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His Holiness Saint Ravidas is the Supreme Saint of India

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Dear Wise Ladies and Gentle Men,

Namo Buddhay!

Happily, we salute and respect you all . Our Organizations may be different but our aim is ONE. As oneness we can attain success during a short span of time. Therefore, it is a need of the hour to come all  together  and  work  about  Collectively, Co-operatively and  Coordinatively  with each other  as a TEAM.

So, it is an humble appeal with folded hands to celebrate the Festival by PROVIDING TRUE KNOWLEDGE to the masses along with  fun all around.


His Holiness Saint Ravidas is the Supreme Saint of India. He is the only saint who is regarded as Shiromani i.e. the Crown Saint, Head of the Saints. Notwithstanding, the Indian Soil, till today, has not produced any saint equivalent to his stature. Its remarkable reason is that because he is only a SCIENTIFIC SAINT.

He is a diamond, so are his teachings. He says – FIRST KNOW THEN ACCEPT – this is a Scientific Law. This is a wise act, you will be fulfilled. But – TO ACCEPT WITHOUT KNOWING –  is a non- Scientific Law. This is an unwise act, you will not be fulfilled.

He explains through his pious speech :

  1. “ Rain ganvai soi kari, diwas ganvayo khai,

         Heera janam amol hai, kodi badali jai. “

 Guru ji says : Every one has only one life in this world. And this life is costlier than diamond i.e. most precious and priceless. Because this life is priceless, therefore, it is to make beautiful. If you did not make this life beautiful then understood, you have wasted it. But nature – gifted this life is not to waste, rather to lead a beautiful life.

In this world people lead mainly Three Types of life :

( I )   Meaningful Life :  It means – to develop yourself + to participate in the development of your society + to contribute for the development of your nation.

( II )  Meaningless Life : It means – not to develop yourself + not to participate in the development of your society + not to contribute for the development of your nation.

( III ) Selfish Life : It means – to develop yourself and merely your family only – this is also called Animal Life. Most of the persons come into this category. They are animals in the form of human beings. So, are not liable to pay respect.

But, Guru ji advocates that every one should lead a Meaningful Life, Purposeful Life.

  1. “ Aisa chahun raj mein, jahan miley saban ko anna,

         Chhot bade sab sang baseyn, Ravidas rahe prasanna. “

Guru ji further says : I want such a REGIME where every one could enjoy – good food to eat + good cloth to wear + good house to live in – and where no one is Smaller & Bigger, Higher & Lower on the basis of caste. I would be happy at heart to see such a State. And he dreamed – TO ESTABLISH SUCH A STATE – and named it Begampur.

But, during his life time, he could not establish such a State ( Begampur ) and departed from the world i.e. murdered at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. His Samadhi is still there.

Now, it is our sincere duty to complete his incomplete work – TO ESTABLISH OUR RULE IN OUR COUNTRY – after that only we will be able to call ourselves as his real followers.

  1. “ Suno ray bhai, dharamneeti sukhdai, aisan neetishastra batlai,

         Jab lo chale dharma kay marag, vyatha, vyadhi paas nahin aai.”

 Guru ji explains metaphysically : Hey, my brothers, listen carefully ! All the scriptures and ethics guide us that the – POLICY OF THE RELIGION – is always rejoicing. So long as , we followed our own religion, till then – Povery + Atrocities, Exploitation + Disrespect – did not come to our way. But, as soon as , we were diverted from our own religion, all types of problems – Poverty + Atrocities, Exploitation + Disrespect – came to our our way. So, there is an immense need to return to our own religion i.e. Buddhism.

  1. “ Pradheenta paap hai, sun leu mayray meet,

  Ravidas das pradheen say, karay na koi preet.”

 Guru ji says  : My brothers and friends listen ! Slavery is a great sin, it is most troublesome, so, no body loves to a slave, instead, every one hates him. In short, we are slaves that is why every body hates us.

  1. “ Pradheen ka deen kya, pradheen baydeen,  

           Ravidas das pradheen ko, her koi samjhay heen.”

