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Why some of our Bahujan Samaj People are against Mulnivasi Concept ?

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Why some of our Bahujan Samaj People are against Mulnivasi Concept ?

1.     Because they don’t know our true history

2.     Because they are against the OBC’s

3.     Because they believe only in Ambedkarism

4.     Because they are against BAMCEF


My dear brothers and sisters,

Today the world is going through the phase of revolution; various uprisings in the Middle East are evident. Revolution and counter revolution is being taking place in our country since thousands of years. In the modern Era it has been almost 170 years since Phuley-Shahu-Ambedkar Movement was started. Contemporary to Phuley Saheb’s period, when the slaves were enjoying slavery, till today, there has been considerable socio-eco-developments amongst the Bahujan Samaj People. However only 2-3 % are the beneficiaries, and the rest are still in abject poverty, deprived with basic human rights, and living a miserable life. We should accept the fact, that we are unable to generate force, mobilize our people to fight against their tyrannies. One of the major reason is, their socio division, which is because of the established graded inequality, in the name of caste system. It was opined by Manu, after counter revolution by Pushyamitra Shunga. Caste system has converted Majority ( Bahujan Samaj People ) into minority, & the minority ( the cupid Brahmin’s & Baniyas ) into Majority. To counter this division, BAMCEF / Mulnivasi Sangh has re-launched the concept of Mulnivasi, which was original started by Phuley Saheb in modern era.

The  Brahmin’s and Baniyas took the cognizance of it,  and with their usual strategy, of creating confusion among the Bahujan Samaj people, has launched a furious debate, on the Mulnivasi concept in our country. We have observed that, some of our own people, are against of Mulnivasi Concept.

This article is an attempt to find out these reasons, and to answer them in short. We are sure, it would remove the confusions,and would give enough insight, clear understanding of our movement. I sincerely hope, that our people would read it with open mind. The objective of this article is not only to convince our people in favor of Mulnivasi concept, but to spread Mulnivasi concept to the highest possible level. Revolution can take place only when the Suppressed people unite, come together and fight incessantly with their enemies, till they achieve their rights and freedom !!

1. Because Bahujan Samaj people don’t know our true history

                 “ Those who doesn’t know their history can never make history ”B.R.Ambedkar

The below are some of the reasons :

§  That our true history is not included in any syllabus right from our primary education till higher level studies.

§  That most of our people are not aware of the right material. On the contrary, they read books written by Brahmin’s writers, who always distorts our true history, with an objective of creating confusion within Bahujan Samaj. Confusion leads to confrontations ,and confrontation leads to division, and division leads to surrendering ourselves before our enemy e.g. If you read a book on Shivaji Maharaj by Maratha Seva Sangh  and a book written on Shivaji Maharaj by say Purandare. You will find lots of contradictions.  After reading books written by our enemies our people got o the extend of publicly proclaiming that…E.g. Aryan invasion theory and the destruction in Indus valley might be because of some kind of epidemics…

§  Our literate class might be academically educated, but are socially uneducated.

          My Answers on few:

It is imperative to know our true history.

It enlightens us, empowers us, to identify our ancestors and also to identify our enemies.

It helps to analyze our socio-eco conditions & status from hundreds of year, till today.

It gives us in depth insight of our movement lead by our forefathers, our ideology, our values, and the lessons to be learnt from our past, to help us to rejuvenate our movement, to lead our movement in the right direction.

Remember the history which is being taught to us, is not true. And it this was the reason, why when our forefathers started movement, the first and foremost thing they did was to rewrite the history.

Phuley Saheb made a clear cut distinction between Arya Bhatji & Shetji vs Shudras and Ati Shudras.

Babasaheb during his very exhaustive and busy period in 1946 wrote the book “Who were Shudra & how they became Untouchables”.

Most of our intellectuals have not read this book, those read did not understand, and those who understood did not tell the true history to our people. Babaseheb has proved the fact that the Shudras were Aryans only, and they were the broken men amongst the Aryan Kyshtriyas, when there engulfed a war between the Aryan Brahmin’s and the Aryan Kyshtriyas. Most of these war took place outside India ( today Iran ) before their Invasion, and hence when they enslaved the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj with their treachery in the course of time they also started calling the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj people as Shudras. So the Shudras were divided into Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj  Shudras and Aryan Kyshtriyas  Shudras.

