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The varsity did not tell us when the enquiry committee was formed to look into the allegations against the students

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Hyderabad universities to join ‘Chalo Eflu’ protest today

While the university claimed that students Mohan Dharavath, Satheesh Nainala and Subhash Kumar were rusticated for breaking the glass door of the varsity library during a protest on March 11,13 members of the varsity’s library staff, who were present inside the building during the incident, have given written statements to the varsity registrar, saying they could not identify anyone. The statements were given on March 12.

Statements, copies of which are with TOI, submitted to Eflu administration have some staff members saying that they were nowhere near the library complex when the incident happened, as some were on leave. “By the time the staff visited the entrance (of the library), the front area of the library was flooded with students and as such the students who initiated the vandalism could not be identified,” said librarian Satheesh.

While the deputy librarian said he was in his room in the first floor when the incident happened, the assistant librarian was on leave on the March 11, the day the incident reportedly occurred. “If none of the library staff reported the names of rusticated students, then who did? The varsity did not tell us when the enquiry committee was formed to look into the allegations against the students. We also do not know who the members of the committee are and on whose witness accounts did the committee act,” said Karthik Navayan Battula, secretary, Human Rights Forum, Hyderabad, which is fighting for the rusticated students.

Civil society activists, who went to Eflu in the past four days to express solidarity with the rusticated students had earlier expressed their lack of trust on the committee which investigated the incident.

Meanwhile, ‘Chalo Eflu’, called by students of the varsity, will see hundreds of students from University of Hyderabad and Osmania University marching to the Eflu campus. They have already released ‘Chalo Eflu’ protest posters on their own campuses, and students from other campuses in the city and Telangana region, including Nalsar University, Maulana Azad National Urdu University and Kakatiya University are expected to join them. “Several political parties have expressed their support and so have prominent civil society members during the last five days of struggle and they will join the Eflu students’ protest on Monday,” a press release issued by students of the varsity said.

Students have been protesting for the past five days demanding the university administration withdraw the rustication orders. Students have also been demanding the vice chancellor of the varsity, Sunaina Singh, to step down from her post


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