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Promo of The Battle of Bhima Koregaon – An Unending Journey.

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Dear friends,

We have got another commitment for the rest of 25000/- from mother of our friend Shiva Shankar. So we have met the required money of 120000/- now. Please note, we are stopping money mobilization now. If anyone planned to support, please wait, If the documentary needs additional money, we will come back to you again later. Thank you all. Jai Bhim!

Regards, Karthi

Dear friends, Jai Bhim!

Here is the promo of the documentary film on Bhima Koregaon, titled ‘The Battle of Bhima Koregaon: An Unending Journey’. (Click the highlighted title to see the promo video)  Produced by Somnath Waghmare.  I requested in my earlier post for monetary support for the post production costs, Rs 120000/- (one lakh twenty thousands) Somnath informed me that as of now 6 people and 1 organisation has committed to support Rs 95000/- (Ninety five thousands only) as below

 Ambedkar International Center – 30000/-

Anant – 10000/-

Arul – 10000/-

Aakar Patel – 10000/-

Gopika Bashi – 5000/-

Shiva Shankar – 10000/-

Sandeep Chouhan – 20000/-

Still, 25000/- needed according to present estimation. Please get in touch with Somnath and support. Somnath contact details and Bank account details are below.

 Somnath Waghamare,

Email – som.kamalkumar@gmail.com

Phone Number – 07745886950

 Bank Account details

Name of the account holder – Somnath Waghamare

Account No – 55147141640

State bank of Patiala, FTII Branch Pune.

IFSC: STBP0000571

About Film:

 History speaks about great wars fought, brave warriors and clever kings and emperors. What history doesn’t do is justice to the wars, warriors and leaders of the oppressed.

 This documentary is about the 500 Mahar soldiers (the untouchables) who offered to fight alongside their countrymen, against the colonisers. Rejected by the ruling class they joined forces with the colonisers and fought in the ‘Bhima Koregaon Battle’ defeating the Brahminical rule of the Peshwas. Just as history did, so the media and ruling class today conveniently forget to acknowledge them.

 On January 1st, every year, 20 lakh (2 million) people gather at Bhima-Koregaon, Pune, Maharshtra to commemorate that battle. No national or local media covers the largest annual gathering in the region.

 The documentary captures the history of Bhima Koregaon, Pune, India and its relevance to contemporary Dalit issues and politics in the country. It tells the history of the Bahujans through the coverage of the events of this gathering.

Regards, Karthik Navayan 

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