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List of ancient buddhist caves in Maharashtra

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List of some ancient Buddhist caves (Buddha Leni) located in Maharashtra State:1. Ajanta Buddhist Caves, District – Aurangabad, Period 2nd century BC to 6 AD. 30 rock cut Buddhist caves

2. Ellora Buddhist Caves, District – Aurangabad, Period – 5th to 7th century. 

12 Buddhist caves.

3. Bhaja Buddhist Caves, near Lanavala, Period – 2nd century BC.  

22 rock cut caves.

4. Buddhist Caves located ar Pathardi in District Nashik. These Buddhist caves are named as Pandulena by Hindus.

5. Junnar Buddhist Caves, District – Pune, Taluka – Junnar. Period 3rd BC to 3rdAD.

6. Panhale Buddhist Caves, District – Kolhapur, Taluka – Panhala. 

6 Buddhist caves.

7. Kondane Buddhist Caves, 33 kilometres from Lonavala.

8. Dharashive Buddhist Caves, 8 Kilometres from Osmanabad city. 7 Buddhist caves.

9. Kanheri Buddhist Caves, Located north of Borivali at western side of Mumbai.

 109 Buddhist caves,

 Period ; 11BC – 3 BC.

10. Karla Buddhist Caves, Located in Karli near Lonavala.

 Period – 2nd century BC. Karla Buddhist Caves are 60 kilometres from Pune.

11. Panhalakaji Buddhist Caves, District – Ratnagiri. 

30 Buddhist Caves.

 12. Newly Discovered Buddhist caves at Sangli.

 13. Buddhist caves at Khed, Ratnagiri.

14 .Buddhist caves at Aurangabad city near University.

15. Brick Stupa at Elephanta Island.

16. Elephanta Caves in Raigad District – 2 Buddhist Caves.

17. Thanale Buddhist Caves – 23 caves located at Sudhagad in Raigad District.

Period; 1 BC.

18. Buddist Caves – 7 Numbers at Dhondse and Bahirampada villages in Pali Taluka of Raigad District.

Period: 2nd BC to 2nd AD.

19. Gandharpale Buddhist caves – 30 caves located in Raigad District.

Near Mumbai Goa Highway

20. Buddhist Caves – 26 caves at Kuda, Mandad Caves of Konkan Region.

21. Buddhist caves – 66 caves located at Jakhinwadi, Satara District overlooking Koyna River, SouthWest of Karad town.

22. Kuda Buddhist Caves – 13 numbers located at Taluka – Tala in Raigad District.

23. Bedse Buddha Leni

1st century BC Buddhist caves

Taluka – Maval

District – Pune

24. Vijjasan Buddha Leni (Buddhist caves) at Vijasan Tekdi, Vijasan village .

Near Bhadravati town, 

District – Chandrapur.

25. Ghatotcha Buddhist Caves, 


District – Aurangabad.

26. Pitalkhora Buddhist Caves – 14 Buddhist caves

 Tehsil/ Taluka – Kannad, District – Aurangabad.


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