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Malkangiri and Bhopal Killings: NCHRO questions the police story and demands judicial inquiry.

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New Delhi: NCHRO strongly condemns the encounter killing of 39 leaders of members CPI (Maoist) in Malkangiri Andhra-Odisha border on 24th October of as well the eight Muslim under trial prisoners at Eintkhedi village near Bhopal on Monday morning. Both were cold blooded murder brutally implemented by security forces.

There are glaring contradictions between the statements issued by the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Bhupendra Singh and the DIG Bhopal Raman Singh. The video clipping shot by the sarpanch of the Acharpura village and released by a channel also confirms our doubt.  The police are seen in that video; shoot at an unarmed man at close range. Bhopal Central Prison is said to be one of the high security prisons in India. We don’t know how these eight under trials, said to be members of a banned organization escaped so easily after killing a jail guard. The DIG also says without any hesitation that all these eight people escaped by jumping out of the high walls of the prison compound without notice even though there was 24 hour cc surveillance. All these make anybody to doubt that the whole story is concocted.

 Two years back five under trial Muslim prisoners were killed in a similar encounter at Aleir near Hyderabad by the Telangana police. We strongly condemn the Madhya Pradesh government and demand a judicial inquiry by a sitting high court judge on the whole episode. We also demand that all the guidelines on encounter killings prescribed by the Supreme Court should be followed in this inquiry. The police personnel involved in the killing should be suspended and charged for murder till they prove beyond doubt that this encounter was genuine.

We also demand a judicial inquiry about the killing of CPM (Maoist) activists in Odisha.

Prof A Marx Chairperson

Prof P Koya Gen Secretary

1st November 2016


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