The below flow chart elucidates our true history in a most lucid

Mulnivasis of  India and their Indus Valley civilization
Aryan Invasion from Central Asia
Dasa, Dasyu, Asura, Rakshasa, Anarya, Pisacha are the names given to Mulnivasis
 Introduction of Varna System
Pushing of Mulnivasis into Varna i.e.Shudra Varna
Buddha’s Revolution against Varna System of Aryans
Mulnivasis joined Buddha’s movement and became Buddhists
Counter revolution by Pushya Mitra Shrunga, a Brahmin
Mulnivasi Buddhists became Broken Men
After implementation of heinous Manu’s Code

Surrendered People                            Defeated People                                       Never Surrendered People

Allowed into the system                  Driven away to outskirts               Escaped to Forests & interior areas

Retained Shudra status                           Untouchables                                                    Adivasis


3500 Castes                                          1500 Castes                                                    1000 Tribes

Various Professional Castes                   Harijans, Dalits                                                  Girijan, Vanavasi  OBC                                                      SC                                                      ST (Constitutional Terms)

2. Because they are against the OBC’s

The below are some of the reasons:

§  that the Brahmin’s use the OBC’s to do injustice & atrocities on SC’s, ST’s. This results in conflict between SC’s, ST’s and OBC’s

§  that the OBC’S have a upper ranking in the caste hierarchy.

§  that the OBC call themselves Hindu, follow Hindu religion & festivals

§  that most of the OBC’s are not Buddhist….

§  that most of the OBC’s imitate the Brahmins

§  that most of them does not follow Babasaheb

§  that most of them are members of RSS and attends their Shakhas diligently.


     My Answers on few:

It is a well know fact, that the Brahmin’s are so coward, that they never dare to throw a single stone on Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.

They execute it from OBC’s. And it the graded inequality, which gives authority to salute the upper one, and kick the below one.

The below one is happy because, there exist a caste below him as well ,to whom even they can kick, no matter if someone above him is doing the same to him.

This has caused the age long animosity between the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj people. Resulting stronger division each day, each month, each year, each decade,                each century, each millennium.

3. Because they believe only in Ambedkarism

The below are some of the reasons:

§  That the Brahmin’s have consciously confined, Babasaheb Ambedkar as a Leader of only Untouchable.

§  Even our people mostly SC’s believe that Babasaheb Ambedkar is only their leader and Messiah.

§  They follow Babasaheb word by word…if for example Babasaheb might have said that he is not against Brahmin’s but Brahmanism….they would publicly support this statement, without investigating under what conditions , or with what reference and context this statement was given by Babasaheb..

§  Celebrating Babasaheb’s birth anniversary in the Brahmin’s dominated organizations or offices as their ultimate aim or achievement….

         My Answers on few:

Babasaheb’s fight was not only for the SC and ST’s….he has fought the battle for OBC’s and Women as well.  Babasaheb had resigned for law Ministry on 13 Sept.1951 in protest against the delay in appointing a commission to identify the OBCs, and their problems as per the article 340, out of that pressure Nehru had appointed Kaka Kalelkar commission in Jan 1953. In his speech in Schedule caste Federation Convention on 24th ans 25 th April 1948, Babasaheb has said that “The backward classes ( OBC’s) had suffered because of their aloofness. They must forge a united front in order to wrest political power from the higher classes. The system of adult franchise had brought political power to the masses and in my opinion if 1.5 crore SC and 1 crore of backward clasees in UP join hands against a common target they could return 50% of their members ti the legislature and capture political power” ( ref Vol 17, part 3 , pages 388 to 394).

Hindu code Bill and many more are the evidences, that he was a leader of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.

We come across many of our intellectuals who says that Babasaheb has never used a word Mulnivasi , hence they shouldn’t be supporting the Mulnivasi Concept. §  Babasaheb has used the word Indigenous people several times, whenever he wanted to represent the SC’s ST’s and the OBC’s together in his speeches and writing.

So wouldn’t it be prudent to use Mulnivasi, instead of Indigenous, especially when we have to mobilize Masses.

4. Because they are against BAMCEF

Some of the reasons are:

§     BAMCEF always criticizes Brahmin’s and Brahmanism, that the Brahmin’s have now become good people…

§     BAMCEF have divisions.

§     BAMCEF conducts annual conventions and nothing else.

§     BAMCEF is a non political, non religious, non agitational  organization.

