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Will Delhi University teach Truth about Gandhi?

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Integrating Mind, Body and Heart is the In semester- I, syllabus of the controversial Four years under graduate Programme  (FYUP) in Delhi University

The objective of this course is “to instil the principles of non violence and truth in each student through creating awareness about Mahatma Gandhi’s practice of these beliefs in his own life”

Historically it was Buddha, who preached and promoted peace and non violence in ancient period. When even Gandhi’s forefather’s has not born.  So, an honest academician or intellectual should remember Buddha when he has to refer to the peace and non violence. But they promote Gandhi, instead Buddha! These academics actually a conspiracy

Will Delhi University teach students the truths about Gandhi? , he did to the marginalized sections of this country especially to the Scheduled castes by opposing separate electorates

Will they also teach about Gandhi view of Varna Dharma, his strong belief in caste system? Will they teach to the students the truth about the Gandhi, his view on Scheduled castes and Muslims that he called both these communities as hooligans in his conversion with Patel?

His Closed Chamber Dialogue with Sardar Patel, which reveal the reasoning behind Gandhi’s actions, one day after he began his fast unto death opposing separate electorate to the Scheduled Castes, as recorded by Mahadev Desai, Gandhi’s secretary, to justify his threat of self-immolation:

Sardar Patel: Why have you placed yourself between two stones? This is the battle of Touchable and Untouchables. I keep telling you not to do so. Let the two stone grind each other. Why must you cone in between?

M.K. Gandhi: The possible consequences of separate electorate for Harijans (this must be Desai’s editing—the word Harijan was not yet used by Gandhi) fill me with horror. Separate electorates for all other communities will still leave room for me to deal with them, but I have no other means to deal with “untouchables”. These poor fellows will ask why I who claim to be their friend should offer Satyagraha simply because they were granted some privileges; they would vote separately but vote with me. They do not realize that the separate electorate will create division among Hindus so much that it will lead to blood-shed. “Untouchable” hooligans will make common cause with Muslim hooligans and kill caste-Hindus[1]

The university also should teach the truth that Gandhi was never formally conferred the title of ‘Father of the Nation’ by the government. This was stated by the Home Ministry in reply to an RTI query, no such title was ever formally conferred upon him by the government,” said Shyamala Mohan, Director and Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), said in a reply dated June 18, 2012.[2]

Sree Narayana Guru had a discussion about religions conversion with Mahatma Gandhi at the Sivagiri Mutt on 13, March 1925. Gandhi wanted to impress upon the Narayana Guru the need to stop the conversion of low caste Hindus

to other religions. He is reported to have said: MK Gandhi: The caste Hindus and the low caste Hindus are both the sons of Hinduism. The caste Hindu is the elder brother who shoulders responsibility, and he therefore exercises certain privileges. The low caste Hindu is his younger brother who is to be cared for. If the elder brother turns out to be somewhat rough and aggressive that should not make the younger brother a runaway from his mother–Hinduism

Sree Narayana Guru did not agree with Gandhi’s reasoning and said:  If a Hindu has no belief in his religion and has belief in another religion, it is good that he embraces the religion in which he believes. Such a conversion will help Hinduism in getting rid of a non-believer, and the religion to which the man gets converted will have the benefit of adding one more believer to it. Moreover the man will be benefited with love and sympathy which he will get from his fellow-believers. There is nothing wrong in such conversions[3].

Such kind of views cannot be accepted and has to be rejected. There is another infamous quote on Bhangis – that removing night soil is spiritual and an ideal Bhangi should inspect the night soil and be scientific and all that non-sense.

Gandhi never challenged Brahmanical Supremacy. Instead he found some round about. Somewhere in Kerala the lower castes complained that they were not allowed to draw water from the public well. Gandhi dug another “lower Caste” well for lower castes. That was his mode of work.

As told in the brochure, If Delhi University want to teach the truth about Gandhi in the course “Integrating Mind, Body and Heart” they should teach the above Truth about Gandhi.

Check the proposed Syllabus here – Download the syllabus from this link – – Integrating Mind, Body and Heart

– B. Karthik Navayan



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