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IITs Annual Fee more than two Fold Hiked

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IITs Annual Fee more than two Fold Hiked – SCs & Physically challenged Fully Protected – OBCs TOTALLY left unprotected – treated on par with Upper Castes. OBCs wake-up and protest seeking reasonable PROTECTION.
1.     OBCs constituted more than 50% of National Population. They were for several Centuries, traditionally kept away from education and had been consigned to lowly menial non-remunerative traditional Occupations. Even post Independence, they had been treated no better. Quality and Professional Education Deprivation techniques are blatantly practiced against OBC category even during the tenure of a PM Politically propagated as hailing from OBC category.

2.      Reservations, 27%,  in Central Educational Institutions to the extent of half their population were started to OBCs in 2008 after evasion  for 57 years that too after skimming out Creamy Layer.

3.      Even this little relief is now sought to be further diluted by treating this economically weaker category by treating them on par with economically comfortable upper Castes, in respect of payment of Annual fees. OBC if you are not rich enough, you can have no quality professional education.

4.       Decision in this regard is taken at HRD Ministry Level. Injustice to OBCs shall have to be fought against at that level. Let us think practically. We are not in a position to envisage educating our masses at the Constituency Level right now though it is highly desirable and it’s  need is ever existing.

5.      OBC Parliamentarians are now the immediately appropriate personalities to seriously involve in this context. “How, Why, and Impossible”  would dissuade us from the task before all of us who dream and crave for OBC Empowerment.

6.       Manuvadi forces have always been dead set against education to Sudra, presently OBC category. Our Eakalavya & Sambhooka respectively lost their thumb and head in their attempts for excellence in education. And that history is continuing….because we are in Hindu Fold as Shudras.

7.      An IAS officer earning 10 lakhs per annum, if happened to be from SC or ST category he need not pay for his son’s IIT Education. If he happened to be from a Fisherman, Washerman, Potter man, Shepard, Toddy Taper, Barber or Snake charmer, Carpenter,  or a Smith and umpteen number of such traditional menial, he will have to pay on with the rich whether Kamma, Reddy, Velma or Kshatriya.

8.      So we OBCs only have no Caste distinctions for payments of lakhs of turion fees on par with the rich upper Castes. The other day one of our Fraternity exclaimed where is CASTE ?
Such fraternity can see where Caste is…

9.      The traditionally privileged and comfortable  upper Castes are unreasonably dividing the Caste Victims SCs and OBCs with regards to the needed protection. How does the formula Bahujan or Mulnivasi work when they are unreasonably being discriminated with regard to needed STATE PROTECTION ?

10.     OBCs shall have to seek their own solutions. Protection given to them is an eye wash. There is more need for this segment for a more organised collective fight than for Dalits.There is no such need for Dalit Category, because Dr. Ambedkar completed most of their fight. And their present leadership gained sufficient expertise to sustain their rights. The problem of OBCs is more knotty. Let wake up, wake up sufficiently.

—-  KondalaRao


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