§     BAMCEF organization is a gathering of some intellectuals, and they are not involving the masses of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj people.

§     BAMCEF’s work and results are invisible.

§     BAMCEF does not believes nor indulges in welfare activities.

            My Answers on few:

Our people say that, Brahmin’s now are not as bad as their ancestors.

Why do people have such kind of opinion? This mostly comes from their personal experiences.

Remember the Brahmin Pushya Mitra Shrunga who planned a coup to dethrone the Shudra rulers. He beheaded and killed the King Brihadrath in the court and announced himself as ruler. He murdered 60,000 Buddhist Monks in a single day. And for ongoing carnage  announced 100 gold coins against each monk head.

He destroyed many Buddhist Viharas. He Re-introduced Varna System and made Shudra again as slaves. Pushya Mitra decided to divide the vast population of Shudras for fear of another Buddha like revolt. He converted Varna into Caste System by restricting people to their professions. Asked Manu’s to write codes which defines Prohibitions and Punishments to Mulnivasi Shudras. In few years the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj became the slave of the Brahmin’s hegemony for several hundreds of years, and to an extent that they have to live a life worst then an animal.

It was due to the struggle lead by forefathers and later Babasaheb Ambedkar through the Constitution of India could protect our Mulnivasi bahujan Samaj people. It is not because the Brahmins don’t want to use a derogatory words against you publicly…It is because if they dare to do so, they have go behind bars.

Coming to BAMCEF, yes we admit the fact that ,there had been several turmoils, in the organization which has caused, the divisions of the Organization.

But the question before us is what causes the division? And if the organiation splits, then who is responsible for the split ??

To answer these questions, we need to understand the organizational functioning, its behavior and dynamic;

We all know that a single man creates an organization, let’s say for example…Buddha created Sangha; Phuley saheb established Satyasodhak Samaj, Babasaheb Ambedkar created Schedule caste federation..etc. Now the first question which comes to our mind is that, these men were great men, so what made them to create the Organization?? Weren’t they capable to work for the benefit of the society on their own?

Although they were of great, they knew that work which they have to do ,cannot be performed by a single man. They needs many men…and several resources. So it is clear that, to run a movement ,an organization is required, and without an organization a movement cannot be runed.

Now Organization on itself is just a structure, and it cannot operate on its own, hence men are required to run the organization. So, someone take more responsibility and has to lead. Thus the leaders are a product of the organization, and the opportunity of leadership is given by the Organization. We observe men come and men go, leaders come and leaders go…..Organization remains….hence at any moment of time, the organization is supreme and not the leader is very clear to us.

However, some leaders and their followers starts believing that , the organization is there in existence because of them, and the people or the members of that organization also start feeling that ,the organization is because of the leader. This is what the biggest issue, which causes split in an organization, hence not only the dishonest leaders are culprit, but the members are also equally responsible, for the division within the organization.

This can be tackled only by, decentralizing the powers, by creating parallel & institutionalization of leaderships, by giving the utmost importance to the values and works of the organization and never ever to any leader. When the leader knows, that if he does any dishonesty, then not a single member or a cadre would support him, and any kind of disloyalty with the organization, would cost him his primary membership, no matter even if he is working at the highest level of the organization.

After split, we see generally two kind of reaction from cadres or members. Some becomes demotivated and surrender to work for the organization, and sit at home. Some cadres try to analyze the reasons of the divisions, and try to work on them. They try to set up mechanism within the organization to prevail conflicts. However we have come across many of your intellectuals, who does not believe in giving solution, instead are happy in criticizing and making fun of our own brethens.

Those who has dared, to run an organization on a national level for last around 30 years, only know the challenges faced by the Orgnization and its dynamism. To run a organization for so long, with so less resources, is an achievement in itself.

Bamcef never boasted its mere existence, as its achievement. It is rentlessly putting all possible effort to take the caravan / movement of our forefathers towards the desired end. Its still far way to go, and we need your positive energies and resources, for the same.

People questions, what BAMCEF has done?

True !! the result which Bamcef has produced, cannot be seen with our naked eyes. But the effects can be seen and felt.

What has caused the instability in the Politics of our Country?

Why are OBC’s and their Organizations opposing the Brahmins and their ideology ?

Why Rahul Gandhi have to visit the houses of Poor Mulnivasi People ?

