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Recommendations for the Pro – Child Juvenile justice System

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1. In Andhra Pradesh there is only one department to look after the issues of the primary education, women development, child welfare, Disability, and Juvenile justice. It is impossible to address the issues of the juveniles and childrens in these circumstances so Government should create a Separate department exclusively to look after the issues of the childrens with a Minister, a Principal Secretary and 3 directors for each region in the state.

2. In the state, the government constituted the Juvenile justice Boards in the Regular courts in every district. There is no child friendly atmosphere and the magistrates are not trained on the issues of the children and they are looking the juvenile cases weekly twice only. So the government should constitute JJB’s immediately exclusively for children. In all districts

3. There is only one juvenile justice board for girls in the entire state, situated in Hyderabad so it is very difficult to produce the Girl juvenile who is arrested. They have to travel from four corners of the state. So the government should constitute girls home for each district. The girl juveniles should be allowed to produce before the concerned JJB’s in the concerned districts.

4. There are no special juvenile police units in the state and the police are behaving rashly and using third degree measures on juveniles when they are arrested so it is necessary to constitute SJPU’s in every police station as per the JJ Act. And the police must be trained on the JJ-Act to create child friendly atmosphere.

5. There are some NGO members concerned with juveniles in the JJB’s but they are not attending properly. There are some other JJB’s without NGO members concerned with the juveniles so it is difficult to conduct inquiry and assist the disposal of the cases amicably. So the government must select members for all the JJB’s in the state without any political prejudice. And the selected members must be given the training on the JJ- Act.

6. The electronic Media and Print Media are revealing the details of the juveniles when they are arrested. It is a gross violation of the JJ-Act, so the government must give instructions to the Media not to publish/telecast the details of the juveniles.

7. The Child welfare committees are constituted in every district but they are non-functional and the members of the committee are un – aware of their duties. So the government must train the C.W.C Members and provide an adequate infrastructure to CWC to sit and decide the cases regarding the children in need of care and protection.

8.  After disposal of the cases the police are not destroying the finger prints and details of the juveniles as per the JJ-Act. It is harmful to the future of juveniles. So the government should direct the police to follow the JJ-Act in the interest of the future of juveniles.

9. There is no separate home exclusively for the juveniles committed heinous crimes as per section 16 of the JJ-Act. So the government should establish such homes in the four regions of the state. And government should establish children home for the children in need of care and protection and observation home for the juvenile in conflict with law in every district.

10. There are hundreds of cases pending in JJB’s since long and the juveniles are languishing in the observation homes even after expiry of the statutory period for the disposal of the cases for various reasons i.e. 1.There are no regular A.P.P.’s.  2. the Police are not showing interest in filing chagresheet / final report, 3. Limited days are given for juvenile matters in the court as the courts are regular courts and burden with other matters

They were framed by me in 2007 to present in a National Consultation on Pro Child Juvenile Justice System. Then I was working as Law Officer in Human Rights Law Network – Hyderabad Chapter – Karthik Navayan

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