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Injustice to the SC & STs in judicial appointments

Dear friends,The AAF is closely observing the injustices to the SCs and STs
You are aware that ,in Judiciary,the collegium system was in existence for selecting Advocates for elevation as Judges for the high court and Supreme Court .
Recently ,the collegium has cleared (3) three panels from both the States and they were appointed as Judges for both the High courts.In these (3) panels,no Scheduled Caste or scheduled Tribe advocate from the bar was elevated.In all these (3) three panels less than 5 percent of the population of
forward class advocates were elevated.Kindly note that ,the
Government of India considered necessary for transparency and accountability in appointments of judges and amended ,and brought Article 124 A by 99th Constitutional amendment by constituting “National Judicial Appointments Commission” (NJAC).This amendment was struck down by the Supreme Court and the collegium system is in operation.
Mr .John Brittas ,MP .Rajya Sabha raised this issue in the parliament that “No diversity in Judiciary,collegium system distorting Judicial Independence.He further said Judiciary is dominated by upper castes of the society “.
Mr Kiren Rijiju ji ,the Hon’ble Minister for Law and Justice said in the parliament that “we have been stressing time and again, that ,while recommending names preference may be given to women ,backward class ,scheduled castes and scheduled tribes “
Inspite of the above,even after 75 years of independence the weaker sections of the society particularly the SC&STs are being deprived and discriminated in appointments of judges in higher judiciary and are not getting proportionate representation.
It’s not in dispute that the Chief Justices and their colleagues are non-elected and non-accountable.
It may be welcoming feature ,if the selection is initiated by an independent body like Judicial Commission ,which may be accountable
In US ,the appointment of judges through recommendation by the president and confirmation by the Senate on the basis of territorial representation.In Australia, the appointments are by nomination .In Canada ,the appointments to the Supreme Court are made by giving regional/territorial representations .In United Kingdom and Ireland ,by the Chancellor .May be ,its not working out satisfactorily.
The executive, is totally for all practically purposes is sidelined in our Democracy.
The Present strategy of High Level committee of AAF is that to go to people through “Jai beem Radha Yatra “for inviting valuable suggestions and trying to identify and to place on record the injustices before legislature ,executive and particularly in judiciary and to make a request to the respective Excutive authorities to follow the Democratic values as per the Indian constitution and provide proportionate effective representation to SCs&STs for Social justice and Economic Empowerment in all the three wings of the Democracy.
This is for your information
With regards
Jaya Prakash babu G

Caste atrocity in Lathor, Bolangir district of Odisha. More than 50 houses are burnt by upper castes on 22/1/12.

A small boy’s incident took the shape of caste violence in Lathor, Balangir district of Odisha. The incident started at 3.00pm at lathor ,a 9th class dalit boy Ganesh Suna  used to wear 2shirts every day but today he wear only a shirt, but he went to purchase  a shirt and wear it over that shirt, but shopkeepers  Bharat  Meher and his brother  Daya Meher ,  called him back and  accused  him as a thief and beat him . When the boy was returning to home helplessly at that time he met to an old man Gouranga Suna and told about the incident and by responding to the shopkeeper s the old man told that why do you beat him? If he has stolen the shirt we can pay the money for that but you should not had to beaten him, but, the shopkeepers did not listen him and beat to the old man (Gouranga Suna) too by their foot wears. Then the old man reported to his family members, and then 4/5 youth from Dalit community went to the shop and fought with them. This is the fact matter occurred at the beginning of the incident and in this way feeling of hatred created between dalit (Asavarna) and upper caste (Savarna), and upper caste take the advantage of being majority heavy over the dalit minority.

By taking the advantage of the situation, the upper castes reaction to this incident and attacked by their weapons, stick, and muscles power and fought against Dalits. Because Dalit were minority in number so they could not face the violent force of upper castes mob. So Dalit tried to save them from this brutal violence and run way from their home. Some dalit men went to the forest, some went to the nearest villages and the women saved themselves in other untouchable Ghasia Vasti (Scavenger) and saved their life. In this way the upper castes created fear among dalit.

Even the violent upper castes people looted gold ornaments and expensive materials. They burnt all the certificates of the students and other kind of valuables documents. At the same time they abused to all dalit women with derogatory language. Even the upper caste trader people like Marwadi Agrawal distributed liquor and petrol freely to ruin the dalit houses. Meanwhile some dalit tried to register an affair in the Lathor police station but police refuse to register the case and unable to handle the catastrophic situation. The Incident became very serious goes up to a level where no one able stops the upper castes; even they beat to a local news reporter of Kanak TV and threatened to The Dharitri reporter Bhubaneswar Barik .  By marching they blocked all the road communication facilities and burnt tyre on the road and dug the road by which communication can be stopped towards Lathor.

The burning goes up to more than 6th hour according to OTV news channel but fact is that it’s more than 6 hour from the dalit people report and eyes witness. The Upper castes mob fearlessly attacked to fire brigade and brunt their vehicle so that the fire could not stop and they can burn all the houses.  Since, nobody has courage to off the burning so everything changed in to ashes. From the current report there are no single commodities and food grains which are left out for their uses until the case is registered and fire brigade stop the fire. Police reached there at mid night and tried to protect the victimized dalit people.

On the 23 January, in the morning police high authority DIG reached to the spot with another battalion and ordered the fire brigade commandos to stop the fire.  When fire was stopped at that time there was nothing which can be collected for their use. Then after the government following the case, in the late morning at 10 or 11 am the administrative officers Tahasildar and BDO reached to investigate the incident. The officers took the homeless dalit in to a Govt School and provided some kind of relief and distributed some Biscuits, Shawls and Chuda. The distributed things are useless which cannot be eaten which are low in quality. The rehabilitation programme taken by government is insufficient.   And all homeless dalit accommodate in a Govt school of the particular village.  The victimized and homeless dalit people need proper rehabilitation, adequate help and emotional support.

Dalit are lost their houses, property, wealth, clothes bikes, books and they are hopeless and homeless. More than 4 crores wealth has been lost. Whole Dalit Vasti is being burnt, where more than 50 fifty families were living, there is nothing to collect from the home, and they lost everything.  The children women and men are displaced from the home. The rehabilitation programme which is taken by the government is insufficient; all the people are rehabilitated in a government school. Imagine the situation is very pathetic, people are crying, such a brutal attacked by the caste Hindu nobody can think on the issue even Police and administration are unable to give justice.

From TV report the Odisha Chief Minister declared to give 1 lakhs to each victimized family as compensation.

These are the victimized dalit families:

SL NO Name of the Victims Male No Female No Boy Age under 14 Girl Age under 14
1 Gouranga Suna 2 3 1 1
2 Byasa Suna 1 2 2
3 Nilanchala Suna 3 2
4 Rajhansa Suna 2 1 1
5 Simanchal Suna 1 2 4
6 Trinatha Tandi 4 4
7 Dolamani Tandi 1 1 1
8 Sikun Bag 1 2 3
9 Mahendra Suna 6 3 1
10 Lakhsman Suna 3 3
11 Mukhiaru Suna 1 2 1
12 Karunakar Suna 1 2 2
13 Bhadra Suna 2 2
14 Sankritan Suna 2 3
15 Akrura Suna 1 2 1
16 Madan Suna 1 1 1
17 Pradeep Suna 3 3
18 Dalaganjan Suna 1 2 3
19 Tunu Suna 1 2 3
20 Kadam Sagadia 1 1 4
21 Kangres Sagadia 2 2 2
22 Shankar Sagdia 3 5
23 Rameshwar Tandi 2 2
24 Kalindri Suna 1 2 2
25 Tine Suna 2 1
26 Dhanu Suna 3 2 1 1
27 Biranchi Suna 3 2 2
28 Jaganath Tandi 1 1 1
29 Pati Sagadia 2 2 2 4
30 Dinesh Suna 2 1
31 Kanhu Suna 3 1 1
32 Pancha Suna 1 2 1 1
33 Kialash Suna 1 1 2
34 Gulapi Suna 2 1 2
35 Firoj Suna 1 1 2
  TOTAL  65 70 41 13

This is a fact data we collected by the reasonable resources. There are more victimized people whose name is to be enlisted.

