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Dr. B. Karthik Navayan

D. B Karthik Navayan, a human rights activist, lawyer, scholar and writer instrumental in organising various human rights campaigns in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states – presently practicing as a Advocate in and around Hyderabad courts including the High Court for the state of Telangana



  1. GOPI says:

    Dear Mr.KARTHIK,
    VERY GOOD MORNING i got ur address from dr.samprasad.we are a regd NGOpresently working in Kerala and having started units in different states Karnataka/chennai etc. we would like to have joint action with your organisation. our orgn.IS HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION MISSION,HAVING COMMITTEES FROM NATIONAL LEVEL TO WARD LEVEL.WEB SITE http://www.hrpmindia.org Pl have ur views in my e mail id mvgnair@gmail.com

  2. Litan Das says:

    I am Litan Das from Kakraban Udaipur Tripura (G). A member of NGO “Tripura Ambedkar Mission” Now we are Work from “Palatana Ambedkar Mission” Social Justice, Social Reform, and Social Service, is our visions.
    Sir,I info you that we are the Lower cast community Parson as SC,ST,OBC and Minority .All Dalit Parson Permanently living any outside of this Project Palatana sit.
    So, we very pour People of Indian citizen. Now we are Requested you that, among
    Ourselves a few are working in different technical post as well as helper at Paltana Power Project. This is our earnest requested recruit us on permanently post. I hope this is a development project but the hazard of the will effect us. Environmental changes will affect the local people. In this critical condition we have to survive for which economical stability is required. On the above condition we hope kind consideration and faithful step
    So that we can pass our livelihood.

  3. udaykanth burri says:

    i am udaykanth working in a private university,with my facebook account i started one grouph that is DALITTIGERS,In this iam posting about the great personalities in
    dalit comunity.for this i downloaded your article about kalekuri prasad.and it was posted in my dalittigers group.i mentioned that it was taken from your blog only,with out your permission i posted your article,forgiveme and plase accept me for this action,On the above condition we hope kind consideration and faithful step
    udaykanth burri,

  4. winnie mitra says:

    Hello Karthik,

    I was reading through your piece on witch hunting. I found the analysis very interesting. I am based in Delhi and at present I am doing some thought churning on Andhra and cases of Witch Hunting for an academic project. Can I please get your email id, so that I can contact you regarding this?


  5. harsha says:

    mr karthik,very nice to meet you sir..Ambedkar in his powerfull speeches told this” no caste other than ‘DALITS’ have right to criticise or flatter ‘DALITS’. but now each n every dirty politician or even common individual talk about dalits…ok now ..1st of all i appreciate you a lot,though i dont know n need ur caste, for your outstanding work n service to public.keep it up mr karthik. .. one doubt many people were having in our mind i..e “In caste based Riots,,special courts r Commissions are having members of other castes Generally..as it so in tsundur dalit massacre also,many bench members were brahmins and dalit prosicuters also..but here the chief justice who given this very inhumane judgement of relieving the CULPRITS BELONG TO SAME CASTE. judge name was JUSTICE ‘l.NARSIMHA REDDY’. 60% CONVICTS NAND CULPRITS WERE REDDIES IN THIS CASE..sir i want dis to be read by “every body”..so i commented here, instead sending it to ur email.. sir,my question is i want to complaint to higher official about this..who is the higher official..is it human rights commission chairman or governer and how….???

  6. vincent pal says:

    Sir,You have done an excellent job which exemplifies your commitment towards the society and the marginalized sections of people in it.With regards – Vincent Paul Eluru 9247479224

  7. Dr. Ibram Ganesh. says:

    Dear Brother Karthik Navayan,

    I am as given below:

    Dr. Ibram Ganesh
    Scientist-E, and Senior Assistant Director,
    Centre for Artificial Photosynthesis and High Energy Density Fuels Synthesis from Carbon Dioxide,
    International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New
    Materials (ARCI), Balapur PO,
    Hyderabad – 500 005,
    A.P., India
    E-mail: dribramganesh@gmail.com
    Tel (mobile): +91-09490792798
    Tel (office landline): +91-40-24452396
    Fax: +91-040-24442699.

