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Maha Prajna and Maha Karuna

One day, a young boy came into the monastery and asked the Chief Monk, to give him some work and also food.

The Chief Monk asked him: What have you read? What work can you do? What do you know?

The boy replied: I have not read in school. I have no proficiency in any work excepting some stray jobs like washing food plates,

cleaning up the cottage etc., I do not know anything else.

The Chief Monk asked Are you sure you do not know anything else?

The young boy replied: Oh, yes, Sir, now I remember.

I can play good Chess

The Chief Monk said: Oh that’s good. Now I shall test you in your game.

He asked another monk to come with chess board and coins and asked a table to be placed so that the game could start.

Before start of the game, the Chief Monk said: Now see, I have a sword on my hand. If any one is defeated, his nose will be severed

The boy became nervous. However, without any other way to go, he agreed.

The game started. Initially, the boy made some mistakes in moves. His position on the board became almost hopeless.

He then concentrated completely on the game and improved the position to a winning level. 

Then he looked at the monk sitting opposite and playing. He was not quite nervous but obviously disturbed a little.

The boy then thought, 

“I am a useless fellow in life. Nothing will change the world if I lose the game and lose my nose.

But this monk, is well read person, doing meditation and is sure to attain Buddha Hood Why should he lose?

So the young boy deliberately made a wrong move, so that the monk sitting opposite could take advantage and win the game !

The Chief Monk suddenly flashed his sword on the table. All the coins flew into different directions.

He then said: The game is over. Oh boy you are IN. You will be with us in the monastery hereafter.

The boy did not understand.

The Chief Monk explained: 

“I did not ask you to play chess to find out your caliber in the game. But I was looking for two essential qualities that are necessary for Self realization.

One is *Maha Prajna*. The Great Awareness. I found that in you. When your game became positionally bad, you put your entire concentration and attention on the game and improved your game.

This is Maha Prajna.

The second is *Maha Karuna* – The Great Compassion. I found that also in you. When your opponent was about to lose the game, you looked at him with great compassion and deliberately made a wrong mistake so that he could win.

These two qualities are adequate to do sadhana and make the life *Meaningful*.


Life isn’t about winning or losing there is nothing to win and nothing to lose.

You can at best enjoy or suffer your limited time called *Life* but enjoyment or suffering is also only a figment of your imagination.

Going beyond enjoyment, suffering, winning or losing is the path that few choose to walk.

Win or Lose… lets have a great life.


At Savatthī. Then the Venerable Upavaṇa approached the Blessed One, paid homage to him, sat down to one side, and said to him:

“Venerable sir, some ascetics and brahmins maintain that suffering is created by oneself; some ascetics and brahmins maintain that suffering is created by another; some ascetics and brahmins maintain that suffering is created both by oneself and by another; some ascetics and brahmins maintain that suffering has arisen fortuitously, being created neither by oneself nor by another. Now, venerable sir, what does the Blessed One say about this? What does he teach? How should we answer if we are to state what has been said by the Blessed One and not misrepresent him with what is contrary to fact? And how should we explain in accordance with the Dhamma so that no reasonable consequence of our assertion would give ground for criticism?”

“Upavaṇa, I have said that suffering is dependently arisen. Dependent on what? Dependent on contact. If one were to speak thus one would be stating what has been said by me and would not misrepresent me with what is contrary to fact; one would explain in accordance with the Dhamma, and no reasonable consequence of one’s assertion would give ground for criticism.

“Therein, Upavaṇa, in the case of those ascetics and brahmins who maintain that suffering is created by oneself, and those who maintain that suffering is created by another, and those who maintain that suffering is created both by oneself and by another, and those who maintain that suffering has arisen fortuitously, being created neither by oneself nor by another—in each case that is conditioned by contact.

“Therein, Upavaṇa, in the case of those ascetics and brahmins who maintain that suffering is created by oneself, and those who maintain that suffering is created by another, and those who maintain that suffering is created both by oneself and by another, and those who maintain that suffering has arisen fortuitously, being created neither by oneself nor by another—in each case it is impossible that they will experience anything without contact.”

