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On the occasion of Constitution Day (Law Day ) on 26th November 2014, I am willing to conduct objective type exam for school kids and collage students. I have also prepared the question papers (English And Hindi) in this regards. If  Anyone wants to conduct such types of program in their areas, localities they can contact me for more details and avail the ready material. Contribution in spreading LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY AND JUSTICE among all.  Let’s think beyond our caste, religion. Let’s be Indian Firstly and Lastly.

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Adv Mahendra Jadhav , Email- , Mobile- 08008754848

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How the Buddhists and Jains were

Persecuted in Ancient India.
Murad A. Baig,

“… Hiuen-Tsang, who visited India from 629 to 645 AD, describes the influence of a south Indian Brahmin queen on her husband who ordered the execution of many thousand Buddhists including 8,000 in Madurai alone. Kalhana’s Rajatarangani (written by a Shaivite scholar about 1149 AD and the first Brahmin account of India’s historic past from the time of Yudishthira) relates that Mihirikula, the Hun ruler was converted by Brahmins (in 515 AD) and unleashed a wave of violent destruction on Buddhist monasteries in Punjab and Kashmir. He reports (verse 290 in book 1) that “crows and birds of prey would fly ahead eager to feed on those within his armies reach”. He proudly proclaimed himself as the killer of three crores. … … – Buddhism that had been strong in India in the 7th Century was…

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National Commission for Scheduled Castes

5th Floor, Loknayak Bhawan, New Delhi 110 003.

Telephone (011) 2462 0435.

Fax (011) 2462 5378.

Reference : Three Dalits massacred and bodies dismembered in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra.

AIC (Ambedkar International Center) wants to bring to your notice the gruesome act committed against three dalits at Ahmednagar district’s Pathardi Taluk on 21st October 2014. Three dalits were savagely murdered and their bodies dismembered

This is a gruesome incident and even after 72 hours after the crime had been committed , no arrests or action has been taken against the perpetrators. This news has been covered across all major newspapers of India and abroad.

Ambedkar International Center demands strong action and arrest of the culprits immediately. The commission should take remedial measures to prevent similar incidents.


Ambedkar International Center ,

Washington DC , USA

Ph : 1¬240¬294¬5447 Fax: 1¬240¬554¬1440




Shame on Prime Minister he forgets to mention the name of the greatest Indian Dr Ambedkar in his speech at the Madissons square, who studied in the prestigious Columbia University, which has declared Dr Ambedkar as the most intelligent and most learned student ever produced by the 300 years old university and has referred to him as a symbol of knowledge. The madissons square is hardly at a distance of 20 mins from columbia university… Modi took Gandhi’s name several times in order to please the US based Indians and the western world but consciously avoided Dr Ambedkar’s name as the audience constituted mainly by  upper caste and other communities and Dr Ambedkars name would not have gone down well through there throats..He praised the Indian democratic system through which he got elected as the prime minister but failed to remember the father of modern Indian democracy..this once again exposes Mr Modi’s policy of selling crap to the people of India, taking care that the packaging is good..

Jai Bhim
Circulate this message to all the followers of Dr Ambedkar to generate awareness about this biased government!!!

Even if you become CM,PM,IAS,IPS you remain untouchable. Last year Chairman SC commission Mr Punia was denied entry into puri orissa temple. He could not do anything. Now Bihar CM Mr Manjhi visited temple and the tempme was purified. In the past Babu Jagajivan ram when he was deputy PM visited kanshi he was insulted with slogans “Jaggu chamar vapas Jao” and immdly after he left temple , the temple was purified by brahmins.                           Two major lessons to b learnt:                                  1.You are born as untouchable, live as untouchable and die as untouchable.                      2. If we have to come out of this situation only solution is to quit religious slavery and adopt the path shown by our farher Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar


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Today stands as the day when exactly 8 years ago, a Dalit family was destroyed. Surekha Bothmange and her daughter Priyanka were paraded naked and then gang raped. Priyanka’s brothers Roshan and Sudhir were lynched. This happened in a village called khairlanji in Maharashtra. Bhaiyyalal Bothamange is the only one family member who is alive.

The ones who perpetrated this gruesome killing are yet not all punished. Some of them still roam around the village freely. Justice has yet not been delivered.

It is important to talk of this and revive these memories, to know these are not forgotten. That they can happen today too.