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Please read each and every word carefully and share. Please don’t be lazy in sharing. We don’t have media. Social network is our Media :-  Worshiping the False Gods…Tilak!!!

This is not about Dr.Ambedkar or Arun Shouri.Mr.Shouri has already been answered by many(Lucky to not have a fatwa issued against him).Shouri criticized Dr.Ambedkar for not contributing in the freedom struggle.I wonder why didnt he criticize Gandhi for not contributing in Scientific Reserch? But this is not even about Gandhi. This is about another false god called Bal Gangadhar Tilak….an aspect of Tilak about which no one dares to speak about.Shouri criticized Ambedkar for not co-operating with Mahatma. I am going to speak about Tilak’s relation with another (true) Mahatma of this country..Mahatma Phule and Shahu Maharaj.To expose people like Tilak is always going to be a lengthy task.So readers are requested to have some patience.

This begins with the days when no one knew who were Tilak and Agarkar.Tilak and Agarkar had written in favor of the descendents of Shivaji Maharaj.They tried to expose the ill treatment of the descendants. This angered the Brahmin community and a Brahmin by the name Barve took them to the court .This happened in 1882.Tilak and Agarkar were jailed for that at dongri(Bombay).The bail amount was not small. It was Rs 10,000/- in 1882.Mahatma Phule came to his rescue then.Mahatma Phule ordered the treasurer of Satya Shodha Samaj, Ramsheth BapuSheth Uravne to gather the necessary amount.When Tilak and Agarkar were jailed for the first time in their life no Joshi, Kulkarni, Deshpande,Paranjpe came forward to help. This is what Tilak observed latter in his “Kesri”. Tilak and Agakrar lost the case and had to suffer imprisonment for 3 months. When they came out Phule ordered his another associate and right hand man Narayan Medhaji Lokhande to take out a huge procession of these two.First public recognition of Tilak and Agarkar was given by Mahatma Jyotirao Phule.Both of them were given letter of honor which said “You have taken lot of trouble for Shivaji Maharaj which is why we people are behind you.

Our instincts say you will be a great leader tomorrow. We have just one request, instead of leading only the Brahmins lead everyone and you will become the leader of India.”Now what did these two leaders reward Mahatma Phule with? When Mahatma Phule expired Tilak didn’t even bother to mention that in his Kesri!!! And Agarkar…the social reformer? Even he didnt feel it necessary to mention the death news of the only social reformer to be called as Mahatma in his “Sudharak”!!!That very Tilak who wrote an editorial when Ramsheth Bapusheth Uravne a follower of Mahatma Phule expired; changed so much that he completely avoided mentioning the death news of Mahatma.(Arun Shouri are you reading this treatment to Mahatma???)

Why did he change so much ?Simple reason is that previously he was young and not established. He needed the support of the dalits to become a leader. But once established … he became a true Brahmin. He kicked the dalits out of his “Kesri” and his life. He simply used Mahatma Phule’s popularity to become popular himself and latter forgot the very roots on which he build his own popularity.(Pick the “kesri” after 28 Nov 1890 to cross check.)

This is one famous episode in the life of Shahu Maharaj…a descendent of Shivaji Maharaj .But allow me to say it again. In 1901 Shahu Maharaj was taking bath in Panchaganga River. Being a religious King it was customary for a brahmin to pray while the king is bathing in a river in Shravan month. He called for the official Brahmin Narayan Rajopdhyay. Now this Rajopadhyay was with his “keep” and had not taken his morning bath when called for. According to Hindu customs Bramhin cannot utter The Vedic Mantras without having bath. The driver raised this point.(Actually the entire episode is covered in the memoirs of the driver published in marathi.) Rajopadhyay replied that he was a brahmin and Shahu Maharaj a Kunbi(shudra). Shudras dont have rights to Vedic mantras. He will be praying by Puranic methods(considered as inferior method) and for Puranic mantras there is no need for the brahmin to have taken bath. Accordingly Rajopadhyay prayed with puranic mantras. But at the time of the bath another brahmin friend and employee of Shahu Maharaj, Rajaram Shastri Bhagwat was present. He objected to Rajopadhyay. He told to Shahu Maharaj that Rajopadhyay was insulting him by saying inferior mantras. Shahu Maharaj demanded explanation from Rajopadhyay. Rajopadhyay shamelessly admitted that he was uttering puranic mantras and that he won’t be using the Vedic Mantras. Hurt, Shahu Maharaj gave Rajopadhyay 3 months notice. He said think again, if at the end of 3 months if Rajopadhyay didnt agree to pray with vedic mantras for his employer he would be dismissed.

What followed is a classical example of Brahminic arrogance. Despite saying it was 3 month notice in reality Shahu Maharaj gave him 9 months. But look at Rajopadhyays arrogance. He didnt bother to reply. So finally Shahu Maharaj gave him a written notice. First one on 7th Nov 1901 and then the second notice on 8th Nov 1901 and finally the third notice on 1st May 1902.

The last notice was in a stern language and finally Rajopadhyay responded with written explanation on 5th May 1902.The explanation he gave was that he would not be worshipping the king with Vedic mantras because Shahu Maharaj was not a Kshatriya and so he didnt have any rights to Vedic Mantras. So Shahu Maharaj on 6th May 1902 dismissed Rajopadhyay. There was a severe outburst from the entire Brahmin community.