Let’s defend the human rights defenders!

Dear friends, 

On Monday 13th February 2017, arguments were heard in the High Court of Chhattisgarh at Bilaspur regarding release on bail of the fact finding team members from Telangana lodged in Sukma jail which includes my husband High court advocate Balla Ravindranath, High court advocate Prabhakar Chikkudu, Journalist Durgaprasad Bandi, KNPS leader Prabhakar Duddu,Telangana Vidyarthi Vedika leaders Md Nazir and K Rajendra Prasad, and Adivasi Tudum Debba leader R Laxmaiah . On pursuing the documents filed by us, the judge told that the case has become sensitive and directed the government to reply and on his own gave them two weeks time and listed the case on 6th March 2017. The bail petition was filed by us on 23-01-2017 and it came for admission on 30-01-17, then the court gave sufficient time to the govt for calling of case diary and filing of counter affidavit and listed it on 13th February but now again two weeks extension has been granted. In this entire drama govt didn’t ask the judge for any date or adjournment. We all know that justice delayed is justice denied. Earlier they were refused bail by the Dantewada district court on 3rd January saying that the case is of serious nature and asking the team whether they had any permission to enter Naxal affected area of Chhattisgarh even as the police failed to produce all the circumstantial evidence allegedly seized from them. They have been in jail since 25th December and their judicial remand has been extended thrice by the Sukma Court in apprehension that they may affect investigation and witnesses. Next date for their appearance in court is 20th February. If this kind of apathy is shown by judiciary towards a team of reputed citizens including lawyers, journalists, activists who, because of their social commitment were going for fact finding as they considered it their duty to expose the atrocities committed upon Adivasis who are also, but not considered citizens of India, then we can only begin to imagine what must be the state of hundreds of ordinary people in Chhattisgarh’s jails. Recently an appeal was made by eminent personalities to restore rule of law in Bastar called the ‘Bastar Declaration’. It is high time that we defend the defenders. I appeal to all the Democrats, intellectuals, progressive thinkers to raise their voices against such injustice to human rights defenders and demand Chhattisgarh govt to release the Fact Finding team unconditionally and Telangana govt to owe responsibility for their unlawful arrest. Please support us in our fight to save the Democratic values of our country.



On 25th December 2016, a seven member fact finding team of Telangana Democratic Front was illegally arrested by Telangana police at Dummugudem near Bhadrachalam and handed over to Chhattisgarh police even as the team was on their way to inquire into various allegations of human rights violations of Adivasis by security forces in Chhattisgarh including but not limited to killing of Punem Nandu son of a local Congress leader and his friend Karkem Sukku in Timmapur of Bijapur by CRPF on 12th December 2016. The team was booked under sections 8(1)(2)(3)(5) of Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act 2005, which has been described as black law and many rights organizations have demanded its repeal.

The BSP and the Muslims – Mangesh Dahiwale

​The BSP and the Muslims

The BSP emerged out of the BAMCEF movement. The aim of the BAMCEF is to establish true democracy in India where every section of Indian population will be represented proportionally. Since its inception, the BSP tried to keep this proportionality is the core principle in political organisation. This is also reflected in the tickets distribution. In the past, the BSP is the only national party that has given proportionate representation to the Muslims. The Muslims in India are politically weak, except the emergence of AIMIM led by Barrister Owaisi, the the independent voice of the Muslims in India is missing. Barrister Owaisi is one of the most learned and articulate member of Parliament in India. His voice is logical and his intentions are laden with Justice, peace, and harmony. He recently talked about triple talaq to three political parties in the UP elections: the Congress, the BJP, and the SP. Barrister Owaisi always lauded the efforts of BAMCEF, Kanshiram, and BSP to democratise India. Like the Dalits, the Muslims are often given negative space in the press. As a matter of routine, their efforts are painted as anti-national by the right wing organisations. So as a principle of proportionate representation practiced in BSP, Mayavati allocated over 100 seats to the Muslims and since then the biased media is claiming that Mayavati is playing the Muslim card. In fact, the BJP gave no seats to the Muslims showing that it doesnt regard internal democracy within its party structure. It is very shameful that the BJP is displaying shameful disdain for India’s largest minority (18%). 

