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Who’s Babasaheb?

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Just now meelo evaru koteeswarudu ” telecasting in maa TV anchored by cinema actor Nagarjuna. There’s a question who has the name as Babasaheb. 1. Rajendra prasad. 2. Vallabhai Patel 3. Subash chandra bose. 4. Dr.Ambedkar

The educated woman whose father and mother are teachers is participating in the competition is don’t know the answer and went to audience poll

Majority audience told that it’s Vallabhai Patel. Only second majority gave to Ambedkar

Do you know who’s Babasaheb?

Is this not indicates our academics and media deep rooted bias against Babasaheb Ambedkar and his people? Great shame


10403493_1504389413198218_1216012202143546497_n (2)


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