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To, Immortal Parashuram alias incarnation of Adinarayan

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Date 1st August 1872


Immortal Parashuram alias incarnation of Adinarayan



O brother Parashuram, according to the Brahman books, you are immortal. You never did denounce the custom of eating bitter gourds. You will not have to face the ordeal of creating new Brahmans from the corpses of fisherman.  Because several of those whom you created out of the corpses have already established themselves as “Vivid Dnyani”[1]  and you will not be required to give them any more knowledge. Just come here and give them the punishment of the Chardrayana Prayachitta and allow them to perform miracles before the British and the French, with the power of your magic incantations, as you used to do in the past. That is all I want. Don’t try to run away now, hiding your face. Present yourself before us within a period of six months; if you do so, then not only me, but people from all over the world will also be convinced that you are really are Adinarayan incarnate and consider you reverently. But if you fail to appear before us, the Mahars and Mangs here will not hesitate to publicly expose your Brahmin stooges, who call themselves as ‘Vivid Dnyani’, and who are hiding behind the back of our Mhasoba. Then they will not be able to blow their own trumpet; instead, they will have to beg alms and receive stones from people. And finally, their hunger will drive them to eat the legs of a dog, like Vishwamitra. So appear before me and save the Brahmins from this horrible fate. Waiting to test the veracity of your claims.


Yours faithfully

Jotirao Govindarao Phule

House No. 527, Juna Gun Peth, Pune, Maharashtra

[1] Vivid Dnyani: versatile scholars. A dig at the journal Vivid Dnyana vistar runs by Brahmans, which was very influential in 19th century Maharashtra.


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