The Samajvadi Party is the regional party with Yadavs (9 percent of UP population) and Muslims behind it. Azam Khan is the Muslim face of the SP. He is a great leader of Muslims, but he has no foresight. He doesnt realise that the SP is only a regional party, while the BSP is the national party. He ridiculously tried to downplay Mayavati’s efforts to bring Muslims in the mainstream and jokingly said that if Mayavati allocated 300 seats to Muslims, he would join the BSP. It raises many questions regarding credibility of Azam Khan and his sincerity to support the Muslims in India. The Muslims in India can only benefit going with the BSP all over India, because the Muslims are spread all over India and the BSP is the national party. The Muslims in UP will be committing communal suicide if they go along with the SP in UP elections. There are two options for the Muslim community: either they organise politically as one force nationally, or ally with the most trusted ally in India. 

Both of them are workable strategies for the Muslims in India. Coming to UP elections, the Muslims must vote for the BSP. In fact, the Muslims voting for the BSP will be following the exact line of social justice movement because 80 percent of the Muslims in India are converted from the backward castes. Azam Khan is committing worst kind of treachery to his own people for his personal gains. (Trough Mangesh Dahiwale)

Promo of The Battle of Bhima Koregaon – An Unending Journey.

Dear friends,

We have got another commitment for the rest of 25000/- from mother of our friend Shiva Shankar. So we have met the required money of 120000/- now. Please note, we are stopping money mobilization now. If anyone planned to support, please wait, If the documentary needs additional money, we will come back to you again later. Thank you all. Jai Bhim!

Regards, Karthi

Dear friends, Jai Bhim!

Here is the promo of the documentary film on Bhima Koregaon, titled ‘The Battle of Bhima Koregaon: An Unending Journey’. (Click the highlighted title to see the promo video)  Produced by Somnath Waghmare.  I requested in my earlier post for monetary support for the post production costs, Rs 120000/- (one lakh twenty thousands) Somnath informed me that as of now 6 people and 1 organisation has committed to support Rs 95000/- (Ninety five thousands only) as below

 Ambedkar International Center – 30000/-

Anant – 10000/-

Arul – 10000/-

Aakar Patel – 10000/-

Gopika Bashi – 5000/-

Shiva Shankar – 10000/-

Sandeep Chouhan – 20000/-

Still, 25000/- needed according to present estimation. Please get in touch with Somnath and support. Somnath contact details and Bank account details are below.

 Somnath Waghamare,

Email –

Phone Number – 07745886950

 Bank Account details

Name of the account holder – Somnath Waghamare

Account No – 55147141640

State bank of Patiala, FTII Branch Pune.

IFSC: STBP0000571

About Film:

 History speaks about great wars fought, brave warriors and clever kings and emperors. What history doesn’t do is justice to the wars, warriors and leaders of the oppressed.

 This documentary is about the 500 Mahar soldiers (the untouchables) who offered to fight alongside their countrymen, against the colonisers. Rejected by the ruling class they joined forces with the colonisers and fought in the ‘Bhima Koregaon Battle’ defeating the Brahminical rule of the Peshwas. Just as history did, so the media and ruling class today conveniently forget to acknowledge them.

 On January 1st, every year, 20 lakh (2 million) people gather at Bhima-Koregaon, Pune, Maharshtra to commemorate that battle. No national or local media covers the largest annual gathering in the region.

 The documentary captures the history of Bhima Koregaon, Pune, India and its relevance to contemporary Dalit issues and politics in the country. It tells the history of the Bahujans through the coverage of the events of this gathering.