These are the picture from the incident which speaks about the caste violence and burnt houses.

1-      The burnt materials are thrown out from the home-

These are the burnt and broken buildings.

Documents, utensils and houses are destroyed. More than 4 crores of property have been lost.

The helpless women and innocent children are in the Govt School (relief camp).

These are the up dated news many more facts and details are yet to come……

jadumanilion@gmail.com, dhratnakumar@gmail.com , 0827553438, 08806436110

Brutal attack, sexual abuse on six Dalit women – Write to NHRC


Please Send the below complaint on your Organization name or on your individual names to National Human Rights Commission, Copy and paste it in word and remove my name and address in all Places. put your name and address  and send it to covdnhrc@nic.in and chairnhrc@nic.in

Before the National Human Rights Commission,

Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi

Application no     of    2012

Between                                                                                                                      Applicant

B.Karthik Navayan, Age 34 years

Occupation-Programme Officer

National Dalit Forum, 12-13-441 2nd Floor,

Street No.1, Tarnaka, Secunderabad-500017

Andhra Pradesh


1) Police Station, Morkahi

Khagaria, District, Bihar.

Phone number of Morkahi Police Station

6244 – 245580, 9431822799

2) The District collector

Collectorate Building,

Koshi College Road, Khagaria,

Bihar -851205                                                                                                 Respondents




Respected Sir

I, B.Karthik Navayan, Programme Officer, National Dalit Forum wants to bring to your kind notice about the Brutal attack, sexual abuse on six Dalit women, gross violation of human rights. And Inaction of Police and administration

On 09/12/2011, Friday, an upper caste mob brutally attacked Six Dalit Women namely 1) Smt Manju Devi, w/o Satan Sada, 2) Smt Dulari Devi w/o Kainu Sada; 3) Smt Parodevi w/o Ramnath Sada, 4) Smt Pabiya Devi w/o Tarani Sada 5) Smt Reshma Devi w/o Wakil Sada 6) Geetha Devi w/o Dinesh Sada.  All are belongs to Nararia village of Khagaria district in Bihar

The accused mob 1) Saroj Singh s/o Promod Singh 2) Anoj Singh s/o Promod Singh 3) Manoj Singh s/o Promod Singh 4) Dharmendra Singh s/o Promod Singh 5) Promod Singh s/o Uchit Singh 6) Uchit Singh s/o Ramswaroop Singh7) Wakil Singh s/o Maheshwar Singh 8) Kailas Singh s/o Maheshwar Singh 9) Maheshwar Singh s/o Sukhdev Singh, all belongs to Chatar Village  of Khagaria District in Bihar

All the accused went to the farm of dalit women Manju Devi on 09/12/2011 at 9 AM, to encroach it illegally, and started destroying it. When she came to know, she along with her above said neighbor women went to the farm and tried to stop the mob that started destroying the farm

The accused mob circled the 6 dalit women and abused them in filthy language, on the name of their caste and attacked them by lathi danda and guns. All the 6 dalit women shocked and asked them why they are destroying the farm. The irritated mob had beaten all the women. Due to this two women went unconscious. One woman Dulari Devi’s both hands fractured, they also snatched the gold rings worth of 15000/- (Fifteen Thousand Rupees)

Satan Sada the husband of Manju Devi reached the place and requested for compromise. The accused mercilessly looted Rs 10000/-(Ten Thousand) from him at gun point. The accused number 1, Saroj Singh fired a bullet on Satan Sada, fortunately it missed

The Accused 2 Anoj Singh and Accused 3 Manoj Singh both sexually harassed Pabiya Devi and Parodevi; they removed Sarees and blouses of both dalit women and paraded nakedly. And they spit in the mouths of dalit women. Now all the victims admitted in the Sadar Hospital in Khagaria.

The victims lodged a complaint in the Morkahi Police Station; FIR is registered number 80/2011 under section 147, 148, 149, 342, 323, 325, 504 of Indian penal code and Section 3 (i) (ii) (iii), (iv), (x), (xi) of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1987. The station house officer Sathyendra Kumar took up the investigation

Even after 27 days of incident, neither an inquiry is conducted nor the accused arrested by the police, due to the political influence of the Accused. And meanwhile the accused regularly calling and sending mediators to victims and threatening to withdraw the complaint by saying that “police and other government officials not going to help the victims, nothing will happen to accused” police only serve the rich people not poor like you”.


I request your kind authority to direct the police to conduct inquiry and arrest the accused immediately, also request you to direct the district government authority to visit the victims and provide the necessary health facilities and compensation


The Dalits in this locality are feeling panic after this brutal attack on the dalit women so I further request National Human Rights Commission to visit the Nararia village of Khagaria district in Bihar.  And conduct an inquiry in this case, to give moral support to the victims and local dalits


Date: 03/01/2012                                                                              Applicant

Place: Hyderabad                                                                                   sd/

                                                                                                             B.Karthik Navayan

What is an NGO

What is an NGO

 About 4 years back one of my colleague told me this funny story, it will not suit to all the NGOs but is similar to the activities of an NGO called “Indian against Corruption”

A urban educated man approached a rural shepherd and asked

Urban Educated: “Hey man I will tell you, how many sheep you have with all details male, female, and age. What you will give me?

The Shepherd: How can you tell? You don’t know it, even I never thought of counting my sheep?

Urban Educated: not knowing your own sheep is your backwardness, listen to me. I will prepare a detailed list of all your sheep with their age and gender

The shepherd unwillingly said OK

Urban educated: Then what will I get for that job? I want one of your sheep, Will you agree for that?

The Shepherd kept silent as he never thought this kind of situation

Then the urban educated prepared a MoU and the shepherd put a Thumb Impression unwillingly on it

The urban educated opened his laptop and drawn a table with some figures and given it to shepherd and said: “See this list of your sheep with full details, give me one sheep”

The shepherd put his face blank

The urban educated chosen one and told “i want this sheep”

Then the rural shepherd told “OK OK you can take that one” and asked the educated urban man “Can you please tell me who are you?

Then the educated urban man said “That is not there in the MoU signed by you to reveal my identity so I don’t want to tell my Identity.

The Shepherd: Even though it is not there in the MoU why don’t you introduce yourself to me?

Urban Educated: No No I will not tell you Who I am, it is waste of my time let me go…

The shepherd: OK you can go, I know who are you?

Urban Educated: What you know about me?

The shepherd: I know you are an NGO!

