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Bhim Yatra will reach Hyderabad on Feb 03rd at Dharna Chowk Indira Park

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Dear Friends, Jai Bheem.

As you are aware, Safai Karachari Andolan has been conducting a most successful country-wide campaign for the eradication of manual scavenging. 2 years ago, we had conducted a ParivartanYatra which toured all over the country and culminated in Delhi.

Now, our campaign has been extended to the issues of sewerage workers, who are all casual laborers, and forced to clean manholes and blocked drains without any protective gear. They are usually hired when someone has to physically get into a drain to clean it. Many workers have lost their lives and their families haven’t been compensated inspite provision of compensation in the law.

Now the SKA has undertaken a BhimYatra to create awareness about the conditions of sewerage workers, and to demand strict implementation of the 2013 law on manual scavenging. The Yatra started in Delhi on 10th December-2015, and travelled through West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Tamil Nadu & will enter Telangana state on the 29th January 2016. On the way, the yatra team has conducted various activities and submitted letters and memorandum of their demands to the concerned authorities. The Yatris will reach Hyderabad on Feb 03rd  at Dharna Chowk Indira Park of a public meeting from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. The purpose is to conduct a rally and submit memorandum to the relevant authorities in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh & proceed to Karnataka. The yatra would culminate in New Delhi on 13th April 2016.

We appeal to various organizations to participate in this national campaign to help us in conducting the rally & contact the govt.  officials and leaders in Hyderabad.

Where:            Dharna Chowk, Indira Park

When:                         3rd Feb, 2016,         Time: 10am-2pm

You r sincerely,

Bezwada Wilson.                                                                  

National Convener.                                                                       

 K. Saraswathi

State Convenor (T.S & AP)

Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA)

# 8897171601.




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