man “Can you please tell me who are you?

Then the educated urban man said “That is not there in the MoU signed by you to reveal my identity so I don’t want to tell my Identity.

The Shepherd: Even though it is not there in the MoU why don’t you introduce yourself to me?

Urban Educated: No No I will not tell you Who I am, it is waste of my time let me go…

The shepherd: OK you can go, I know who are you?

Urban Educated: What you know about me?

The shepherd: I know you are an NGO!

Urban Educated: How you know this

The Shepherd: See there are four reasons to confirm your identity as an NGO

  1. I never asked you to come here but you have come
  2. I never asked you to count my sheep but you have counted
  3. I never agreed to give my sheep but you are taking it with you
  4. And the important and last point is that you have chosen one to take it with you, actually it is not a sheep but a dog!

The urban educated:   !!!!!!??????

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