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Nationwide Indian Constitution Awareness Campaign

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Nationwide Indian Constitution Awareness Campaign

Dear All,
Constitution/Democracy Lovers,

On the occasion of Constitution Day (Law Day ) on 26th November 2014, I am willing to conduct objective type exam for school kids and collage students. I have also prepared the question papers (English And Hindi) in this regards. If  Anyone wants to conduct such types of program in their areas, localities they can contact me for more details and avail the ready material. Contribution in spreading LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY AND JUSTICE among all.  Let’s think beyond our caste, religion. Let’s be Indian Firstly and Lastly.

In Mission!
Adv Mahendra Jadhav , Email- advmj.1@gmail.com , Mobile- 08008754848



  1. Mathew says:

    Hi Karthik
    It is great
    For the last 25 years I am working to aware the people about Indian CONSTITUTION at least their Duties and Rights.
    Than you
    If you can kindly send the model Question Papers in English so I can conduct the Exam in some schools.
    with regards

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