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Interview with L R Balley – By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

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Dear Friends,

Sharing this interview of mine with veteran Mr L.R.Balley, Editor,
Bhim Patrika. Though the interview is lengthy but I tried to get
manythings explained from him right from issue of communalism, Bhagat
Singh, caste system, sub caste issues, communist parties, violence and
corporatisation which affects us. I hope you will have patience to
listen to it. And yes, I wish to have similar conversations with many
of you too in future. This is my mission to document and put online
all those who are devoting their lives for people’s cause. This is
entirely a voluntary effort with my dear friend Vivek Sakpal in Mumbai
putting it online after due editing. The entier conversation is in Mix
Hindustani as well as in English. I hope non Hindi speaking people
could also understand it easily. Since, I do not hav the capacity to
put subtitles as it need finanes, I hope you will understand my
problem but hopefully, we will be doing these in much better ways in
future. You can also send it on your mail list.

With regards,

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

He is a lion. An Ambedkarite who has inspired so many of us. At the
age of 85, he is still roaring. Thanks to Vivek Sakpal and his friends
in Mumbai, now this interview is online. I am sharing it here in hope
that it brings out the life of one of the veteran Ambedkarites Mr
L.R.Balley, editor of Bhim Patrika publications, a man who lived his
life being a complete Ambedkarite. History need to be documented and I
felt that we must do so now. There are many arounds us who have been
doing tireless work, we need to treasure their work. We may differ and
we should welcome that. So kindly listen to the entire conversations..
many points you might disagree but I tried to put all kind of
questions, some might look weird but then I have been a person who
love exploration and reach the truth. Hope you will enjoy. Your
comments are welcome. We hope that we will put conversations with
other veterans too who are devoting their time and energy for
betterment of our society.


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