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Jai Bhim, Bojja Tharakam sir. Rest in power! 

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Who’s Bojja Tharakam? New generation may search on Google, but he do not have a Wikipedia page. But if you want to know about him, ask Karamchedu Dalit massacre victims, Tsunduru Dalit massacre victims, so many others. The rape victims, victims of state violence, victims of atrocities. Each one victim will tell the story of Bojja Tharakam equivalent to thousands pages of Wikipedia. He was a great promise for marginalised communities of telugu states. A lawyer, who roared against atrocities on Dalits, a leader, poet, orator, activist and a democratic partner of a great author Vijaya Bharathi. Son of another great leader and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar contemporary Bojja Appalaswamy. I should reveal it here. Bojja Tharakam was only one lawyer who asked Dalit victims who are facing rapes and killings everyday to retaliate against the perpetrators and assured that he will fight their cases and free them.Salutes Bojja Tharakam sir! Jai Bhim! Rest in power! We will continue the struggle! 

Karthik Navayan Battula


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