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Andhra Pradesh Dalits and Adivasis marching towards achieving Statutory Status for SCP and TSP

SC, ST  Sub-Plan Nidhula Saadhana  Ikya Kaaryacharana Committee (United Action Committee to claim SC, ST Sub-Plan Funds) was formed under the leader ship of Sri Kaki Madhava Rao, Former Chief Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh as its chairman and Retired Justice K. Ramaswamy as adviser.   Retired IAS Officers  Sri B. Danam,  Sri K.R. Venu Gopal,  Sri T. Gopal Rao and Retired IPS Officers Sri Rushya Rao, Dr. D. T. Nayak, Dr. V. N. V. K. Sastri are some of the important persons as its members. National Dalit Forum, Sakshi Human Rights Watch-AP and Center for Dalit Studies have come together to provide secretarial assistance to the committee.

The Committee has brought together nearly  100 peoples organizations and NGOs under its fold. The core committee constituted a drafting committee to draft the bill to provide statutory status to SCP and TSP. The drafting committee consisted of Sri K. Madhava Rao, Sri B.Danam, Sri V.Nanda Gopal,   Mr. R.Ravi Kumar. The Drafting committee met several times to articulate the bill. The salient features of the Bill are:

  1. The population equivalent share of the total plan in each year should be set apart before allotting funds to various departments and shall be voted along with the general budget of the state.
  2. The funds thus set apart for SCP and TSP shall be kept at the disposal of a statutory authority   meant for SCs and STs separately. The authority is all powerful to design and finalise the programs and schemes to be undertaken with the SCP and TSP funds.  The authority is also empowered to monitor the best utilization of schemes and programs.
  3. The funds under SC ST Special Component are non-lapsable and non-divertible.
  4. Penal provisions: Any functionary of the Government who is responsible to prepare the Special Component plan for SCs & STs, as a part of the preparation of the Annual Budget of the State willfully fails to do so;
  5.  And any functionary of the Government who is responsible to approve and place annual Budget before the Legislative Assembly fails to earmark for the exclusive benefit of SCs and STs funds in proportion to the their population to the total population of the State;
  6. And any functionary of the Government who is responsible to prepare and implement schemes under SCSP and STP fails to do so;
  7. And any functionary of the Government who is responsible to release funds fails to do so in time;
  8. And any functionary of the Government who is responsible for diversion of SCSP and STP funds to other schemes; shall be deemed to have committed an offence under Section 4 of the SC/ST (PoA) Act.

The state level committee has formed committees in all districts in the state, by bringing together peoples organisations in each district. In the same lines several Assembly Constituency level committees, Mandal level committees and 600 village level committees were formed to create awareness among the common people and to take part in the struggle.

Several public meetings were organized by these committees and raised the awareness levels on SCP and TSP and the way the Central Government and State governments have miss-appropriated.

The State level core committee has met all the leaders of political parties and took their consent to support the movement both inside and outside the State Legislative Assembly.

The state level committee gave a call for 3 days protest  on 23rd , 24th and 25th followed by Chalo Assembly on 26th March. The protest was organized at Indira Park, “Dharna Chowk” in Hyderabad

11 leaders from various political parties and people’s organisations were on 72 hours hunger strike. Several Dalit, Adivasi, Bahujan leaders from different parts of the state joined the hunger strike on daily basis, in solidarity to those who are on 72 hunger strike.   Leaders from different people’s organization, activists, leaders from different political parties, NGOs, Peoples organizations Human Rights Groups have visited the Dharna Chowk and expressed their solidarity to the hunger strike

In response to the Chalo Assembly Call SC, ST  Sub-Plan Nidhula Saadhana  Ikya Kaaryacharana Committee,  about 30, 000 people from different parts of Andhra Pradesh have reached to Indira Park, Hyderabad on 26th March 2012.  A public meeting was organized at 10AM before proceeding to Assembly.    Leaders of all political parties have participated in this meeting and expressed support and solidarity.

