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Reference : Three Dalits massacred and bodies dismembered in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra.

AIC (Ambedkar International Center) wants to bring to your notice the gruesome act committed against three dalits at Ahmednagar district’s Pathardi Taluk on 21st October 2014. Three dalits were savagely murdered and their bodies dismembered

This is a gruesome incident and even after 72 hours after the crime had been committed , no arrests or action has been taken against the perpetrators. This news has been covered across all major newspapers of India and abroad.

Ambedkar International Center demands strong action and arrest of the culprits immediately. The commission should take remedial measures to prevent similar incidents.


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Shame on Prime Minister he forgets to mention the name of the greatest Indian Dr Ambedkar in his speech at the Madissons square, who studied in the prestigious Columbia University, which has declared Dr Ambedkar as the most intelligent and most learned student ever produced by the 300 years old university and has referred to him as a symbol of knowledge. The madissons square is hardly at a distance of 20 mins from columbia university… Modi took Gandhi’s name several times in order to please the US based Indians and the western world but consciously avoided Dr Ambedkar’s name as the audience constituted mainly by  upper caste and other communities and Dr Ambedkars name would not have gone down well through there throats..He praised the Indian democratic system through which he got elected as the prime minister but failed to remember the father of modern Indian democracy..this once again exposes Mr Modi’s policy of selling crap to the people of India, taking care that the packaging is good..

Jai Bhim
Circulate this message to all the followers of Dr Ambedkar to generate awareness about this biased government!!!

Even if you become CM,PM,IAS,IPS you remain untouchable. Last year Chairman SC commission Mr Punia was denied entry into puri orissa temple. He could not do anything. Now Bihar CM Mr Manjhi visited temple and the tempme was purified. In the past Babu Jagajivan ram when he was deputy PM visited kanshi he was insulted with slogans “Jaggu chamar vapas Jao” and immdly after he left temple , the temple was purified by brahmins.                           Two major lessons to b learnt:                                  1.You are born as untouchable, live as untouchable and die as untouchable.                      2. If we have to come out of this situation only solution is to quit religious slavery and adopt the path shown by our farher Babasaheb Dr Ambedkar


Posted: September 29, 2014 in General


Today stands as the day when exactly 8 years ago, a Dalit family was destroyed. Surekha Bothmange and her daughter Priyanka were paraded naked and then gang raped. Priyanka’s brothers Roshan and Sudhir were lynched. This happened in a village called khairlanji in Maharashtra. Bhaiyyalal Bothamange is the only one family member who is alive.

The ones who perpetrated this gruesome killing are yet not all punished. Some of them still roam around the village freely. Justice has yet not been delivered.

It is important to talk of this and revive these memories, to know these are not forgotten. That they can happen today too.

Dear friends,

This October 8, it will be 5 five years since Balagopal left us.

The Human Rights Forum is organising a commemorative meet on October 5 (Sunday) from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm at the Sundarayya Vignan Kendram Main Hall, Hyderabad. We invite you to join us in remembering Balagopal on the occasion.

There will be talks on three seminal topics:

GS Nageswararao, who was assistant public prosecutor in the Tsundur Special Court, will critique the recent High Court judgment acquitting all the accused in the massacre of Dalits.

Achin Vanaik, writer, activist and member of the Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, will speak on the continuing tragedy of Palestine.

Supreme Court lawyer and human rights activist Vrinda Grover will reflect upon issues of State impunity and ongoing and past struggles for justice.

We shall be releasing four publications on the day:

1.  Tsundur—Oka Maaranakanda Tharvatha (HRF publication in Telugu).

2.   Tsundur—An Atrocity and its Aftermath (HRF publication in English).

3. Nigah II (2003-2009)–Compilation of Balagopal’s articles from Prajatantra (Devulapalli Publications).

4.  Rajya Amanusham—Mulyam Chellisthunna Adivasulu (HRF publication).

5. amarPalestina Prajaporatam—Balagopal on Palestine (HRF publication).

The meet will be followed by lunch.
We hope to see you on the 5th.

Maanava Hakkula Vedika
Human Rights Forum (HRF)

Press Release 22-9-2014 Hyderabad  
The Human Rights Forum (HRF) condemns the disallowing by the Telangana government of a seminar, rally and public meeting by the Forum For Alternative Politics in Hyderabad on Sunday. The reported preventive detention of over 200 persons by the police since the night before so as to foil the meeting is highly deplorable. Only a regime that is disrespectful of democratic norms would forbid free expression, the fundamental right to assembly and allow the police to resort to such actions. HRF also takes strong exception to the continued ban on two TV channels in Telangana. Today marks 100 days of the ban. This is unprecedented and is extremely dangerous for Press freedom. The denial of any involvement in the ban by ruling TRS government functionaries is not at all convincing. It is widely believed that the Chief Minister is exhibiting a vindictive attitude in the whole matter. This was plainly evident in his intemperate remarks about the media at a recent public meeting in Warangal. We also recall that after the new government has assumed office in Telangana there have been at least two other instances where the police have unleashed excessive force on agitators. One was the occasion when farmers in Chegunta mandal of Medak district protesting against irregular supply of power were set upon by the police. More recently, on September 10, Lambada residents of Krishna Thanda and Gurrambodu Thanda in Mattampally mandal of Nalgonda district who were opposing the proposal to set up a thermal plant in their area were also subjected to a lathi-charge by the police. These are ominous signs and are totally unacceptable. We call upon the new government to henceforth desist from such undemocratic conduct and to be respectful of people’s rights.  
VS Krishna
( HRF General Secretary )
                                                 SJeevan Kumar
( HRF president )