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Burra Ramulu 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Meet

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Dear Friends,

This May 14, it will be two years since Burra Ramulu left us.

On the day, the residents of Qila Warangal and the Human Rights Forum are organising a commemorative meeting. The venue is near the Martyrs Memorial in Qila Warangal.  The meeting begins at 6 pm on Tuesday, May 14.

Ramulu’s friends, relatives and colleagues will recall his life and times, his immense contribution to society, progressive dissent, value-based alternative politics, academia and the human rights movement.

Speakers include:

Prof. K Murali Manohar, Phule Adhyana Vedika

Prof. T Jyothirani, Kakatiya University

Gurrala Venkanna, Convener, Kakatiya Mithra Mandali

P Nagabhushanam, Retired Teacher

Prof. K Katyayani, Kakatiya University

Naliganti Chandramouli, Asangatitha Karmika Sanghala Samakhya

Mittapalli Venkateswarlu, Parapathi Sangala JAC

Dr Burra Ramesh, NCERT, Bhopal

The meeting will be presided over by HRF State president S Jeevan Kumar.

We warmly invite you and friends to be with us on the evening of May 14.

People of Qila Warangal

Human Rights Forum

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