Urban Educated: How you know this

The Shepherd: See there are four reasons to confirm your identity as an NGO

  1. I never asked you to come here but you have come
  2. I never asked you to count my sheep but you have counted
  3. I never agreed to give my sheep but you are taking it with you
  4. And the important and last point is that you have chosen one to take it with you, actually it is not a sheep but a dog!

The urban educated:   !!!!!!??????

Probe against English and Foreign Languages University professors TNN Nov 16, 2011, 03.37AM

Probe against English and Foreign Languages University professors

TNN Nov 16, 2011, 03.37AM IST Tags: The National|Osmania University

( original post: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-11-16/hyderabad/30405132_1_professors-eflu-foreign-languages-university)

HYDERABAD: The Osmania University (OU) police on Monday recorded the statements of two English and Foreign Languages University (Eflu) professors for allegedly abusing a Dalit student in the name of his caste and forcing him to quit studies.

R Jayamurugan, a Dalit student pursuing BA II year (German) at the Eflu, was allegedly harassed by professors of German department, Meenakshi Reddy and Adrian Francis, by failing him consistently in his semester examinations and forcing him to discontinue the course. A complaint was filed by Karthik Navayan, an activist, on behalf of the student with the National Human Rights Commission.

The OU police summoned the professors as they received a letter from NHRC directing them to enquire into the allegations. On August 16, Meenakshi Reddy, dean of German department, allegedly asked 26-year-old Jayamurugan to get out of the class after verbally abusing him, according to police. “According to Murugan, Meenakshi Reddy said that he should rather take up his caste (pallan) profession than waste university money,”

OU inspector P Ashok said. Murugan claimed he was failed four times in Culture and Civilization of the third semester by Adrian Francis intentionally. “According to Murugan, the professor once remarked that he (Murugan) managed to get admission in Eflu only because of reservations,” the inspector said. Murugan added that because of the harassment, he left the university and went back to his home town. In their statements, the professors denied making any casteist comments.

However, police said that there were some eyewitnesses to the derogatory comments made by the professors. “Some eyewitnesses confirmed the statement given by Murugan and the same will be mentioned in the report to be sent to the human rights commission this week,” the inspector added. Meanwhile, other students of the university have also come up with similar allegations against Meenakshi Reddy. “I have secured an A grade in English, but I was failed in German. The professor was rude to me several times,” a BA III semester student said.

Karamchedu Full Judgement

Full Text Judgment

Supreme Court of India

CRIMINAL APPEAL NOS. 356-358 of 1999


Date of Judgment: Friday, December 19, 2008







1. Out of ninety four chargesheeted accused persons of the police case, who were committed to the court of sessions to face trial, five persons died during trial and case of other five were separated as they were absconding. Thus, the remaining eighty four accused persons along with accused persons in the complaint case filed for the same occurrence and also committed to the court of sessions to face trial, were charged and tried and by judgment rendered by trial court, out of eighty four persons of police case, five accused persons, viz., Rayaneedi Prasad [Accused No. 1, in short “A-1”], Chaganti Satyanarayana [A-4], Chaganti Subbarao [A-7], Rayani Alias Gammathu Raghavaiah [A-23] and Rayani Alias Gammathu Anjaiah [A-24] were convicted under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code [hereinafter referred to as `IPC’] and sentenced to undergo imprisonment for life. They were further convicted under Section 148 IPC and sentenced to undergo rigorous imprisonment for a period of three years. Both the sentences were, however, ordered to run concurrently. Fifty accused persons of the said case, viz., Rayannedi Sitaramaiah [A-2], Chaganti Nageswara Rao [A-5], Vankayalapati Laxminarayana [A-11], Yarlagadda Arjunarao [A-12], Pothina Raghavaiah [A-13], Yarlagadda Butchinaidu [A-14], Daggupati Masthanarao [A-15], Daggupati Nagamna [A- 16], Perni Aajaiah [A-17], Perni Pratap [A-18], Perni Venkanna [A-19], Kondragunta Narasimha [A-21], Jagarlamudi Babi [A-22], Pothipa Tirupataiah [A-27], Pothina Rangaiah [A-29], Jagarlamudi Sanjivaiah [A-31], Jagarlamudi Ramu Alias Radhakrishnamurthy [A-32], Pthina Lakshminarayana [A-33], Perni Venkatasubbaiah [A-35], Yarlagadda Subbarao [A-36], Pothina Akkaiah [A-39], Goturu Alias Gottipati Lakshmiah [A-40], Goturi alias Gottipati Venkateswarlu [A-42], Daggupati Kishore [A- 43], Daggupati Paparao [A-44], Gottipati Venkateswarlu [A-45], Daggupati Hari [A-48], Pothina Krishna Murthy [A-49], Yarlagadda Ramesh [A-50], Yarlagadda Apparao [A-52], Kampalli Veeranarayana [A-55], Pothina Venkatesubbaiah alias Venkatasubbaiah Chowdary [A-56], Pothina Prasad [A-57], Daggupati Brahmanaidu [A-58], Veerathu Prasad alias Ramprasad [A-59], Rayaneedi Venkateswarlu [A-65], Pothina Ranganayakulu [A-66], Talluri Paparao [A-67], Balija Subba Rao [A-68], Pothina Srinivasarao [A- 69], Yarlagadda Venkateswarlu [A-72], Yarlagadda Singaiah [A-73], Yarlagadda Tirupataiah [A-76], Yarlagadda Veeranarayana [A-80], Mandava Vithal alias Panduranga Vithal [A-82], Gorantla Tirupathaiah [A-85], Daggupati Anjaiah [A-86], Pothina Gnanayyagari Subba Rao [A-91], Nadendla Papa Rao [A-92] and Jagarlamudi Satyam alias Sriramulugari Satyam [A-93], though acquitted of the other charges, were convicted under Section 148, IPC and out of them four persons, viz., A-27, A-35, A-44 and A-65 were sentenced to pay a fine of Rs. 10,000/- each, in default, to undergo simple imprisonment for a period of six months whereas the remaining forty six accused persons undergo rigorous imprisonment for a period of three years. The remaining twenty nine persons of the police case and other accused persons of the complaint case were acquitted of the charges.

2. Three appeals were filed before the High Court against the judgment of the trial court, one by fifty persons who were convicted under Section 148 IPC, another by five accused persons who were convicted under Sections 302 and 148 IPC and the third appeal by the State of Andhra Pradesh challenging the order of acquittal in relation to twenty persons, viz., Yarlagadda Nayugamma [A-8], Mandava Radhakrishna Murthy [A-9], Gorantla Anjaiah [A-10], Yarlagadda Udayabhaskara Rao [A-20], Pothina Mohana Rao [A- 28], Yarlagadda Anjaneyulu [A-30], J. Ramu [A-32] Puvvati Nageswararao [A-37], Yarlagadda Nageswara Rao [A-46], Charukuri Venkateswarlu [A-47], Yarlagadda Somaiah [A-53], Yarlagadda Brahmaiah [A-54], Ganta Tirupathaiah [A-60], Daggupati Krishnamurthy [A-61], Yarlagadda Venkanna [A-62], Daggupati Rattaiah [A-63], Pothina Laxminarayana [A-64], Chaganti Nayudamma alias Vaddila Nayudamma [A-74], Mandava Venkatesubbaiah alias Subbarayudu [A-75], and Yarlagadda Krishna Murthy [A-90] all of whom were accused in police case. No appeal was filed in relation to the remaining nine acquitted accused persons of police case and acquitted accused persons of complaint case. High Court allowed both the appeals filed by the accused persons and acquitted them of the charges and dismissed the appeal filed on behalf of the State of Andhra Pradesh and confirmed the order of acquittal.

