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Remove the unauthorized religious constructions in the Osmania University

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The Vice Chancellor,

Osmania University:

click here – http://www.change.org/petitions/to-the-vice-chancellor-osmania-university-remove-the-unauthorized-religious-constructions-in-the-osmania-university

Respected sir,

Subject: – Removal of unauthorised religious constructions in the university campus.

We the undersigned request you to please order for removal of illegally constructed 15 temples and 7 masjids in Osmania University.

Education institutions meant for educational activities. Illegal erection of temples and masjids in the educations institutions will not serve any purpose of education; it is completely against the secular spirit of our constitution.

University Campus must be a secular zone. Students and staff come here to study/ research and not to worship. Erecting religious structures at every nook and corner is a nuisance and it is the evidence of collapsing educational values.

These religious activities in educational institutions will lead students and staff to communal division and communal tensions. This was experienced in the university when one student group started celebrating Vinayaka Chavithi in the university campus.

And the unauthorised religious construction are crimes of land grabbing against entire university community, it hurts the secular feelings individuals and communities

We hope your kind self will understand this important issue and we request your positive response in this regard.


B. Karthik Navayan

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