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Invitation to National Alliance of Dalit Organisations meet in Nagpur on 27 and 28th April 2015

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27th February’2015


Dear Friends

Greetings to you from my own behalf and on behalf of the National alliance of Dalit Organisations (NADO), Hyderabad, Telangana State!

I hope and trust that you may have received the information either through my text messages or from some one regarding a 2 day meet of the activists, social workers, movement leaders government officials (working and retired), NGOs and all those concerned citizens who aspire for lasting change which leads our society towards, Liberation, Equality and Fraternity, thus leading to a Just and Harmonious & Peaceful co- existence, of all the peoples of our nation. In my messages I have mentioned that the meet is intended to address the concerns of the Dalit Adivasi Minority (MBCs) Nomads (DAMNed) communities. Let me first try and introduce what is NADO, who, why and what has been happening with it so far.

NADO has been initiated in the year 2007 with a group of likeminded people who were earlier part of certain state and national formations of which came into being before and after the birth centenary of Dr. Ambedkar, such NAPM, NAWO, NCDHAR, NDF, DSF, NACDOR and several other formations. Some of us particularly coming those now connected with NADO, from Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh , Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh used to be invited by various established forums working at the National level and we used participate and contribute our ideas, but forgotten later. As a result we were compelled to discuss among us and decided to form as NADO.

Since then on we at our own level and sometimes with each other’s cooperation have been involving in the concerns of the vulnerable communities, such as rights violations, education, health, economic development, forced labour, housing and access to land etc. Though we have had mass base and the field we could not get the expected support with regards to flagging off the issues perceived and experienced by the people to give it a campaign mode. The ideas to rope in the support of journalists, academics and intellectuals and the rest of civil society (if exists) to advocate and facilitate the issues in order to find remedies, did not come about. One of the significant interventions of the NADO was to sensitize the people, how the erstwhile untouchables were pushed to the peripheries of power and were enslaved politically, commemorating the 75th year of Poona Pact in the year 2007.

Given the confusion and the threat being pitched by certain sections of the society in the present socio political economical and religious fronts, It is necessary and time appropriate for us to create a proper & adequate space for the above mentioned communities, to enable and engage them to uphold and safeguard their human and constitutional rights and privileges, enshrined in the Indian Constitution(IC) and also in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

I am writing this letter to invite you to please come for 2-day deliberations on the issues of the social groups concerned.

The theme for the 2 day deliberation will be on “Transcending Identities and Ideologies to Assert Human and Constitutional Rights” of the DAMNed Communities, scheduled to take place from 27th – 28th April’2015, @ Sarvodaya Ashram, Dharampet Chowk, Near Bhole Petrol Pump, Amravati Road, Nagpur– 440 010. We will be able to arrange dormitory accommodation and provide simple food during the event at the Ashram.

Please note that this is not a funding initiative and we need to meet the expenses on our own, hence participants are expected and requested to pay Rs 1000-00 each towards the incurring expenses. We acknowledge the fact that the all the probable participants (delegates) are capable of deliberating on the issues, articulate and justify their political positions very effectively. However, we request you come prepared to take time and to listen to what others feel. So you are request is to bear with us and allow us to conduct the deliberations in a democratic and participatory manner.

The program for the 2 days will not have much of lecturing, and might only have one presentation giving an over view of the status of the vulnerable and bewildered sections. However, will have enough time to work as various social groups and come up with strategies to overcome the existing problems of the DAMNed communities. I am wishing you the best in your endeavour to become part of this small but important process. This is all for now and hope to meet you in person in Nagpur without fail.

Yours in Solidarity

Charles Wesley Meesa

Facilitator, NADO

Mob: 094 907 55 411

email – meesacw@yahoo.co.in

Note:- Please feel free to share about this programme to any one whom you think can be help to the over all assertion of the DAMNed communities.

– Local Contact in Nagpur: Mr. Vilas Bhongade, Nagpur, Mob: 09890 336873 and Mob: 07709019974

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