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Criminalising the dissent on the name of Maoists – Democratic Students Union

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Criminalizing the dissent in the name of Maoists
That is what Telangana Govt is saying. Telangana Govt denied permission for a rally and public meeting on “Fight against the Govt witch hunt on the Adivasis, Dalits, Women and Minorities of the Nation” to be held at Warangal on 24-05-16 organized by Telangana Democratic Forum (TDF) on the pretext that TDF is a frontal organization of CPI(Maoist).
Permission for the rally and public meeting was granted by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Warangal on 14-05-16 itself. Now, on 21-05-16, two days before the meeting, Chikkudu Prabhakar, convener of TDF received a letter from ACP, Warangal stating that the permission for the rally and public meeting has been cancelled. The permission was denied on the pretext that TDF is a frontal organization of CPI Maoist and this meeting is aimed at implementing the agenda if CPI Maoists. They also started arresting the activists, intellectuals and students who are part of TDF. 
How ridiculous it is! TDF as a collective forum was formed by coordinating 370 organizations across the state to protect the democratic, fundamental rights of Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities and Women. TDF has been continuously raising their voice against the Anti-people policies of Govt which are responsible for the Farmers’ Suicides and Drought in Telangana. They also have been fighting against the Institutional murder of Rohith Vemula and fake encounters that are aimed at suppressing the people’s movements. TDF lead a massive people movement against the fake encounters of Tangella Sruthi, and Vidya Sagar Reddy who were brutally tortured and murdered by the Telangana police. Just because they were members of CPI Maoist, it doesn’t mean that they deserve this kind of brutal torture. In the case of Cherukuri Rajkumar aka Azad who was murdered in fake encounter, Supreme Court of India clearly said that “Republic cannot kill their own children”.
KCR, in his election campaign has promised to create an encounter free Telangana, and also said that “Maoist’s agenda is my agenda”. But, ironically he has been continuing the legacy of his Seemandhra predecessors by killing tribals in fake encounters and hunting the activists and intellectuals of Telangana by branding them Maoists.
And, this is not the first time that KCR Govt is doing this. After formation of Telangana, on September 21, 2014, when intellectuals and activists of Andhra and Telangana tried to conduct a meeting on the future of alternative politics under the banner of ‘Alternative Political Forum’, they were denied permission and around 5000 people have been arrested on the same false charge that APF is the frontal organization of CPI Maoists. Chalo Assembly call by TDF on the issues of Drought, Farmers’ Suicides and Fake Encounters in Telangana was also stopped by Telangana police. 
It has become a fashion for the State to brand anybody who fight against the oppressive policies of state as Maoists. The intellectuals who are in the forefront in opposing the anti-people policies of State has been branded as Maiots and they have been slapped with false charges under draconian laws such as Sedition and UAPA. The recent examples are Dr. Gn Sai Baba and Dr Kaseem. State is using this Maoist tag to criminalize the dissent and to suppress the democratic voices. 
We strongly condemn the Telangana Govt for denying the democratic right to hold public meetings on people’s issues!
We demand the immediate release of the people who are arrested under false charges!
We demand the scrapping of all draconian laws!

Kancharla Badri (President)
Arunank (Gen-Sec)
Democratic Students’ Union


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