3. Before this Court, three appeals have been filed by the State of Andhra Pradesh viz., Criminal Appeal No. 356 of 1999 against the order of acquittal rendered by the High Court in relation to fifty accused persons, Criminal Appeal No. 357 of 1999 against the same acquitting five persons who were convicted by the trial court under Sections 302 and 148 IPC and the third being Criminal Appeal No. 358 of 1999 which is against the order whereby acquittal of twenty accused persons has been confirmed by the High Court. Apart from filing the appeals by the State, on behalf of the Tella Zedson [PW-1], three special leave petitions have been filed challenging the same very order of acquittal which were registered as SLP [Crl.] Nos. 3788-90 of 1998 and the same were directed to be heard along with the said appeals.

4. Prosecution case in short was that since long time past dispute was going on between two communities, viz., Kammas and Madigas [Harijans] in village Karamchedu. Members of the Kamma community were having grievances against the Madigas as they were not giving due regard and not extending courtesy to them which was being extended since time immemorial. During assembly elections, members of Kammas community supported Telugudesam Party and the Madigas Congress Party. The immediate cause for the incident was that on 16.07.1985 at 3.00 pm A-69 took his cattle to fresh water tank at Madigapalli, which is commonly known as Madiga Kunta, and when he was taking out water therefrom for drinking of buffaloes, the same was protested by Chandraiah [PW-21], upon which he was given a beating by A-69. At that time, Munnangi Suvartha [PW-20], who was also present there, protested whereupon A-69 assaulted her also and at that point of time Pandiri Nageswara Rao [PW-76] intervened and pacified the matter. Feeling humiliated, A- 69 informed about the incident to his brother-in-law Rayaneedi Prasad [A-1]. Both of them went to Madiga Kunta and started abusing PW-76, who is nobody else than brother-in-law of PW-20. At that time A-1 and A-69 were pacified by PW-76, thereupon A-1 and A-69 went to the house of PW-20 along with Pothina Thirupathaiah [A-27] and others and abused and assaulted her [PW-20]. On the intervention of PW-76 the matter was again pacified. A-1, A-69 and their relatives who belonged to Kamma community felt humiliated and they wanted to teach a lesson to the Madigas with the help of their caste-men.

5. Further prosecution case was that on 17.07.1985 at about 7.00 am the accused persons went to Madiga Palli armed with spears, axes, crowbars and stout sticks with an ulterior motive to commit offences. When they arrived there deceased Duddu China Vandanam (D-1] was washing in a Kostam called “Dharmaraju Kostam” near a church when A-6, A-7, A-15 and A-16 upon the instigation of A-14, A-18, A- 36 to A-43, A-66, A-73, A-75, A-76 and A-77 assaulted D-1 with axes and spears. So far as deceased Tella Moshe [D-2] is concerned, he is said to have been chased by A- 23 to A-25 and assaulted him with spear on his head as well as on his left leg by A-23, with an axe on right leg and head by A-24 and with a stout stick on his left hand by A-25. At that point of time upon the instigation of A-1, A-2, A-19, A-36, A-37 & A-77 to A-79; A-3, A-14, A-16 and A-20 are said to have chased deceased Tella Muthaiah [D-3] and assaulted him with a stout stick by A-3, with an axe by A-14 and with spears by A-16 and A-20. Thereupon A-4, A-12 and A-23 to A-26 and some other persons are said to have chased deceased Tella Yevasu [D-4] and assaulted him indiscriminately with stout sticks by A-4, A-25 and A-26, with spears by A-12 and A- 23 and with an axe by A-24. Deceased Duddu Ramesh [D-5] is also said to have been assaulted by the accused persons. Thereafter other accused persons assaulted Munnangi Ankaiah [PW-2], Manda Pentaiah [PW-5], Chunduru Doss [PW-6], Tella Symon [PW-7], Nune Visranthamma [PW-8], Munnangi Nageswara Rao [PW-9], Tella Yebu [PW-10], Vusurupati Ramanamma [PW-11], Tella Solomon [PW-12], Tella Kanthamma [PW-13], Tella Mariyamma [PW-14], Munnangi Laxmaiah [PW- 15], Tella Victoria [PW-16], Duddu Sulochana [PW-17], Benthat Veeraiah [PW-18], Daddu Yesu [PW-19], Duddu Veeramma [PW-22], Thella Leelamma [PW-24], Pilli Mastan [PW-25], Tella Mukkanti [PW-46], Tella Moshe [PW-47] and Pandiri Nageswara Rao [PW-76]. The said five deceased persons succumbed to their injuries. Although one more person is said to have received injuries but it is not known whether he received injuries during the course of the present occurrence as no accused person in the present case has been charged for his murder. After the occurrence the accused persons fled away.

6. A First Information Report [hereinafter referred to as `FIR’] was lodged in which the police upon registration of the case took up investigation and upon completion thereof submitted chargesheet against ninety four accused persons whereupon a complaint was filed before the learned Magistrate in which apart from ninety four accused persons against whom chargesheet was submitted names of seventy more persons were disclosed who were not sent up by the police. Learned Magistrate took cognizance in both the cases and summoned accused persons of both the cases and they were committed to the Court of Sessions to face trial.

7. Defence of the accused persons was that they were innocent, had no complicity with the crime and no occurrence much less the occurrence alleged had taken place but they were falsely implicated on account of two factions in the village.

8. Trial in both the cases was taken up jointly and only one set of evidence was recorded therein. Prosecution examined 104 witnesses and adduced documentary evidence. Defence examined four witnesses and adduced documentary evidence. Some of the accused persons had taken the plea of alibi.

9. During trial out of the accused persons of police case five persons died and cases of five were separated, consequently 84 persons were tried along with accused persons of complaint case. Upon conclusion of trial, out of 84 accused persons of police case, trial court convicted five accused persons under Sections 302 and 148 IPC whereas fifty accused persons under Section 148 IPC. The remaining 29 accused persons of police case and the other accused persons of complaint case were acquitted. On appeal being preferred by the convicted accused persons their convictions have been set aside whereas appeal filed by the State challenging the order of acquittal in relation to 20 persons of police case has been dismissed by the High Court whereupon the present appeals have been filed by the State by special leave and special leave petitions by Tella Zedson [PW-1] as stated above.

10. Out of fifty respondents of Criminal Appeal No. 356 of 1999 five persons, viz., respondent no. 19 – P.V. Subbaiah [A-35], respondent no. 25 – D. Papa Rao [A-44], respondent no. 28 – P. Krishna Murthy [A49], respondent no. 35 – D. Brahmanaidu [A-59] and respondent no. 48 – P.G. Subba Rao [A-91] died. Likewise, in Criminal Appeal No. 357 of 1999 respondent no. 2 – C. Satyanarayana [A-4], respondent no. 3 – C. Subba Rao [A-7] and respondent no. 4 – R. Raghavaiah [A-23] died during its pendency. So far as Criminal Appeal No. 358 of 1999 is concerned, therein also three persons, viz., respondent no. 1 – Y. Naidumma [A-8], respondent no. 3 – G. Anjaiah [A-10] and respondent no. 15 – Y. Venkanna [A-62] died. In this way these three appeals in relation to the aforesaid eleven respondents abated. In these appeals out of seventy five respondents eleven persons having died only sixty four persons remain.