So severe was the brahminic reaction that they actually exploded a bomb in the wedding of Shahu Maharaj’s daughter. Despite being a king Shahu Maharaj was given death threats.Now who was fuelling this anti Shahu Maharaj feeling? It was none other than Mr.Bal Gangadhar Tilak. And he did not start his work after Shahu Maharaj dismissed Rajopadhyay. Rajopadhyay’s episode was known to Tilak and to support the fellow brahmin, even before Shahu Maharaj gave his first notice.Tilak in his “Kesri” dated 26th Oct 1902 and 30th Oct 1902(kesri was bi-weekly at that time) wrote in his editorial’s a column titled “Vedokta ani Marathe Karma”(vedic and maratha deeds).And read carefully what Tilak has to say…Because of learning english language, today’s Maratha’s have gone INSANE. They have gone insane and thats why they are demanding rights to Vedic Mantras.” Not only does Tilak call Shahu Maharaj as mad, he is saying the entire Maratha’s as mad. That Shahu Maharaj is from the family of Shivaji Maharaj is of no concern. Who authorized Tilak to call the entire Maratha community as insane?

Further more Tilak says”…In todays world Vedic Mantras are meant only for the Brahmins..No one else.”About Shivaji Maharaj, Tilak writes “…Chatrapati Shivaji worked hard for Go-Brahmin, Hinduism and Gods. So as a return favor we brahmins had granted him the honour of being a Kshatriya…”Tilak does a favour on Shivaji Maharaj !!! “..current Marathas are worthless for such kind of favours. So no Maratha’s can get the rights to vedic mantra’s”.

This happened before Shahu Maharaj dismissed Rajopadhyay. It seems that Tilak was dead against the britishers. But when it came to his own caste how does he choose to act? Tilak immediately sent a telegram to British Governer of Bombay requesting him that whatever Shahu Maharaj says dont listen to him. Do not consider him as Kshatriya.That very Tilak was down on his knees before the british government to maintain the interest of his caste.Isnt it clear what was important for Tilak…caste or country?(Shouri….Ambedkar traitor coz he took the help of Britishers..eh?How about applying the same logic to Tilak..?)Well what did Tilak do after that? A huge whispering campaign against Shahu Maharaj. He urged Rajopadhyay to fight against Shahu Maharaj and Rajopadhyay appealed first to British representative of Kolhapur Colonel Ferris on 10 sept 1902 which was rejected on 19 Feb 1903.On 23rd May 1903 on Tilak’s urging Rajopadhyay appealed again to the next higher authority, Bombay governer. This was also rejected on 10 Oct 1903.Tilak again urged Rajopadhyay to appeal to the final authority, the govt of India which he did on 5th Jan 1905 and again a supplementary application on 10th April 1905.9th May 1905 the final verdict came from the governor general Lord Curzon and here too Shahu Maharaj was the winner.After that Tilak writes in his “Kesri ” let us solve this issue by the way of talks.” As long as the option of court was open, the Maratha’s were insane, but when all the options closed down, Tilak wanted to talk to insane Shahu Maharaj. Now he writes “Shahu became the hier to the throne. He has been done the Rajyabhishek.

So we Brahmins are ready to recognize him alone as Kshatriya”.Tilak who till 1902 thought the Marathas as worthless for having Vedic Mantra, after the court verdict started saying Shahu Maharajs demands were not invalid as he had his Rajya Abhishek done in 1905. Didnt he knew that in 1902?Anyways continuing…Shahu Maharaj wanted to accept this Tilaks propsal.

But he had an intelligent non-brahmin aid Bhaskar Jadhav of satya shodhak samaj. He raised a query…what about Bapusaheb Maharaj, the brother of Shahu Maharaj? Tilak again replied in his kesri, “We can not accept Bapusaheb Maharaj as kshatriya. He will remain as a shudra only.” Bhaskar Jadhav was not satisfied and he asked again…according to Mr Tilak , You brahmins are willing to recognise only Shahu Maharaj as kshatriya because he sits on the throne. Applying the same logic if tomorrow if some muslim sits on the throne will you grant him the same privilege? Tilak’s reply is a clear indication for whom was his entire struggle. He replied “if tomorrow such issue arise and a muslim ascends the throne, the question of vedic mantras will arise. And the reply to such issue will be given by the brahmins of those times. Tilak does not use the word people, he uses the term brahmins. Understand the difference. It shows clearly who according to Tilak the bosses were.There are many more things about Tilak that can be said, about the threat to burn down the pandals of the congress in pune if they addressed to the problems of the untouchables in 1905.But those will be unnecessary. Tilak has shown in many ways that he was a firm believer of Hinduism and the supremacy of the brahmins over the common people. Hinduism say it clearly that the shudras are only slaves of the remaining castes. He never ever bothered for their freedom from the caste shackles.

So will it be to outrageous to assume that while he said “Swaraj is My Birth Right”, his definition of Swaraj means Brahmin Raj? Did he fight for the rule of the people or for the rule of the Brahmins? Is he Lok-Manya or is he Brahmin-Manya?Mr Shouri isnt this one of the false gods that the people are worshipping at large? We are waiting for your Worshipping the false Gods Part 2.But I am sure that will never come…After all Tilak is also a Brahmin na !!!



  1. abcda says:

    please give some references for Tilak’s statements….i know the reality but with the references it will be very good to prove..

    • yugantar says:

      please give some references for Tilak’s statements….i know the reality but with the references it will be very good to prove..

  2. Shiv says:

    kutilpana ahe raktat bhinlela yanchya!!!!

  3. Shiv says:

    he wasn’t lokmanya he was Bhatmanya!!!

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