Regards, Karthik Navayan 

Why did not India march when Modi became the PM? – Mangesh Dahiwale

It is heartening to see people all over the United States of America marching in millionn as the “inauguration of resistance” movement to oppose “inauguration of Trump” as the president of the USA. Mr. Trump is a minority president. He lost in the popular vote counts and trailed by 3 millions behind his main contestant for the post. There is a major flaw in the election process in USA due to the history of federalism and subsequent expansion of USA after the constitution of America was enacted. The President of the USA is elected indirectly by the Electoral college and the outcome of election depends upon how the candidates in different states voted. The bigger states such as California thus have a very little say in electing the President of the USA. The states called “the battleground states” matter a lot. This is one of the biggest faults in the constitution of the states. Unlike Rajya Sabha (State’s Assembly) in India, the Senate gets 2 senators from each states irrespective of their population. This is also one of the contradictions to the true democracy. 

Coming to India, India is also having a minority Prime Minister by popular count of the votes. The ruling party in India only got over 30 percent of the popular votes in 2014 elections. However, due India’s first-past-the-post system, the true mandate is not reflected in the final count. India is not not having the proportionate system of representation which would have given the true representative democracy. Both the electoral systems of USA and India are faulty. The result is Both Modi and Trump are minority representatives. 

The outcomes and trajectories of the elections of both Modi and Trump can be compared. Both came to power by the same processs and same set of tactics. Let us look at them briefly. 

1. Cultural nationalism (Supremacy of one particular class “supreme” as the essence of nationalism)

Modi is known as his anti-Muslim stand. He presided over the genocide in Gujrat. The right wing ideology that he is born in and colored in is Brahmin nationalism, ironically called Hindu Nationalism. The Brahmin-Banias in India have historically benefitted because of the caste system. They can hardly get elected with the identity of Brahmins and Banias, hence they created identity called “Hindu”, and in order to solidify that identity, they needed “the other”, and that other is “the Islam”. So the recipe is clear, if you want to become “Hindu Hriday Samrat”, you have to hate Muslims. India is having over 20 percent of Muslims in its population composition. Similarly, though USA is not having a significant percent of Islamic population. The “bible belt” states in USA need to be lured in the name of Christianity, not by the revolutionary quest and fight of a low class carpenter, Jesus Christ, for human welfare, but by creating the medieval rhetoric of crusades, the fight between the Christians and Muslims. This is not to say that Muslims have not added to this. They did and they do. But, judging by the social justice movement and uprising in the Islamic world, there are undercurrents in Islamic countries that strive for human rights and social justice. 

The point that can be drawn from this very brief analysis is this: Modi and Trump trumpeted hate for Muslims. They need this to further their political cultural nationalism. 

2. Endangering the gender

RSS is a regressive organisation that preaches patriarchy and subjugation of women. RSS drew its inspiration from Nazis and Nazis drew their inspiration from India’s caste system and theory of pure race. Like Nazis, the RSS advocates hatred for the “impure race”. In their scheme of society, Jews, blacks, gypsies, women, and the list can be extended to all so called “No Aryan” races. have no subordinary space. RSS also believes in “Aryanism” in line with the Nazis. In fact, the linguist term “Arya” was given a racial spin by the a combined team of white racists and India’s Brahmins. Trump is a known sexist. RSS is sexist as well, and Modi was caught stalking an young lady. The women in USA came out with “Women’s march” to fight sexism of Trump. RSS is pushing for its own version of women’s place in the society which is completely against their rights. Barring a few occasions, the women’s movement in India never came out in large numbers to oppose RSS backed sexism. Swati Chaturvedi’s I am Troll is much a feeble voice against Hindu fundamentalist’s trolling the liberals. 

3. Hatred for Minorities

RSS is always opposed to the SC/ST and OBCs and often that hatred surfaces when they demand abolition of India’s progressive social policy to include everyone in governance.  The Klu Klax Klan (KKK) openly supported Trump. A new term is in currency now “Alt-Right” and KKK is alive and kicking. Indian ex-untouchables are lynched today as well. 

The comparison can go on, but we have to stop and ponder over why USA marched and India did not. 