11. In Criminal Appeal No. 358 of 1999, we are required to consider cases of 17 respondents only, three having died. In relation to these seventeen respondents the High Court has confirmed order of acquittal. Learned counsel appearing on behalf of the appellant State could not point out any infirmity either in the judgment of acquittal rendered by the trial court or the same confirmed by the High Court. In our opinion, the view taken by the trial court and upheld by the High Court in relation to these accused persons was reasonable one and same cannot be said to be perverse in any manner as such no interference by this court is called for.

12. Now we are required to consider cases of forty seven respondents in these appeals, forty five respondents in Criminal Appeal No. 356 of 1999, viz., A-2, A-5, A-11, A- 12, A-13 A-14, A-15, A-16, A-17, A-18, A-19, A-21, A-22, A-27, A-29, A-31, A-32, A- 33, A-36, A-39, A-40, A-42, A-43, A-45, A-48, A-50, A-52, A-55, A-56, A-57, A-58, A- 65, A-66, A-67, A-68, A-69, A-72, A-73, A-76, A-80, A-82, A-85, A-86, A-92, A-93, and two respondents, viz. A-1 and A-24 in Criminal Appeal No.357 of 1999.

13. First we proceed to consider the cases of two respondents, viz., R. Prasad [A-1] and R. Anjaiah [A-24] in Criminal Appeal No. 357 of 1999, who are respondent nos. 1 & 5 therein respectively.

14. So far as A-1 is concerned, the prosecution has placed reliance upon the evidence of three witnesses, viz., Munnangi Ankaiah [PW-2], Pilli Mahalaxmi [PW-58] and Duddu Subbulu [PW-59]. PW-2 has stated about his own assailant and assailants of D-4 and D-5. So far as A-1 is concerned, as per prosecution case, he was not the assailant of D-1 for which he was convicted by the trial court under Section 302 IPC. PW-2 has nowhere stated in his evidence that this accused was present at or near the place where D-1 was assaulted. According to his evidence he could not see who killed D-1. This being the position, the evidence of this witness can be of no avail to the prosecution for convicting this accused for the charge of murder of D-1.

15. The next witness in this regard is Pilli Mahalaxmi [PW-58]. This witness has disclosed the name of Rayaneedi Prasad [A-1] for the first time in Sessions Court after seven years of the date of the alleged occurrence as he did not disclose his name in his statement made before the police as would appear from the evidence of two investigating officers, viz., D. Sridhar Reddy [PW-102] and E. Purna Prakash [PW- 104] wherein they have categorically stated that this witness did not even mention before them the name of A-1. Thus, no reliance can be placed on the evidence of this witness so far the charge of murder against this accused is concerned.

16. Last witness is Duddu Subbulu [PW-59] who in his evidence in court has nowhere disclosed the name of A-1 as such for convicting this accused for the charge of murder his evidence cannot be relied upon. Thus to prove the charge of murder against A-1 evidence of PWs. 2, 58 and 59 having not been found to be credible, and there being no other evidence against him, we are of the view that the High Court was quite justified in acquitting him of the charge under Section 302, IPC.

17. Coming now to the case of Rayani alias Gammathu Anjaiah [A-24] who has been acquitted by the High Court of the charge under Section 302 IPC it may be stated that to prove the charge under Section 302, IPC against this accused the prosecution has placed reliance upon the evidence of two witnesses, viz., Munnangi Abraham [PW-4] and Manda Pentaiah [PW-5].

18. Munnangi Abraham (PW-4) stated that a large number of Kammas, including all the accused persons, were gathering under the neem tree and were armed with spears, axes, sticks and casurina sticks. Apprehending that something untoward may happen, when the witness started running towards the tank, accused Chatanti Subba Rao (A-27), Puvvada Rattaiah Nageswara (A-57) and Puvvada Rattaiah (A-91) were running behind him. The witness then stated that D-2 and D-3 were running and accused Yarlagadda Butchinayudamma (A-14), Gammathy Anjaiaha (A-24), Pothina Krishna Murthy (A-49), Yarlagadde Siviah (A-51), Daggupeti Brahmanayudu (A-58) armed with sticks, axes and spears were chasing them shouting that they should be done to death. During the course of cross-examination, it was suggested to the witness that in his statement made before the police he did not state that he was chased by the accused persons which suggestion was denied by him though Investigation Officer, PW-104 deposed that PW-4 did not state before him that some of the Kammas chased him. No suggestion was given to the witness that he did not make any statement before the police that the aforesaid accused persons, including A-24, chased D-2 and D-3. Thus the statement of this witness in court that the aforesaid accused persons, including A-24, chased D-2 and D-3 is quite consistent with his statement made before the police and shows complicity of A-24 to prove the charge of murder, as such we do not find any ground to reject his evidence so far charge of murder against A-24 is concerned.

19. Another witness to prove the charge of murder against A-24 is Manda Pentaiah [P.W. 5]. This witness categorically stated in his evidence that nine accused persons named by him including A-24 stabbed Tella Moshe (D-2) with spear when he was hiding himself in a manure heap. During the course of cross examination the witness admitted that he did not state before the police or C.B. C.I.D Police about the nine Kammas assaulting D-2, while he was hiding himself in a manure heap. From the aforesaid statement it cannot be said that the witness had not stated before the police that the nine Kammas, including A-24 assaulted D-2, rather it appears that he did not state before the police that at the time when D-2 was assaulted by the nine Kammas he was hiding himself in manure heap. Thus we find that the statement of this witness in court that A-24 and other eight Kammas assaulted D-2 with spears is consistent his with previous statement and the same is corroborated by medical evidence.

20. Thus, we are of the view that prosecution has succeeded in proving its case beyond reasonable doubt against A-24 so far as the charge of murder of D-2 is concerned and the impugned judgment rendered by the High Court acquitting him of the charge under Section 302 IPC suffers from the vice of perversity.

