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Special Component Plan for Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plan funds – An appeal

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To                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          17/02/2012

Shri Kiran Kumar Reddy

Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

Subject: Special Component Plan for Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plan funds – an appeal for a two days discussion on this subject in two houses of the Andhra Pradesh Legislature – Regarding

Dear Sir

Permit us to recall the discussion some of us had with your good self on 12/03/2011 on the subject of the unspent Special Component Plan for Scheduled castes and Tribal Sub Plan funds in our state over the period covered by the years 1992-93 to 2010-2011 (19 years)  amounting to Rs 40,829.65/- crores. At the time we had brought to your kind attention that the actual allocation made till then had been only Rs 32,953.87 crores and that against this amount allocated, the actual expenditure had only been Rs. 19,225.24 crores. Thus, over all, an amount of rupees 21,604.41 crores which should have reached the Scheduled Castes legitimately for their development never reached them. As for the Scheduled Tribes the magnitude of recourses denied to them in this manner has been of the order of Rs 5,000 Crores. We had also submitted a written representation to you dated 5th march 2011making several suggestions as to how this situation could be set right. Our main prayer to you in the discussion with you and in our written representation was that you should lead these efforts yourself personally as chief minister, given the extraordinary importance of the subject for the poorest of the poor on state. We await your response in this regard even now.

By way of strengthening your hands after our personal representation to you, we have been building public opinion about this issue by generation of awareness of this issue in the media and also through several meetings with leaders of political parties, our latest effort being an all party meeting convened by us on the 23rd January 2012. We believe that because of all these efforts that have elicited a favorable response from various organs of our society, an opportune environment now obtain for a two day discussion on this subject in the two houses of the Andhra Pradesh legislature. We request you to take the lead in making this possible in the current budget session and initiate the action required through the legislative mechanisms available to your party and government.

The marginalized people of Andhra Pradesh would whole heartedly welcome such a proactive and progressive step on your part in a big way and support your initiative in solidarity with you.

Thanking you and with our good wishes for your continued leadership of the state in a progressive mode

Yours sincerely

Kaki Madhava Rao, IAS (Retd)

Former chief Secretary,

AP Govt

Mallepally Laxmaiah

Senior Journalist

B.Danam, IAS (Retd)

R.Ravi Kumar, NDF

Jelli Wilson, MLC

Dr Y.B.Sathyanarayana, CDS

John Wesly, KVPS

P.Shankar, DBF

B.Venkat, VKS


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  1. subodh prajapati says:

    Yes As above we read your issue and we are agree with you as we belong form a leading organisation form the eastern uttar pradesh. We are form Samudaik Kalyan Evam Vikas Sansthan. A voluntary Organisation . we found many leading problems related to the sc/st community the condition is so bad even today. They are totally unaware about their rights and not able to raise their issue in front of the Government they have no access with government Schemes /Plans therefore there is a great need to work for them we always welcome to your suggestion and comments.

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