It is not because he has any affection for them…he is doing so because he feels threatened, that the Mulnivasi bahujan Samaj people may enter his house and throw him out from it…

Why the Brahmins who has never ever given their reactions, are so vehemently discussing and debating on the Mulnivasi Concept? It is not because they don’t have their jobs to do, it is because it makes them the Most Minority in our country. And in parliamentary democracy Majority rules. Morever, OBC’s were and are Brahmins bigest strengths. And when OBC’s are leaving their fold, Brahmins are perturbed….

Why the OBC Organization have faith in BAMCEF ? And express their reverence towards the cadre of BAMCEF ??

Why their leader ask their cadres to attend BAMCEF’s convention if they are held in their cities?

Why the OBC people now take a name of Buddha and Dr Ambedkar ? And our people take a name of the Phuley sabeb, Birsmunda, Narayan Guru, Periyar E.V.Ramasami, Savitribai Phuley, Zalkari bai, Jijamata, Shivaji Maharaj…..It is b’coz of the social education spread continuously by BAMCEF…

Why the RSS / Brahmins who said Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar a traitor, and the most hatred man of Hinduism, now come to salute him on his birth and death Anniversary ?

BAMCEF has done the polarization of SC, ST, and OBC’s and is doing what no organization has done in India at National Level.

The basic fundamentals to run any organization are:

Planning à Implementing the planning à Motivating à Review the results àPlanning for the next year….

This cycle has to implemented on all levels, International, National, State, District, Block levels. So, it means there has to be several meetings, to be taken at each level and the Cadres / members, office bearers of the organization, are responsible and answerable for the work assigned to them.

So, the summary of all the level ultimately goes to the upper most level of the organization…which is again reviewed. It gives the leaders of the organization the clear picture of their achievements and their failures, and the reasons for both are analyzed.

The same thing is what BAMCEF is doing.

It is really hard to understand to those intellectuals, who criticizes BAMCEF for conducting National & State level Conventions.

How Mulnivasi Concept Can Counter Caste System?


§ Mulnivasi Concept gives the sense of Oneness.

§ It tells us that there are foreigners still present in our Country.

§ That is clearly derives the margin between our enemies and our brothers.

§ It gives us our true and lost Identity back.

§ It integrates us with a unique and most powerful bond of fraternity, brotherhood.

§ It leaves no scope to our enemies to infiltrate and thereby sabotage our movement.

§ It leaves no scope to our enemies to create any confusion among us.

§ It reminds us of our ancestors, who has established the most rich and heritage civilization on this earth, when most part of this world was still primitive and uncivilized.

§ It gives a proud feeling of honor.

§ It gives us and our people the confidence, of attaining and regaining the same civilization back.

§ It gives the us the strength to leave one fold [ hindu identity ] to a New Identity. e.g Babasaheb has given us the identity of Buddhist. Even our OBC brothers are not happy with the Hindu Identity. Just because they do not have any alternative identity or religion they are just continuing to be in the same fold of Hinduism. To leave the old house needs a new house, similarly to leave an existing fold needs a new fold, and to leave the current identity needs a new identity. Hence Mulnivasi identity motivates our OBC brothers to leave the exiting fold of Hinduism.

§ It clearly segregates the 15% cupid rulers against the 85% innocent ruled ones.

§ It counters and would annihilate forever the most heinous system on this earth i.e the prevailing caste system, the tool used by our enemies to enslave us for thousands and thousands of years.


Jai Bhim & Jai Mulnivasi !!!

Yours in Mission,

D B Rangari

Gen Sec Mulnvasi Sangh, Andhra Pradesh Unit.



  1. Swapnil says:

    the aryan invasion theory was proved wrong on scientific basis.
    DNA tests and this is being used by some politicians and some christian organizations

    Request you to correct this to reflect the real truth. By keeping this, you are doing great disservice to India and breaking it apart and making it ready for christian organizaitons to take over…

  2. Amol says:

    DNA tests have also confirmed the fact that Arya-Brahmins are foreigners to India and SC, ST, OBC and Converted Minorities are Mulnivasis of this land.

    • Swapnil says:

      My friend you are misinformed. Nothing like that it is political motive to destabilize India and you are being fodder in that. show one authentic research paper to prove your point.

  3. subramaniyam patel says:

    I do not believe this theory because I believe only democracy. So I request don’t sacred this theory.I believe that whole earth is like family. Subramaniyam patel

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