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Brutal attack, sexual abuse on six Dalit women – Write to NHRC

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Please Send the below complaint on your Organization name or on your individual names to National Human Rights Commission, Copy and paste it in word and remove my name and address in all Places. put your name and address  and send it to covdnhrc@nic.in and chairnhrc@nic.in

Before the National Human Rights Commission,

Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi

Application no     of    2012

Between                                                                                                                      Applicant

B.Karthik Navayan, Age 34 years

Occupation-Programme Officer

National Dalit Forum, 12-13-441 2nd Floor,

Street No.1, Tarnaka, Secunderabad-500017

Andhra Pradesh


1) Police Station, Morkahi

Khagaria, District, Bihar.

Phone number of Morkahi Police Station

6244 – 245580, 9431822799

2) The District collector

Collectorate Building,

Koshi College Road, Khagaria,

Bihar -851205                                                                                                 Respondents




Respected Sir

I, B.Karthik Navayan, Programme Officer, National Dalit Forum wants to bring to your kind notice about the Brutal attack, sexual abuse on six Dalit women, gross violation of human rights. And Inaction of Police and administration

On 09/12/2011, Friday, an upper caste mob brutally attacked Six Dalit Women namely 1) Smt Manju Devi, w/o Satan Sada, 2) Smt Dulari Devi w/o Kainu Sada; 3) Smt Parodevi w/o Ramnath Sada, 4) Smt Pabiya Devi w/o Tarani Sada 5) Smt Reshma Devi w/o Wakil Sada 6) Geetha Devi w/o Dinesh Sada.  All are belongs to Nararia village of Khagaria district in Bihar

The accused mob 1) Saroj Singh s/o Promod Singh 2) Anoj Singh s/o Promod Singh 3) Manoj Singh s/o Promod Singh 4) Dharmendra Singh s/o Promod Singh 5) Promod Singh s/o Uchit Singh 6) Uchit Singh s/o Ramswaroop Singh7) Wakil Singh s/o Maheshwar Singh 8) Kailas Singh s/o Maheshwar Singh 9) Maheshwar Singh s/o Sukhdev Singh, all belongs to Chatar Village  of Khagaria District in Bihar

All the accused went to the farm of dalit women Manju Devi on 09/12/2011 at 9 AM, to encroach it illegally, and started destroying it. When she came to know, she along with her above said neighbor women went to the farm and tried to stop the mob that started destroying the farm

The accused mob circled the 6 dalit women and abused them in filthy language, on the name of their caste and attacked them by lathi danda and guns. All the 6 dalit women shocked and asked them why they are destroying the farm. The irritated mob had beaten all the women. Due to this two women went unconscious. One woman Dulari Devi’s both hands fractured, they also snatched the gold rings worth of 15000/- (Fifteen Thousand Rupees)

Satan Sada the husband of Manju Devi reached the place and requested for compromise. The accused mercilessly looted Rs 10000/-(Ten Thousand) from him at gun point. The accused number 1, Saroj Singh fired a bullet on Satan Sada, fortunately it missed

The Accused 2 Anoj Singh and Accused 3 Manoj Singh both sexually harassed Pabiya Devi and Parodevi; they removed Sarees and blouses of both dalit women and paraded nakedly. And they spit in the mouths of dalit women. Now all the victims admitted in the Sadar Hospital in Khagaria.

The victims lodged a complaint in the Morkahi Police Station; FIR is registered number 80/2011 under section 147, 148, 149, 342, 323, 325, 504 of Indian penal code and Section 3 (i) (ii) (iii), (iv), (x), (xi) of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1987. The station house officer Sathyendra Kumar took up the investigation

Even after 27 days of incident, neither an inquiry is conducted nor the accused arrested by the police, due to the political influence of the Accused. And meanwhile the accused regularly calling and sending mediators to victims and threatening to withdraw the complaint by saying that “police and other government officials not going to help the victims, nothing will happen to accused” police only serve the rich people not poor like you”.


I request your kind authority to direct the police to conduct inquiry and arrest the accused immediately, also request you to direct the district government authority to visit the victims and provide the necessary health facilities and compensation


The Dalits in this locality are feeling panic after this brutal attack on the dalit women so I further request National Human Rights Commission to visit the Nararia village of Khagaria district in Bihar.  And conduct an inquiry in this case, to give moral support to the victims and local dalits


Date: 03/01/2012                                                                              Applicant

Place: Hyderabad                                                                                   sd/

                                                                                                             B.Karthik Navayan


  1. Nikhila Henry says:

    In solidarity

  2. Prior to creating Pakistan for Muslims in 1947, British created independent states for Christians/AngloIndians/Sikh/SC/ST communities in 4th August 1932 Round Table Conference.

    Gandhi begged British to NOT implement this resolution to promote Forward caste hegemony over BC/SC/ST/Minority communities in India.

    You can revoke the “Communal Award” via a “Private Bill” in Indian Parliament.

    Google “Communal Award”.

  3. mikerana says:

    Why is the local MLA not responding to this incident, and what action the higher police officers are taking to commence the proceedings. The matter needs to be advertised on all networks

  4. Here is the complete list of NHRC email ids
    ncscst@ap.nic.in,chairnhrc@nic.in,covdnhrc@nic.in, jrlawnhrc@nic.in, ionhrc@nic.in, dg-nhrc@nic.in,sgnhrc@nic.in,chairman-ncsc@nic.in,jointsecretary-ncsc@nic.in,ua@ahrchk.org

  5. Maheshwar Raj Kulpagiri says:

    Dear Karthik
    I have sent an e_mail today to Shri Justice K.G.Balakrishanan, who is the Hon’ble Chairman for National Human Rights Commission
    Maheshwar Raj Kulpagiri, Hyderabad

  6. nishabk says:

    how do we sign the petition.

    • No signing Please Send this complaint on your name to National Human Rights Commission .in. copy and paste it in word and remove my name and address in all places and put your name and address in all the places as you are applicant and send at covdnhrc@nic.in and chairnhrc@nic

  7. nishabk says:

    sorry… got it.. how to sign it… but wouldnt it be better to create a petition online. I can suggest people to help you out.

  8. Shewli says:


  9. urvija says:

    endorsed- Urvija Priyadarshini, student, India

  10. RAVI says:

    Even after 65 years of Independence, such incidents are the slap on the face of Indian Government. They only believe in one God i.e. Vote Bank….! I think online petition is good idea to raise this issue at national platform.

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