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How the educated people have deceived Dr Ambedkar. – Parandamulu

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1.They did not pay any heed to  the 22 vows of Dr Ambedkar.             
2.They did nothing to pay back to society movement.They did not think to contribute their 5% income to the community empowerment.           

3.They started temple entry movement.          

4.They are overenthusiastic to enjoy Manuvadi festivals.               
5.They maintained sub castes.            
6.They did not tell their children about the role of Dr Ambedkar and demerits of caste.

7.They forgot the purpose of reservation which meant to provide  the downtrodden the sense of share in power gallery.       
8.They kept distance with their relatives ,friends and community.They remained busy with their family and their  selfish motives 

9.They did not appreciate the missionary workers.  They demoralised in some cases.             
10.They demoralised their own community members,spoilt the character rolls of their juniors.                   
11.They hardly attended Ambedkar mission programmes.     
12.They hardly used their offices, experiences and relations to awaken and empower Bahujans.           

13.They did not develop anti atrocity and anti harassment mechanism around them with their initiative and contribution.       
14.  They forgot their history(By birth disqualifications and harassment) and joined the hands of the general category people in indifferent response to their community grievances.

15.Administrative and police officers did not help in cases of atrocities.

16.Doctors did not try to imrove the health of community.

17.Engineers did nothing to do away with the  superstitions.     

18. Lawyers did nothing for legal literacy.

19.Teachers did nothing to educate and guide the uneducated people.                

20. Retired officers and employees did not own the responsibility of providing a better social and cultural atmosphere with their experiences and relations.

21.Politicians did not demand reservation in defence,judiciary and adequate representation everywhere.A politician destroyed the reservation in promotion Bill in Lok Sabha.Perhaps it was the greatest example of disloyalty to any community by a representative. Some people did  excellent job but most of the people did not use their capacity to empower community.


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