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​The United States Collective of All Ambedkarite Groups Came Forward to Support Justice Karnan

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The US Ambedkarite Collective, an umbrella body of North America based Ambedkarite groups demands reservation in Judiciary amidst Justice Karnan’s recent assertion on under-representation of all social sections in Judiciary of Indian Republic.
The Collective further shows its solidarity to Justice Karnan, High Court Calcutta for his bravery in exposing the deep-rooted caste based sensibilities in the Indian judicial system.

Justice Karnan’s devastating allegation against the Supreme Court judges’ caste discrimination is a living evidence that the court system in India is hazardously infectious of caste prejudice.

Justice Karnan’s courageous testament to uphold the democratic values and constitutional principles devoid of nasty casteism is a living example of caste virus severely affecting the fabric of Indian republic.

The US Ambedkarites are closely following the events unfolding Justice Karnan’s episode. It extends its warming support to Justice Karnan and encourages him to continue his struggle that is representative of the community experiences.

As an Ambedkarites community, it acknowledges the undeterred spirits of Justice Karnan that has exposed to the world the hypocritical stands of the supposedly “fair” court system in India. In our advocacy against India’s caste biases, Justice Karnan’s courageous leadership has given us additional reasons to make a strong caste against Indian caste based system with international governments and the UN.

This incident has brought out the hidden malicious practices of caste discrimination in the court of justice. In the appointment of Supreme Court and High Court judges, there is lack of adequate representation of the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Backward Caste judges in the bench. From 1950 to the present, only four Scheduled Caste judges were promoted to Supreme Court.

According to a report, 70 percent of the judges come from 132 families thereby giving rise to the nepotistic virtues practised in the highest orders. The Supreme Court in 1993 condemned the “self-perpetuating oligarchy” in the court system which it observed gave rise to a “theory of judicial relationship.” It furthermore stated that “generations of same men from the same family or caste, community or religion, are being sponsored or initiated as judges.”

The rampant corruptible practices in appointment and corruption in the court system go unchecked and unpunished. Without a representational judiciary, the republic ceases to function in honesty.

Ordering the psychiatric evaluation of a respected high court judge belonging to the Scheduled Caste is contemptuous to the whole community whereby exercising one’s rights is declared insane.

This episode has once again proven that a whole system acts against a vulnerable community person should it decide to exercise its constitutionally granted rights. It has also shed light on the contemptible practices of caste bigotry.

Scheduled Caste person is a Dalit first and later considered as a fellow worker. Under such disparaging attitude the Dalit community realizes to live.

We demand reservation in the Judiciary, alike executive and legislature to democratically function the arms of government.

As a democratic movement in the overseas community, we have resolved to participate in Justice Karnan’s struggle against the behemoth of caste which is invisible yet palpable.

We appeal to the political parties to stand guard to protect the constitutional provisions that demand protection of the Scheduled Caste citizens.

We also urge the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi to look into the allegations made by Justice Karnan against 20 sitting judges and law officials. Failure to do so will expose the government’s lack of empathy towards the vulnerable section of the communities.

Jai Bhim


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  1. Sathyam Talari says:

    We should support and give moral support to Justice Karnan ,and encourages him to continue his struggle because of a majority judges have come from upper and dominant communities they are not accepting depressed class persons powers

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