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Animal does not believe in god, soul or anything supernatural. Eat and to be eaten is the law of animal culture/kingdom and the same is also the law of nature too. On the contrary, man believes in all these things. Why does he believe in? Because he has enormous thinking power which is itself a unique feature. Let us deduct enormous power of thinking from the brain of man, then he will come to status of animal at par. At this stage he will forget god, soul or anything supernatural. Again take out thinking power from brain, man will again not believe in god, repeat the process so on. Thus, with this experiment, it is crystal clear that god, soul or anything supernatural is creation of enormous thinking power of man. Nature’s scientist RUSO stated, “All false (theistic) religions are enemies of Nature”. V.R.Narla said, “God is only to those who trade (emotionally and financially) in name of god, others need not worry about god”. These opinions/logics are nightmare to god traders in the world.
Prayers to god are just like a long distance telephonic conversation between two parties in which one party i.e. a devotee prays like anything , asks everything good for him , his family members, good luck, wealth, and what not! He prays very solemnly by way of devotional song, aarti, and deep meditation. But alas! the glaring fact of human life on the earth and unconscious nature (a sort of tragedy of human being) that there exists nobody (another party i.e. god) at another end of the telephone to hear all supplications i.e. prayer, hymns, aarti solemn appeasement by way of meditation. This is the whole fact of life, for one may believe or not. It is quite clear from the above that, alas! the tragedy of human life on the earth, “There is nobody (god) present at another end of telephone to receive/hear theist’s supplications, is the whole fact of life.” Then what is observed through rational eyes! i.e. The devotee prays like anything so solemnly. He asks for himself and by himself only so gravely. This is utter symptom of madness/metal disorder, because it does not adhere to logic/reason. On the other hand, Buddha -Vandana (Simple recitation of Trisharan, Panchsheel, noble eight fold path, noble ten parmitas, and other doctrines of the Buddha) where he does not ask anything from the Buddha: but his own commitment and firmness to tread himself on the said virtuous path of Dhamma. The entire teachings of the Buddha lead him to within himself, which tend to possess radical positive change in his mind. And with this, there is no need of another end of telephone in case of Buddha-Vandana. In fact, he asks for himself and by himself also like theist devotee; but what does he ask? He asks himself to refrain from all evils, embraces virtues deeply to his conscience and purify mind (summary of Dhamma path). Having been so, there is no need of far end of telephone for the Buddhist devotee. So is the crystal clear radical difference between god’s prayer and Buddha-Vandana.
It is further stated that god’s prayer is purely sentimental-cum-monetary business and of course, it is futile/useless, if anybody observes it through rational eye. Let us calculate materially/eventfully i.e. Since there is no relationship between god and fulfillment of desire, Purohits/Priests exploit fear (of god), ignorance, greed, passion and selfishness exiting in the mind of ignorant people and gullible who come all the way in form of devotees, irrespective of their high academic and professional degrees and wealth they possess. Simply, they waste their time, money and eventual inconvenience/stress cause to them, in perennial pursuit of mirage/passion/lust. For instance, Hoteliers nearby such temples never miss the chance to exploit them. Interestingly, there exists a custom of offering ‘Navas’ or ‘Mannat’. Devotee prays god and decides on his own accord that he would pay some thing in form of ‘Navas’ or ‘Mannat’ after completion of his desire. Yet, the devotee is smart enough that he does not trust god, as he does not offer ‘Navas’ or ‘Mannat’ before fulfillment of his desire. Interestingly, such people are ultimately deceived by parasite Purohit/Priest as ‘Navas’ or ‘Mannat’ is credited in account of Purohit/Priest. This is ‘Intellectual Corruption’ and I am very sorry to say, “India is an intellectual desert”. Looking to the glaring fact, temple businesses have been running in trillions of rupees for millennia in this country. For instance, Tirupati Balaji temple makes business to a tune of Rs 600 Crores turnover per annum (just like a giant business company; but without set up i.e. raw material, process unit, machinery and etc) , followed by Vaishnavdevi temple and Saibaba temple of Shirdi. Temple business earns Rs 23. 20 lakh-crore whereas this country’s earning is Rs 5. 54 lakh-crore. I.e Temple earning is around 4. 50 times more than earning of this country. (Ref.: Hari Narke, Samrat, dated30/04/06). Where does this huge money go? Bahujans must seek this answer from temple authorities or government or in Parliament. This amount should be implemented for welfare of Bahujans and other social welfare schemes of the government. Isn’t it?
Of course, there is no relationship between god and fulfillment of his desire. Same has been conceded by noted psychologist of Harvard University Dr. Richard McNally while commenting on the project in this regard. He told, “This is a big wastage of time and money.” This comment was offered by him while research was continued on relation between the fulfillment of devotee’s wishes and prayers of god he performed so solemnly for. This project was run for 4 years worth 2.30 million dollar. Indeed! This research is a bitter fact must be known to the people who used to be in queue of Tirupati Balaji and other such temples. If the fact is known to them, they will be free from this witchcraft of priestly class. Whereas, in case of Buddha-Vandana, the Buddhist pays reverence/high respect to the Buddha by chanting Trisharan, Panch-sheel etc. and offering flowers, lighting candle etc. There is no business at all in case of Buddha-Vandana, only it is a commitment of to tread on the path of ‘Dhamma’, which must be noted by the readers.
Author :
Chakradhar Hadke,


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