Shri Jaya Prakash Narayan-President Lok Satha, Shri B.V Raghavulu-Secretary Communist Party of India (Marxist), Shri Gunda Mallesh-MLA Communist Party of India, Sri Chandra Sekhar-Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Shri Dr. B. Lakshman-BJP, Shri Nalla Surya Praksh-YSR Congress Party and Shri Chandra Babu Naidu-President Telugu Desham Party are some of the prominent political leaders who personally came to the Dharna Chowk and spoke in support of the cause.

When the activists and leaders of The Schedule Castes & Schedule Tribes Sub-Plan Funds Release Action Committee tried to proceed towards the Assembly, the police put up barricades and prevented protesters from proceeding towards the State Legislative Assembly. The police arrested several Dalit, Adivasi leaders and activists.

In the meanwhile, the representatives of Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister have come for talks with the Committee to withdraw the Chalo assembly programme.  But the committee declared that Chalo Assembly will continue at any cost until the Chief Minister himself makes an announcement before media about the state government’s decision to agree to all the demands.

Under pressure from different quarters, the Chief Minister announced that the government is deciding to form a sub-committee for consider providing statutory status to SCP and TSP, conduct two-day state assembly session exclusively to discuss about SCP and TSP, constitute a Cabinet Sub-Committee, consult the Planning Commission of India.  He requested the protesters to withdraw the protests.

In Andhra Pradesh Dalit and Adivasi organisations have been campaigning for the last decade for proper implementation of SCP and TSP.    National Dalit Forum, Sakshi Human Rights Watch and other civil society organisations have been consistently involved in studies, trainings, workshops and advocacy.      In fact National Dalit Forum (NDF) also initiated similar efforts in other states such as Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Bihar, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and other states.    NDF also played pivotal role in introducing a private bill in Rajya Sabha in on 9th December 2011 for securing Statutory Status to SCP and TSP in collaboration with several Dalit, Adivasi organisations, and political leaders.

Another unique feature in Andhra Pradesh is that the several unions and associations of SC and ST employees actively participated in the campaign for proper implementation of SCP and TSP.       As a result of such united and sustained efforts of Dalits and Adivasis from different sections, Andhra Pradesh is the first state to announce several steps for proper implementation of SCP and TSP including providing statutory status to SCP and TSP.


  1. Vinayarakkhita says:


  2. m.bhaskarrao says:

    From 15-7-12,hyb
    G. Venu Babu,
    C/o C. Satya Sai,
    Block No.6, Apartment No.205,
    Malayasian Townships, K.P.H.B.,
    HYDERABAD – 21.

    The Sr. Deputy General Manager
    South Central Railway

    Respected sir,

    Sub: Status of Caste verification of M.r.T.Sai Ram (CBSR/BZA) and M.r.T.Sai Gopal (CGSR/COA), and others – as per Section 19 of RTIA.

    Ref: 1) File No.MBR/24/2011, MRLY/SCOTH/RU-1,Dt.14-10-2011
    2) SCR/P-HQ/RTIA/740/3142, Dt.1-6-2012.
    * * *

    Your reply to my application does not satisfy my grievances as it is not revealing any facts which we have asked in our application, from your authority through RTI ACT.

    With regards to the subject pertaining to T.Sai Ram (CBSR/BZA) and T.Sai Gopal (CGSR/COA), when enquired through chair-person National Commission for Scheduled Tribes , the above mentioned employees have obtained stay order from secretary, Social welfare department (govt of AP) . Till date the Railway administration has not taken any steps to vacate the stay order even though tribal welfare commission has clearly declared in their report that they belong to THURPU KAAPU Community but not KONDA KAAPU and also stated that their initial appointment in South Central Railway is invalid.

    But still the administration has not taken any action and it is appearing that the department is showing favor to the employees and showing more enthusiasm by posting them in sensitive posts. Kindly dispose of the case at the earliest and do justice to the original Schedule Tribal employees and respect the principles of constitution of India. In case of Mr. T.Shankar CTI/General Squad/BZA, his status verification is long pending in the Krishna district collector office; Machilipatnam must be disposed as early as possible.

