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Support US senators are raising strong voices on Human rights issues in India including Dalit rights

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Few US senators are raising strong voices on Human rights issues in India including Dalit rights. We need to show our support to them by sending emails in an individual and origination capacity. Please see more details below.

We request you to send your mails before 6th Jun.

On Tue 7th Jun Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission is organizing a hearing that will examine the current state of human rights in India, challenges to fundamental freedoms, and opportunities for advancement. Please see more details below.

How to Email:

Senator Cory Gardner


Sen. Bob Corker


Sen. Ben Cardin


Sen. Kaine








Sample letter from AIM to Sen Bob Corker:

Dear Sen. Bob Corker

We are reaching out to congratulate you and to extend our unflinching support towards your efforts in realizing the lost-gone rights for the world’s oldest continued discriminated community – the caste based Dalits, Untouchables and Tribal of India. This is such a large magnitude problem wherein 300 million Dalits suffer day in and day out. Their population is close to that of our United States of America.

Your statement on the modern forms of slavery and its execution via state resources is one of the boldest and never made statement to our record from the US congressional body. More so it is a very true statement.

Your role as the leader of the Foreign Relations Committee resounds the commitment of nurturing democratic transparency and to hold them responsible who ruckus massacring people without impunity.

The assertive recognition of Indian imagery in the US eyes, is mostly determined by the Indians living in the US. The American Indians who are mostly privileged caste provide falsified narratives to the American public by reinvigorating the Indic values. This is a misnomer and utter rubbish, as Hindu values propagate caste and it is where the rationalization of caste oppression takes route. You will notice, the religious conversion is the result of caste oppression. Most of the Dalits who are tired of their subjugation opt for non-Hindu religions, viz. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.

Hence, an attack on the Christian mission and the Islamic constituency has to do with the emphasis on caste. Privileged caste Hindus demonstrate violence with a muscular form of domination. This violence is intended to annihilate the favorable position of the subordinate caste groups. It is in this thought, that we come as a coalition group to refute the violence on subordinate caste groups in India. The coalition affirms its unanimous position to challenge caste dominance and its violence.

Your leadership and bold reiteration on the pathetic Indian caste values affirms our hopes in the American government to pressure the otherwise dismissive Indian state governed by oppressor caste group[s].

The usual defense given by the Indian state to the UN committees and other international bodies is about the constitutional and statutory safeguard accorded to the Dalits and other minority groups. However, as you have pointed out in acumen that there is “zero persecution ability and zero law enforcement” for the Indian State.  This is the true state of affairs. The conviction rate for Human Rights violation of Dalits is between 10-20% only. And we continue to be the most forlorn community living on the pathetic caste values that determine us by the mere virtue of our birth. Dalit women is another group that is witness to everyday forms of brutal violence on account of caste principles that thralls to the male oriented gaze.

In your efforts for the Dalit rights, sir, we extend our warmest wishes and proactive support. Please let us know how we could assist in delivering your mandate on caste issues. Happy to meet with a Dalit delegation

In solidarity,

Dr.Ambedkar International Mission Inc U.S.A.


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