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Kalaprapoorna Dr Endluri Chinnaiah died on 6th November 2014

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Dr Endluri Chinnaiah died on 6th November 2014 and Cremation will be on 8th November 2014 at 10am, Bansilal Pet Bible House, Secunderabad. He has two girls children and wife.

  • Dr Endluri Chinnaiah was born on 2nd May 1933 i.e. 81 years
  • Dr Endluri Chinnaiah was the first Telugu person who wrote book on Dr Ambedkar and who popularised life history of Dr Ambedkar in united AP
  • He dedicated his entire life for the upliftment of down-trodden after sacrificing his job in 1950s itself and he left his job after death of Dr Ambedkar
  • He started Ambedkar Mission along with Sri Pawan Murthy and Sri Ravoori Ekambaram who are the first generation intellectuals and activists in our community
  • He was the first person who had translated book on Buddha & Dhamma
  • He ran three news papers for empowering Dalits and they are 1) Andhra Republican News Paper; 2)People’s Herald; and 3) Prajabhandhu
  • He was awarded as KALAPRAPOORNA and DOCTORATE for his extraordinary contribution to the down-trodden and for his sacrifice.

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  1. K. MAHESHWAR RAJ says:

    Pls Join to pay
    Late Upasak
    TODAY – 6 PM
    P.S Telugu University Auditorium
    Maheshwar Raj

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