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​*There are 7 puzzles which the Buddha answered*

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1: “What is *SHARPEST* thing in this world?”
His people replied simultaneously: ” *Sword*.”

Answer *Buddha*:

The sharpest is the ” *human tongue*”

Because through the tongue, humans easily slander people, hurt the heart, hurt people’s feelings, etc …

2: What has the *MOST* distance from us in this world?

Some replied: ” *Space, the moon, the sun*.”

Answer *Buddha*:

The most distant is the ” *Past*”.

Whoever we are, however rich we may be, we can NOT go back in time.

Therefore we must make good use of today & days that will come.

3: What is *BIGGEST*thing in this world?

Someone replied:

” *Mountain, Earth, Sun*.

“Answer *Buddha*:

The biggest one in the world is ” *Lust*”.

Many humans become wretched because they indulge their lusts.

All modes are justified in order to realize the dream and lust of the world.

Therefore careful with lust ..!

4: “What has the *MOST WEIGHT* in this world?

“Someone replied:

” *Steel, iron, elephant*.”

Answer *Buddha*:

The hardest is ” *Promise*”.

It’s easy to say but hard to do.

5: “What is *LIGHTEST* in this world?

“Someone replied:

” *Cotton, wind, dust, leaves*.”

Answer *Buddha*:

The lightest in the world is ” *Forgetting Me & Leaving Me*”.

Look at the many people who are chasing wealth and position, some simply leaves Me

6: What is *CLOSEST* to us in this world?

Someone replied:

” *Parents, Friends, Friends, Relatives*.”

Answer *Buddha*:

The closest to us is ” *DEATH*”.

Because death is *SURE* and can happen any second.

7: Last question:

“What’s the *Easiest* thing to do in this world?”

They replied:

” *Eating, sleeping, hanging out*”

Answered  *Buddha*:

The easiest is

SHARE THIS knowledge and wisdom.

*May all living beings be Well & Happy***

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