21. Now we proceed to consider cases of 47 accused persons, i.e., forty five accused persons of Criminal Appeal No. 356 of 1999 and two persons of Criminal Appeal No. 357 of 1999 in relation to the charge under Section 148 I.P.C. A-1 has been named by Tella Mariyamma [PW-14], Tella Victoria [PW-16], Duddu Sulochna [PW-21], Tella Bennu [PW-45], Tella Singaiah [PW-51], Tella Bujji [PW-53], Duddu Issack [PW- 57], Duddu Makaiah [PW-66], Duddu Bhaskar Rao [PW-72], Pandiri Nageswara Rao [PW-76], Tella Papaiah [PW-78] and Kommuri Lyman [PW-79] as member of unlawful assembly. A-2 was identified by Munnangi Laxmaiah [PW-15], Tella Victoria [PW-16], Tella Salomi [PW-30], Tella Singaiah [PW-51] and Duddu Makaiah [PW-66] who have specifically stated that this accused was present at the place of occurrence and was armed with lathi. A-5 was been named by Tella Soloman [PW-12], Tella Yesobu [PW-32] and Tella Subba [PW-55] as a member of the unlawful assembly and was armed with a stick. So far as A-11 is concerned, no witness stated that he was member of unlawful assembly. A-12 was identified by PW- 38 and PW-68 as a person who was present at the place of occurrence with a spear. A-13 was identified by Tella Moshe [PW-47] and Duddu Prasad [PW-68] as a person present at the time of the occurrence with a spear. A-14, according to the evidence of Tella Sundaramma [PW-34] and Tella Moshe [PW-38] was armed with an axe and was present at the time of the occurrence. A-15 was identified as a member of unlawful assembly armed with a stick by Duddu Veeramme [PW-22] and Duddu Prabhakar [PW-23]. About A-16, Tella Moshe [PW-47] and Duddu Makaiah [PW- 66] have stated that this accused was member of the unlawful assembly. A-17 was identified by Duddu Makaiah [PW-66] and Kommuri Lyman [PW-79] as a person who was present at the time of the occurrence with other accused persons. A-18 was identified by Pilli Mahalakshmi [PW-58] and Duddu Bennu [PW-61] as a member of the unlawful assembly who was armed with axe. A-19 was identified by Munnangi Laxmaiah [PW-15] and Benthat Beeraiah [PW-18] as a person who was at the place of occurrence along with other accused persons. A-21 was identified by Pilli Mastan [PW-25] and PW-58 as a person who was present at the place of occurrence along with other accused persons. About A-22, Tella Mariyamma [PW-14] stated that he was member of the unlawful assembly and was armed with a stick. So far as A-24 is concerned, he was identified as a member of unlawful assembly as well besides assailant by PW-4 and PW-5. A-27 was identified by Tella Yebu [PW-10], Munnangi Suvatratha [PW-20] and Tella Bennu [PW-45] as a person armed with an axe. A-29 who was identified by Tella Prakasam [PW-35] and Tella Sundaramma [PW-38] as a person who was armed with spear. A-31 was identified by PW-38 as a person armed with an axe. A-32 has been named by PW-15 as a person present along with accused person. So far as A-33 is concerned, no witness has stated that he was a member of the unlawful assembly. A-36 was named by Tella Ammaiah [PW-62] who was not examined by the police and no explanation is forthcoming for the same. A-39 was identified by PW-15, PW-35 and Duddu Yacob [PW-42] as a person who was present along with other accused persons and armed with spear. So far A-40 is concerned no witness stated that he was member of unlawful assembly. A-42 was identified by Duddu Prabhakar [PW-23], Thella Leelamma [PW-24], Tella Sujanamma [PW-26], PW-28, PW-35 and Duddu Marthamma [PW-48] as a member of the unlawful assembly. A-43 was identified by PW-15, Tella Ankamma [PW-63] and Kommuri Lyman [PW-79] as a person present with other accused persons. A-45 was identified to be member of unlawful assembly by a solitary witness Tella Prakasanm [PW-35]. A-48 was named by PW-3 and PW-47 as a person who was present along with other accused persons. A-50 was identified by PW-13, PW-16, Duddu Sulochana [PW-17] and PW-79 as a member of the unlawful assembly. A-52 was identified by Tella Anandam [PW-39] as a person present with other accused persons. A-55 was named by PW-17 and Duddu George [PW-41] as a person present along with other accused persons. A-56 was identified by PW-15 and Tella Singaiah [PW-51] as a member of unlawful assembly. A-57 has been named by Tella Kanthamma [PW-13], PW-15 and Tella Anandam [PW-39] as a person present along with other accused persons. A-58 was identified by the solitary witness PW-79. A-65 was identified by Tella Yacob [PW-31] and Duddu Issack [PW-57] as a member of the unlawful assembly. A-66 was identified by PW-14 and Tella Leelamma [PW-24] as a person present along with other accused persons. So far A-67 is concerned, no witness stated that he was member of the unlawful assembly. A-68 has been identified by Duddu Bennu [PW- 61] as a member of unlawful assembly. A-69 was named by PW-15, PW-20, Katti Chandraiah [PW-21], PW-35, Duddu Masthnamma [PW-40], PW-45 and Tella Bujji [PW-53] as a person present along with other accused persons. A-72 was identified by Tella Symon [PW-7] and Benthat Veeraiah [PW-18] as a member of unlawful assembly. A-73 was named by Pilli Mastan [PW-25] and Tella Yesobu [PW-32] as a person who was present with other accused persons. A-76 was identified as a member of the unlawful assembly by PW-32 alone. Likewise A-80 was identified as a member of unlawful assembly by PW-57 alone. A-82 was identified by PW-15 and PW-41 to be a person who was present along with the accused persons. A-85 was named by Tella Rebunu [PW-36], PW-39 and PW-58 as a member of the unlawful assembly. A-86 was identified by PW-13, PW-16, PW-17, PW-41 and Tella Yesu [PW-74] as a person who was present with other accused persons. A-92 is said to have been identified by PW-18 alone. So far A-93 is concerned no witness stated that he was member of the unlawful assembly.

22. In this way, out of the aforesaid 45 respondents of Criminal Appeal No. 356 of 1999 who were facing charge under Section 148 I.P.C., A-22 (Respondent No-13), A-31 (Respondent No-16), A-32 (Respondent No.-17), A-45 (Respondent No-26), A-52 (Respondent No-30), A-58 (Respondent No. 34), A-68 (Respondent No-39), A-76 (Respondent No-43), A-80 (Respondent No-44) and A-92 (Respondent No-49) have been identified as a member of unlawful assembly by a solitary witness, as such it is not safe to place reliance thereon in the facts and circumstances of the present case. So far A-11 (Respondent No. 3), A-33 (Respondent No-18), A-40 (Respondent No-22), A-67 (Respondent No-38) and A-93 (Respondent No-50) are concerned, no witness stated that they were members of unlawful assembly. As such it is not possible to convict them for the charge under Section 148 I.P.C. As regards, A-36 (Respondent No-20) it appears that the sole witness examined during trial was not examined by the Police and in absence of any explanation for the same, it is not possible to place reliance upon his evidence.

23. Thus, we are of the view that the order of acquittal passed by the High Court in relation to the aforesaid sixteen accused persons of Criminal Appeal No. 356 of 1999 acquitting them of the charge under Section 148 I.P.C. cannot be said to be perverse in any manner.

24. So far as the remaining accused persons, viz., twenty nine accused persons of Criminal Appeal No. 356 of 1999 and two, viz., A-1 and A-24 of Criminal Appeal No. 357 of 1999 are concerned, having perused the evidence of witnesses, we are of the view that prosecution has succeeded in proving the charge under Section 148 I.P.C. and High Court was not justified in acquitting them.