Sant ji says again : A slave does not have any religion. His duty is only – to obey his Master. And every understands him – Inferior, lower and mean

Guru ji explains this thing very  seriously : In reality, we are – SLAVES OF HINDU RELIGION – that is why every Hindu us – Inferior , lower and mean – in comparison to himself. So, GET RID OF THE SLAVERY OF HINDU DHARMA as soon as possible and get freedom because only free people rule for longer time.

  1. “ Jahavan janam linho, amar vaha deshawa,

  Babhan  nahi, khatri naho, Shudra na Baiswa.” 

 Guru ji tells us about himself  : My country in which I am born is a great country, immortal country but as far as myself is concerned, I am not a Brahmin, not Kshatriya. Neither I am Vaishya nor a Shudra. In brief, I AM NOT A HINDU because Hindu Religion has only four Varnas but I do not belong to any Varna.

  1. “ Charon Ved kiya khandoti, jan Ravidas karay dandoti.”

 Guru ji says further : Whenever, I refused to follow the Four Vedas – renounced Hindu Dharma – then only I enjoyed, tasted and observed, full respect from all the quarters. Even the ‘ Caste – Hindus’ knelt before me. But so long as I considered myself as a Hindu, every ‘ Caste – Hindu’ ignored me and neglected me.

  1. “ Ved – Puran tajo man, chahat jo such chain,

         Ravidas sakal prem ka, prem hi sincho nain.”

 Guru ji appeals us from his inner heart : Hey my brothers ! If you want to live – Happily + Peacefully + Respectfully – in this world then get rid of Vedas and Puranas i.e. Hinduism. After this you will get love from all the peoples. But remember, there should not be any place on earth for hate, downpour it with love, exercise Maitri for all, every one should have Equal Opportunities for the development – this is only Sanatan Dharma. In short, this is Buddha Vani.

  1. “ Kahe Ravidas suno bhai santo, babhan kay gun teen,

   Maan hare, dhan sampatti luttyo, buddhi leenho chheen.:

 Param Sant Guru Ravidas ji tells us : Hey my brethren saints ! give ear to me, Brahmin has Three Qualities : 1. He does not respect us and stops others to respect us. 2. Loots our Money + Wealth in the name of  – Sanskaras ( marriages + Devi Jagran + Muhurt etc. ) + Festivals + Vratas . 3. He has stolen our Buddhi ( skill ). We follow him blindly.

So, stop this looting . Do not respect him, never invite him for any kind of Pooja, Do reverse what he says. For example , if he says to go to West, you go to East.

  1. Guru sa heera chhandikay, kare aan ki aas,

         Tay nar jampur jayenge, sat bhase Ravidas.”

 And  at last, Guru Ravidas ji, the head of the saints, warns us : Hey Moolniwasiyon ! If you hope for your – Upliftment + Welfare + Development – from others Gurus, Maharajs, God- Goddesses then you will certainly go to HELL. And as a result, will be deprived of – POWER, PROPERY AND RESPECT.

On the other hand, if you will hope from me , will follow my path for your – Upliftment + Welfare + Development only then you will be endowed with – POWER, PROPERTY AND RESPECT.


In this way, we clearly see that Saint Shiromani Guru Ravidas Ji is a great Buddhist Saint. He is not a Hindu. He showed us – OUR OLD WAY – the way of Buddhism. Through Buddhism only we can complete his dream – ESTABLISHMENT OF OUR RULE IN INDIA.

  • Thus, Every Guru Ravidas Temple must have an English Medium Public School for the education of our children. We have to become – an fully English Educated Society. Others may also take advantage of it.
  • In these schools our persons will get employment.


 We must , in the morning , along with all family members, including children and old age persons, go to Buddha Vihar – Power Centre OR Guru Ravidas Temple to offer Buddha Vandana. Kindly bear in mind that it is a festival, not a meeting.

  1. We should greet and hug with each other.
  1. We should make milk-rice in the evening as a prasad, should eat ourselves and distribute to neighbours.

“ bavatu sabba mangalang”

Bauddhacharya & Philosopher,

Dhan Prakash Bauddha,


Shakti Sadhana Mission + Triple Gem Trust

99979 68689


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