    Please take necessary action into the above matter and dispose the above three cases and protect the constitutional rights of original Scheduled Tribes and also I request your high officials not to post the fake ST candidates in sensitive posts until their status is proved. I request you to replace them from the Sensitive post till their identity is proved.

    In your reply you have given the individual remarks related to Item No.1 & 2 have gone to Hon’ble High Court and taken stay against Collector of W.G. District Order still they are pending,

    Kindly furnish the remarks – Why the appeal is still pending? Item No.6 of Reference No.2 cited above-We want to know how much time it will be taken (as it is in pending more than an year already)- Please follow in this matter at the earliest possible.

    No. Name of the
    Candidate Designation Present Status/ Position
    1. T SAI RAM CBSR/Vijayawada The District Collector & Magistrate, Eleuru has cancelled the caste certificate issued to the employees under proceedings ROC No.3026/2006/C.III, Dt.10-10-2008, after dismissible of Write Petition No.21023/99 on 15-9-2005 filed by him before the Hon’ble High Court of A.P. the individual has preferred an appeal immediately before the government of AP, Social welfare department Secretariat Hyderabad and the authority has stayed the proceedings of the district collector and magistrate vide memorandum No.10369/C.II/2008 Dt.14-11-2008, and memo No.10369/CV. 2/2008-1, Dt.18-11-2008, the appeal is still pending.

    2. T . Sai Gopal CGSR/Kakinada -Do-

    3. T. Shankar CTI/G-Squad/BZA Pending with District Collector, Machilipatnam for Verification of genuiness of community

    Your are requested to kindly expedite the process the references 1, 2, 3 and kindly furnish entire case particulars of the above Sl.No. 1, 2,3 correspondence taken place among railway authorities, revenue Authorities, Secretary of Social Welfare of Andhra Pradesh state and judicial process.

    I would like to know from the Administration,
    1. Why the departments have not gone for vacating the stay,
    2. Why the case is pending since 2008,
    3 .Whether the administration is accepting the employee status or the collectors order.
    4. Copies of the correspondence under said case.
    5. Proof of efforts done by the RAILWAY administration to finalize the case and in doing justice to genuine SCHEDULED TRIBE employees
    No. Name of the
    Candidate Designation Present Status/ Position
    4. M. Venkata Rao CTI/SL/BZA Employee was advised to submit fresh caste certificate and other details –do-

    5. M.Rama Krishna OS/COM/SC Referred to district Collector east Godavari District to verify the genuineness of community

    We want know more information about Sl.No.4 & 5 of the above particulars. We want information with regard to this,
    1] How many times letters given to your office
    2] How many taken letters with acknowledgement and
    3] What is the reply given them?
    It is learnt from the Revenue Authority of Government of Andhra Pradesh that caste certificates will be issued to the applicants duly conducting verification by R.I.’s within the month from the date of submission and certificate shall be issued to the applicant in 30 days.

    In view of the above circumstances it is once again requested to SC Railway administration that a time limit problem one month to be fixed to the alleged employees and notice’s be issued duly obtaining acknowledgement from them, if they fail to submit fresh revised caste and nativity certificates from revenue authorities, they are to be treated as bogus caste (ST) holders and action may be taken against them and action taken may be informed to the under signed

    You are humbly requested to see through the above information as early as possible and do ask them(3 to 18) to submit their latest caste certificates of three generations by concerning revenue authorities attaching to their caste and nativity certificates submitted while joining in the posts.

    I am expecting reply under RTIA -2005. And herewith am enclosing IPO No.75E185247.

    Sincerely yours.

    COPY TO.
    1) THE CHIEF SECRETARY SECRTARIEAT AP, GOVT,(kindly intervene in this matter and do justice to the genuine SCHEDULED TRIBE employees).
    2) Sr Divisional personnel manager .SCRAILWAY.VIJAYAWADA,(kindly intervene in this matter and do justice to the genuine SCHEDULED TRIBE employees).
    5)NATIONAL ST COMMISION, NEWDELHI( for information and necessary action please).