25. In the result, Criminal Appeal No. 356 of 1999 against respondent Nos. 19, 25, 28, 35 and 48 is held to have abated in view of the fact that they died during the pendency of appeal and the appeal is dismissed against Respondent Nos. 3, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 39, 43, 44, 49 and 50. The appeal against the remaining twenty nine respondents is allowed, the impugned order of acquittal passed by the High Court acquitting them of the charge under Section 148 IPC is set aside and the order of their conviction under Section 148 recorded by the trial court is restored. Criminal Appeal No. 357 of 1999 in relation to respondent Nos. 2, 3 and 4 is held to have abated in view of the fact that they died during the pendency of this appeal and the appeal filed against respondent No. 1 is dismissed so far as charge under Section 302 I.P.C. is concerned but allowed in relation to charge under Section 148 I.P.C., the judgment of acquittal rendered by the High Court in relation to the charge under Section 148 I.P.C is set aside and his conviction under Section 148 I.P.C. recorded by the Trial Court is restored. But so far as appeal in relation to respondent no. 5 is concerned, the same is allowed, the impugned order passed by the High Court acquitting him of the charges under Section 302 and 148, IPC is set aside and the order of Trial Court convicting him under Section 302 and 148, IPC is restored. Bail bonds of the said respondents of Criminal Appeal Nos. 356 of 1999 and Criminal Appeal Nos. 357 of 1999 in relation to whom conviction recorded by Trial Court has been restored, are cancelled and they are directed to be taken into custody forthwith to serve out the remaining period of sentence for which the matter must be reported to this Court within three months from the date of receipt of this order by the trial court. The other respondents of these appeals are discharged from the liability of bail bonds. Criminal Appeal No. 358 of 1999 in relation to respondent nos. 1, 3 and 15 is held to have abated in view of the fact that they died during the pendency of this appeal. The appeal in relation to the remaining seventeen respondents is dismissed and they are discharged from the liability of bail bonds.

26. In view of the afore-mentioned order passed in the appeals, it is not necessary to pass any further order in the Special Leave Petition [Crl.] Nos. 3788-90 of 1998 which are accordingly disposed of.

The Ambedkar sacred ashes will be placed after Commemoration Rally along the places that Dr.Ambdekar visited during his trip to Andhra Pradesh in Sept.1944.

Mr.C.Pavana Murty  in December 1961 met Bhayyasaheb Yashwanthrao Ambedkar at Siddhardha College Bombay and collected a portion of the sacred Ashes of Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar to be kept in a befitting place in South India. Mr.J.H.Subbayya planned to construct a vihara  at Hyderabad to keep the sacred ashes but could not do so. Now that Ambedkar Buddha Vihara is complete at Visakhapatnam the sacred ashes will be placed after Commemoration Rally along the places that Dr.Ambdekar visited during his trip to Andhra Pradesh in Sept.1944.

Info.of Dr.Ambedkar’s A.P Tour Sept.1944

Vijayawada         -Speech near Railway station. Translated by Ravuri Ekambaram.

Gudivada             -Speech to gathering on Main Road,  Translated by Kusuma Venkataramayya. Visit to  Hostel(Vemula Kurmayya). Foundation stone laid to Alimelamba Girls Hostel. Ajgar Hussain,Revenue Board Member(close associate)

Eluru                      – Mala Masti Guard of honour from Railway station to Municipal office.                                                                 Felicitations by District Board,Muncipal Council and  Christian Associations.                                                           Speech Translated by Kusuma Venkataramayya.

Kovvali                  -Invited by the freedom fighters (s.cs) Namburi Sreenivasarao, Keerti Mutyam , etc., Dr.Ambedkar hoisted Scheduled Castes Federation Flag and hence the S.C Colony is called Jhendapeta.

T.P. Gudem/Pentapadu                -Visited Govt.Post Basic School. Ganta Arun Kumar accompanied

Palakollu              –    Speech translated by Nandanar Hari.

Ramachandrapuram  –    Eli Vadapalli Hostel and other junctions. Speech translated by Pamu

Rama Murty.

Rajahmundry    -Felicitations and speech at Town Hall(Somina Kameshwar Rao, Municipal

Chairman, K.VenkatadriChowdary, Municipal Commissioner)

Felicitations and speech at Cosmopolitian Club (Kavuri Pattabhiramayya, Kusuma Dharmanna)


Kakinada              – Speech at P.R.College Quadrangle Hall, translated by Pamu Rama Murty.

Dinner at Bayya Pullayya(S.I) house.

Pithapuram        – Visited Hostel for S.C Boys and spoke in a Village nearby


Tuni                       –  Speech near Railway Station, translated by Nandanar Hari.

Anakapalli        –  Huge reception at Railway station.  The entrance gate of railway station was named as “Bheemuni Gummam”.  Felicitations and speech atMunicipal School and Vaishya Sangham.  Uppala Satyanarayana, Chairman, Reception committee.  Jonnala Mohanrao, Commissioner, Market board organized the whole event and translated Ambedkar’s speech.

Visakhapatnam – Speech at Collecterate, translated by Nandanar Hari .Visited Port.





Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Sacred Ashes Commemoration Rally

On the occation of 60 years of Hindu Code Bill

Date                    Time                                    Place                             Distance                      Activity

1.2.11                    11.00 a.m                             VIJAYAWADA                                               Commences

12.30 p.m                            GUDIVADA                         40 k.ms

3.00 p.m                             ELURU                                  35 k.ms

3.30 p.m                             KOVVALI                              8 k.ms

5.00 p.m                             T.P.GUDEM                        30 k.ms

5.30 p.m                             PENTAPADU                       2 k.ms

7.00 p.m                             BHIMAVARAM                 25 k.ms

7.45 p.m                             PALAKOLLU                         25 k.ms

9.00 p.m                             NARSAPUR                         12 k.ms                NIGHT HALT

2.2.11                     10.00 a.m                             RAZOLU                               15 k.ms                 START

12-15 a.m                            P.GANNAVARAM            18 k.ms

12.30 a.m                             AMBAJIPETA                         9 k.ms

1.00 p.m                             AMALAPURAM               30 k.ms                Lunch

3.30 p.m                             MUMMIDIVARAM          10 k.ms

4.30 p.m                             YANAM                                                28 k.ms

7.30 p.m                             RAMACHANDRAPURAM 30 k.ms

8.00 p.m                             MANDAPETA                     15 k.ms

10.00 p.m                              RAJAHMUNDRY

(O.N.G.C Base Camp)      22 k.ms               NIGHTHALT

3.2.11                10.00 a.m              O.N.G.C Base Camp                                                       Starts

11.15 a.m           RAJAHMUNDRY TOWN HALL     12 k.ms

1.00.p.m          KAKINADA                                         45 k.ms             Lunch

3.30 p.m           PITHAPURAM                                 17 k.ms

5.30 p.m           TUNI/PAYAKARAOPET                  50 k.ms

8.00 p.m           ANAKAPALLI                                      60 k.ms

10.00 p.m        VISAKHAPATNAM STEEL PLANT 40 k.ms                NIGHTHALT

4.2.11                        10.00 a.m         VISAKHAPATNAM CITY

4.30 p.m                                                                                                         Concludes.




Route Map of the Rally

1-2-11                   Vijayawada         –              Ambedkar Statue at Tummalapalli Kalakshetram

Via Eluru Road, Benz Circle, Kankipadu

Gudivada             –              Main Road,  Alimelamma Girls Hostel

ViaPittagunta,Perikeedu,Vasanthavada,Pedapadu,Ande      khancheruvu,Vangayagudem,Old Bus stand

Eluru                      –              Ambedkar Bhavan

Kovvali                  –              Jhendapeta

On to National Highway via Dosapadu,Potnuru,Gundugolanu

T.P. Gudem        –              Ambedkar Statue Junction

Pentapadu          –              Govt. Post Basic School

Bhimavaram       –              Main Road

Via Issakoduru,Goraganamudi(Chinapeta,Pedapeta),Ponnada

Veeravasaram –                                Main Road

Palakollu              –              Ambedkar Bhavan

Narsapur             –              Night halt at O.N.G.C camp office


Razolu                   –              Via Chinchinada Main Road

Amalapuram      –             New Ambedkar Bhavan and other junctions

Mummidivaram-              Main Road

Yanam                  –              Buddha Park

Ramachandrapuram-     Main Road

Mandapeta        –              Main Road,Dulla,Vemagiri

Rajahmundry     –              Night halt at O.N.G.C  Base camp




Rajahmundry       –         Rly.Station, Kotilingala revu, Town Hall, Devi Chowk,

Kambhala  Cheruvu,Y Junction, Lala cheruvu, O.N.G.C Head Quarters.

