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Reply to Justice Markandye katju

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Recieved this message from in a  WhatsApp group

Markandye Katju, Justice, Supreme Court (Retired) today again wrote against Reservation to SC/ST and OBC on his facebook page. To which I replied (commented) very strongly. My reply to him was as follows :-
Dear Sir! You are talking like a rascal brahmin here (this is the language of katju saheb, he used rascal for gandhi many times) who along with some other higher caste hindus are responsible for perpetual practice of caste system in India. Through this post you have just revealed poverty of your thought, ugly prejudiced state of mind and highly immature understanding and knowledge on the concept of reservation even the correct datas. Till now I always respected and supported you but today you have reminded me the story of the coloured jackal who is just trying to match his voice with other jackals i.e. antiresrevationists. Before expressing your great views on reservation you must read the history of reservation first, its object and philosophy, etc. You must read Aristotle on equal laws for equals and unequal laws for unequals. You must read Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s relevant works and opinons on reservations. Our leader Dr. Ambedkar never demanded reservations in jobs and admissions dear sir. But he only demanded fair representations in the entire system of governance and administration but rascal M. K. Gandhi, the then leader of rascal caste hindus cheated Dr. Ambedkar under the Poona Pact which everyone knows well. And you also know that today’s reservation system is the result of that compromise formula. We only wanted separate electorates and nothing else to solve all our problems but rascal gandhi and his gang cheated our leader. Even today we want 0% reservation but the condition is that you do 100% justice with us. Otherwise adopt the policy of 100% reservations if you have enough courage. Reserve all the seats according to the ratio in the total population. Today higher castes are about 15% so their 15% seats will be reserved for them and they will not be allowed to occupy 51% seats as it is happening now. At present OBCs are 54% of the population so they will get 54% reservation. Likewise Brahmins are 3% of the population, their 3% seats will be completely entact and reserved for them. You must be knowing that this model is being followed in Belgium very successfully. Our country is having system of democracy not meritocracy. And you know well that democracy is based on fair representation of all classes and communities. It is not based on privilege oriented merits. You just ensure true and fair representation of our people in all walks of life and we ourselves will do away with rather blow up this bloody reservation. If you go by the data 94.01% judges in Supreme court and high courts were brahmins or equivalent higher castes, 79.04% class l and class ll officers from brahmins and other higher castes, more than 89% professors, lecturers, readers etc in all govt central and state universities from brahmins and other higher castes, 86% in media and press from only higher castes, more than 80% land holdings including other resources and means of production are with higher castes only. The total strength of sc, st and obc employees in central and state govt jobs is less than 21%. Plz show me where is democracy. Justice Sawant rightly said that Indian democracy is a fake democracy. Will you give us financial help from your salary…??? In my state sc students of high schools were entitled to get stipends of Rs. 100 but out of that 100 rupees almost 70-80 rupees were grabed by the headmaster, teachers, peons and other staffs at Block levels. Stop entertaining these cheap and childish ideas of financial assistance. You talked about inefficient sc/st doctors and engineers. Then I must reply you that the doctors who left towel and scissors in stomach after surgery were not from sc/st categories. The bridges and buildings which collapsed were not designed by sc/st engineers. Those duffers and headless chickens who are taking admissions after paying lakhs of donations in 5 star colleges are not from sc/st and obc category. If you are so efficient, talented and meritorious then why there are lakhs of pending cases in HCs and SC and district level courts where you are in majority…??? And why don’t any of your university come within 200 top universities of the world if you are so meritorious and bright like gold and platinum. Being retired sc judge kindly stop telling lies that sc studentd are passed by oral orderd or phone calls, it does not suit to you dear sir else I will remind you Vardhman University case and many others where sc/st students were deliberately failed for many years in which all concerned persons were found guilty and got convicted also. I myself have seen that how sc/st candidates are interviewed at the last and given very poor marks even after securing good marks in written and replying most of the questions rightly in interviews in UPSC, SSC, Banking etc. On the other hand higher castes candidates are asked to recite Gaytri Mantra or some famous sanskrit shlokas from Gita, Ramayana etc. and given final selections. I personally know one such guy who told me that ” one interviewer asked me after seeing my title- Brahman ho kya? I replied- yes. Then he asked- Gayatri mantra aata hai? I replied- yes. Thik hai to sunao. After listening Gaytri Mantra he said- thik hai jao.” And that boy was selected. Sir! You kindly don’t try to teach us how to walk erect. It does not suit to the paracite class privileged people. You also know very well that this huge country is resting on our shoulders only as we the sc, st and obc constitute the large workforce of this country. So Kindly stop acting like coloured jackal else I’ll regard you like other rascal brahmins who have always done injustice with sc/st, obc, women etc. One last request- must read Dr. Ambedkar’s complete works to truly understand the grievances of sc, st, women and other backwards of this country.


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  1. Ambeth says:

    For those half baked fellows always shouting against the “Reservation System in India”;

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