  3. satish74 says:

    7 Yrs jail for fake SC/ST papers– Easy Escaping methods (AP High Court WP 34322/2011) from punishment

  4. satish74 says:

    Is life & Journey of Fake SC job Holder to grab genuine SC Women jobs on anvil. Yes, true.
    Be aware of some lawyers..Service Providers of Detective & Investigation Agencies. Lawyers For Criminal Law, Divorce Case, Matrimonial Cases, fake SC job holders … ALL TRASH… They delegate juniors..collide with local police to settle the cases to stop the courage to come out with truth. The Clients of such lawyers vary from wife murderers,3 times married, cheaters, 420’s with Railway job promisers, free indiramma house, fake SC certificate holders… many more. Their network includes Anti Corrutpion bureau (who handovers any compliant against their clients), High Court( clerks and office assts handover all submitted case papers to him) and many more corrupt employees, who are working under his network. We investigated a case by following a fake SC case smt Biruda Raja Ratnm, Lecturer, ASP Oriental College, Tilak Road, RamKoti, HYD. She is 3rd wife to sri Sarikonda Papa Raju (who killed first wife already by setting her ablaze). No F.I R. To quest for truth, he replies as ‘forgot’ ‘not able to remember’. His 3rd father in law was a mason. 3rd wife failed 10th class 8-times. She got UGCNET paper leaked with husband’s cousin. Every one knew her life &journey in corrupt path. Next to know is their lawyer sri Godey Satish. sometimes a public Prosecutor too. To know every truth about him & his attitude, pz try to contact all educated persons in Sri Papa Raju’s family. He says ‘Just with courage, no one can enter into High Court to complain against him’. A lot of money has to be spent in HC to stand there to seek justice. Just truth can not fetch the justice. Even Dist Collector’s report on fake SC will be scuttled, if his services are sought. To cheat Govt’s money, he extends all his evil brain & leaves no stone to win & grab his share in his fake SC client’s booty. In newspapers, Many Judges often say ‘any one in High Court staff who asks bribe in HC, bring it to their knowledge’. Many people wonder at this offer and pray like this – Instead of such offer, they should suggest any useful name who does not ask bribe in HC. At least display some names of employees on notice board with a caption that they will not ask bribe for the rendered services in that fortnight in random order. Refer AP high Court WP 34322/2011, CC 201/2012, WP 3754/2012 and CC 1023/2013. Govt must act against those who bring bad name to Dist Collector & Law. Many family members disclosed that smt Raja Ratnam got fake SC certificate.

  5. parvat reddy says:

    Every time a new Govt comes into power to end corruption. But, it can not remove even a job holder who secured it fake SC papers. Revenue & RTA departments never feel shy in asking the bribe irrespective of any party comes to power. Judges cleverly ask the citizens to disclose the names of clerks(sub ordinates only) who ask bribe in High Court to end corruption. why don’t they ask the names of lawyers and other judges to disclose? Sri Godey Satish(7595) is one of such lawyer who threatened the family members of one fake SC job holder(his own client) of dire consequences, if they disclose his client’s antecedents to District collector directly or indirectly. His client even cheated other family lakhs of rupees too. They are ready to give full details of sri Godey Satish in this fake SC case and other cheating acts of his client smt Birudu Raja Ratnam, Lecturer, ASP Oriental College, Ram Kothi, Hyd. His client’s husband not only killed first wife, but also cheated her daugher with lakhs of rupees. Godey Satish joined in this episode to have his share to threaten them at the instance of his client. why do lawyers complain to police that lawyers are depicted wrongly in movies? More truth with dialogues of sri Godey Satish, abusive language by hired police, smt Raja Ratnam can heard from many of the relatives in the city. The films are showing very less about the shadow lives of lawyers. May District collector & police make note of this lawyer sri Godey Satish. Many are victims of his clients tricks played together with her husband sri sarikonda Papa Raju of MIDHANI. Refer AP high Court WP4322/2011. WP 3754/2012..etc

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