Peddapuram, Samalkot –              Main Road           

Kakinada              –              Ambedkar Bhavan , Old Bus stand, P.R.College

Pithapuram        –              Ambedkar Bhavan and Village nearby

Tuni                       –              Ambedkar Bhavan

Anakapalli           –              Municipal School, Vaishya Sangham

Steel Plant          –              Night Halt

4-2-11                   Visakhapatnam City





Raise voice against the disappearance of the two Dalit students of Mahaboobnagar district

The details of the case are that on 15th August of 2005 the Maoist party killed one sitting MLA Chittem Narsi reddy of Makthal Constituency in Mahaboobnagar District. In this case the police Mahaboobnagar started harassing the families of the 1.Bandari Mallesh S/o Laxmanna R/o Makthal, 2. Vaddera Manohar S/o Thimmanna R/o Kalwala, the families of the above said victims went to the police and requested them to not to harass as the they are students and studying they are nothing to do with the above said case, even after the police continued to harass the families of the students The families of the victims took a decisions and produced them before the superintend of police Mahaboobnagar on 16th nov-2005 then the SP assured them to release the both students in 2days but failed. The parents of the students unable to get the whereabouts of their children On 18/11/2005 the parents of the disappeared filed habious carpus petition in the high court of Andhra Pradesh after high court intervention the police produced them before Makthal court stating that the both students involved in the murder of the MAL Narsi reddy and sent them to judicial remand to the Mahaboobnagar district jail. Before producing them the police brutally beaten and used third degree measures on the victims. The parents of the victims got bail ordered on 26 Feb-2006 and furnished the sureties on 6th March released them at the time of release another two accused 1.Karrem Suresh, 2. Ramalingappa and their parents were present at the jail premises in the same. After their release the police again picked up the released persons and the parents of the1.Karrem Suresh, 2. Ramalingappa immediately within 1 kilometre distance from the jail The Mufti police taken away total 8 members in a commander jeep and they released other 6 people in devarakonda forest on March 7th, except 1.Bandari Mallesh S/o Laxmanna R/o Makthal, 2. Vaddera Manohar S/o Thimmanna R/o Kalwala, Then the parents again filed habious carpus petition in the high court to release the detenue. The court ordered to produce them before any court. But police filed a counter stating that the détentes were not in their custody and they joined in the Maoist party, then the parents filed additional evidence affidavit stating that their children picked up by the police, then there is no response from the police, in this circumstances the honble justice Bilal Najki ordered Mahaboobnagar police to inquire in to the matter and report to the registrar every month. But there is no report from the police even after 5 years And the parents of the detenues filed complaints before stat human rights commission and national human rights commission. But no progress … the families of the disappeared youth are praying the police to show dead bodies at least if they killed them in the fake encounter

Karthik Navayan

Human Rights Activist

The Pathetic condition of Kacheguda SC Hostel

Hello Friends!

The Campaign for the elimination of caste discrimination in education institutions, conducted a fact finding with  8 members team consisting of

  1. Avula Balanatham, Founder president, Scheduled Castes rights Protection Society- AP
  2. Prem Kumar, founder president Andhra Pradesh Ambedkar Youth Association
  3. Kadaram Yadagiri, Member, SC, ST Vigilance and Monitoring Committee, Hyderabad District
  4. B.Karthik Navayan, Programme Officer, National Dalit Forum
  5. M. Mandakini, Advocate and Activist
  6. Ambunayak, Lambadi Hakkula Vedika
  7. Venkatesh, Chatri, (campaign for the housing and tenurial rights)
  8. E.Sudarshan, Advocate and activist

Have visited Kacheguda SC hostel on 19th February 2010, and observed the physical condition and other facilities in the hostel and also interacted with the students

The hostel completely neglected by the officials,

  1. There is no proper electricity wiring the wires are hanging everywhere where on the walls

2. Electrical wires are hanging even on the floor

3. The water taps are giving electricity shocks while on and off

4. There are 60 rooms in the three floors and in each room about 15 to 16 students are accommodated

5. Mess was not functioning from last one year and students have to cook their food every time

6. If there is no electricity supply then students have to cook their food with woods

7. Students told that there are 6 sweepers are working in the hostel to clean but the premises of the hostel was very un clean

8. There are only 12 bathrooms 12 toilets for 600 students, and the bathrooms are not having doors

9. Five years back the authorities have constructed 12 bathrooms in the 2nd floor, but they are not connected with water so remaining un used

10. No doctor were appointed though it is necessary, and even there is no visiting of a doctor to check the health of 600 students

11. The mess Bills that is Rs 525/- per month is not released from 9 months , so students going to private works to feed stomach

12. The people around Hostel are dumping garbage just beside of the hostel, and it is producing mosquitoes

The state and central governments are claiming that they are providing all facilities for the Dalit for their empowerment, in the budgets we have seen thousands of crores were allocated for the dalits but where the money is going and spending for what

It seem the upper caste governments and officials may not digesting when dalit are studying that why the all social welfare hostel are in the pathetic condition, it may be the hidden plan of the upper castes to keep away dalit students for the education

One can understood the situation of the SC, ST Hostels in the districts and mandal head quarters, after knowing the situation of the Kacheguda SC Hostel which is located in the heart of Hyderabad city

The students demanding for urgent actions

1)      Proper electricity wiring should be done

2)      Bathroom doors should be arranged

3)      Water connection should be given to the bathrooms

4)      Mess should be re opened immediately

5)      Mess bills should be released

6)      Buckets, mugs, plates should be provided

7)      Library should be established

8)      Dustbins should be provided

9)      Doctor should be appointed

10)  Surrounding people should stop dumping garbage beside hostel

A students team went to the Executive director of social welfare department and submitted a memorandum with the above demands on 20th Feb 2010, he replied that he will look in to the matter But it will not end with this representation and we the Campaign for the elimination of caste discrimination in education institutions is decided to meet the higher officials for the immediate actions

Thanks and regards

B.Karthik Navayan

On behalf of The Campaign for the elimination of the caste discrimination in education institutions



Ambedkar quote

In ancient and mediaeval times they (Brahmins) made such an alliance with the Kshatriya or the warrior class and the two not merely ruled the masses, but ground them down to atoms, pulverized them so to say – the Brahmin with his pen and Kshatriya with his sword. At present, Brahmins have made an alliance with the Vyshyas class called banias. The shifting of this alliance from Kshatriya to banias is in the changed circumstances quite inevitable. In these days of commerce money is more important than sword. That is one reason for this change in party alignment. The second reason is the need for money to run the political machine. Money can come only from banias. It is the Bania who is financing the congress largely because Mr. Gandhi is a Bania and also because he has realized that money invested in politics gives large dividends. Those who have any doubt in the matter might do well to read what Mr. Gandhi told Mr. Louis Fischer on June 6, 1942 – Dr.B.R.Ambedhkar ( Dr .Babasahib Ambedkar Writings and speeches, vol.9, page 208