    Brother, I would like to bring to your kind notice that, our organization, a central government fully funded from Government of India, is not following rule of reservation in the recruitment of Ph. D. students. Is there any way we can fight out to get the reservations for our community people (SC, ST and OBC).

    Please write your mobile number so that I can call you over phone and discuss about these things.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jai Bheem,


  8. Santosh Bhalerao says:

    Dear Mr. Karthik Navayan,
    I read your letter to google for Dr. Ambedkars doodle. Many thanks and best of luck for your good work. Keep good work up. I am with you. we should try hard to display doodle on coming 14 Apr 15.

  9. lucky says:

    hey karthik ur rocking man i luv ur cartoons n yes! i hav mailed for google doodle thanxx for update and good going keep it up

  10. Pragesh says:

    Dear mr kartik , Indus valley civilization belongs to dravidians as per your views people leaving in south all must be from mulnivasi including brahmins leaving in south , what please change your human rights activist to dalit rights activist and y you people call yourself of backward caste , u say u beleave in buddhism then please remove the bloody word caste coz lord budhha never used to beleive in word called and he never himself used the word caste , so my dear stop making such comments which tendencially divide people even narendra modi is from so called OBC it means he is mulnivaasi , and fight for a history which has no proof in our country , every political parties have their own set of history …. so plz sir

  11. ASHOK SAWANT says:

    Dear Karthik You might be aware that lacs of bachelors visit Mumbai for their bread and butter .People from Mumbai are always courteous and eager to help bachelors by proving cheap hygienic food support while travelling in crowded trains etc.Now a days bachelors are finding difficult to get the falt on leave and licence as society managing committee do not allow bachelors to take flat on rent in spite of the fact that flat owner is ready to let the flat to the needy bachelors. What would you recommend me to do for the support of such bachelors as denying such right to settle needs justice Can we take up the issue with NHRC

  12. Gnanasagar Tadakamadla says:

    I got a lot of tension.my life education totally loss with currupted officials..i want to contact you.plz send your mail id.

  13. Anand tate says:

    I b.com completed i want mpsc exam and active the post my home financial condition is bad I need hostel please help me

  14. Sharath says:

    Sir, Post me a link where i can get full info on Schedule Castes, Tribes and Backward Castes and other castes. acts and rights. please ping me with proper links. Am 27yrs eagerly waiting to know the facts as people around me eating my brain with their versions and justifications supporting their own comments.

  15. Tanay says:

    You replied to this comment.


    Namo BUDDHAY

  17. Milind Dhaware says:

    Dear Karthik,
    Thanks for your post of Dr. Ambedkar’s speech at the closing session of the Fourth Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists in the State Gallery Hall in Kathmandu (Nepal) ,on 20th November 1956. But I want to know the details of it’s source. Please provide me that. Awaiting for your reply.

  18. Ananthavenkatareddy says:

    Hi sir my father is suicide death farmer. But 421 GO accepted or not accepted sir plz reply sir

    • The Telangana Rashtra Samiti government had issued GO 173 in September 2015, replacing GO 421, thereby enhancing ex gratia to be paid to families of farmers who committed suicide from ₹1.5 lakh to ₹ 6 lakh.

  19. Anu says:

    After seeing couple of what’s app messages about police doing corona duties I WONDER ABOUT AN IPS OFFICER ENJOYING THE PREVILLAGES OF AN IAS OFFICER IN TSWEREIS GURUKULA…
    I think the TELANGANA Gurukula society is now on the track with dynamic police leadership of Dr. R S Praveen Kumar IPS….
    But now it’s Covid19 (DISASTER MANAGEMT TIME corona lock down time…
    I hope it is the right time for the Government to use this dynamic, innovative IPS officer’s services in his home posting(i.e.POLICE)
    THE INNOCATIVE THOUGHTS, HARWARD DYNAMISM of Praveen Kumar sir”s services are necessary now in the lockdown situation…
    Hope the Government looks into the matter and use his services in POLICE.

  20. Bharath Kumar K says:

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