USA is a diverse country. It is a country created by the people who migrated from all over the places. They effectively destroyed the many hundreds republics of “Native Americans”. America became the first democracy in the world after the American revolution  by fighting their colonial cousin. USA is diverse in the true sense of the word. There is no inherent unity in USA except the act of law and the constitution of the united states. They do not have the history of many thousand years before they became a nation state. India is a diverse country as well. It is as, or perhaps more, diverse as USA. But there is a unity in India. There is something that underpins everything in India. That which underpins everything in India is CASTE. The caste is the only common phenomena in India. India is diverse in terms of language, culture, religions, and regions, but anywhere you go, you find this monster. This is the reason India did not march. India can not march. 

When Martin Luther King marched on Washington, many Jews, Whites, and women marched with him. When India’s discriminated and disadvantaged march, they march alone. The recent women marches in the USA were represented in many counts by the African American women. Indian upper caste women marches will have a big problem with Mayavati, who is a symbol of revolt against the caste system and patriarchy. 

The American media is diverse. The Indian media is a monopoly of the Brahmins and Banias. There is no representation from the SCs, STs, OBCs, and minorities in Indian media. It is the section of American media that keeps on opposing what goes against the constitution of the USA. Indian media is not only silent, but promote frenzy hero worship. You can kill more than 100 people, you can give hardship to millions, you can do whatever, and walk away saying that it was nationalism and media will not write a single word of dissent. India therefore didnt see the march. 

India till today has not seen any march against caste system of people coming from all castes. India’s disadvantaged citizens have been fighting to establish democracy and rule of law with their minimum resources. Their battle is truly democratic and for social justice and for liberation of women. How many upper castes have ever sacrificed anything for breaking caste barriers? None. 

The only genuine love of the country will be the genuine hate for the caste. So long as people love their caste, they can not love their country. Therefore, Hindu nationalism is an act of treason against country. And despite of that treason, the traitors are walking freely as the greatest nationalists. The march is a must for the future of democracy. The march is led by India’s discriminated and that march must be joined by all from all over who loves humanity and human rights!!

Appeal for donations to meet the post production costs of documentary on Bhima Koregaon

Please get in touch with Somnath and help him to make this documentary on Bhima Koregaon!

Regards, Karthik

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From: somnath waghamare <>
Date: Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 2:49 PM
Subject: Appeal for donations to meet the post production costs of documentary on Bhima Koregaon
To: Karthik Navayan <>

Jai Bhim friends!

I am Somnath Waghamare. Sociology Graduate & Media studies Post Graduate from Sangli, Maharashtra, India. From last few years I am working with Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Right now as an apprentice with a Human Rights Organisation in Bangalore.   I am associated with Dalit progressive Ambedkarite social movement In Maharashtra and interested in making documentary films on Dalit issues. Last year I have a made a documentary film, titled – “I am not witch” on witch-hunting problem. It is a story of one old tribal women from Nandurbar, Maharashtra, who faced social boycott.

Now I am working on great history of Mahar Regimen, the so-called untouchables in ‘Bhima Koregaon Battle’ who fought and defeated crony Brahmanical rule of Peshwas.  The title of the  film is ‘ The Battle of Bhima Koregaon : An Unending Journey “  I completed  all pre -production film work – from 20th December 2016  to 5th January 2017   by visiting the celebration of this event in Bhima Koregaon, which was being attended by 20 lakhs people every years but not covered in any mainstream media. For the film, I have interviewed a Historian, a journalist, an activist, a students, youths, Mahar regiment Officers, women and artiest. Basically this film is story about history of Bhima Koregaon battle and peoples view on today’s Dalits social – political – cultural issues and why historians – Media ignore this positive Dalit history.

I have planned to dedicate this film to our brother Rohit Vemula and inaugurate this film on 14th April 2017, on the day of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar birth anniversary in NFAI – National Film Archive of India- Pune. Also planning to send this film to all Indian film festivals and abroad with help of relevant people in this sector. I and my film team working post- production of the film, and we are looking for monetary support. For the shooting, we have spent our own money. For post-production we are expecting support from community and likeminded people.

The tentative cost involved for the post production and inauguration
1 Editing 50000
2 Sound 10000
3 Music 10000
4 Animation 10000
5 English subtitles 10000
6 Inauguration- organising event 30000
  Total – one lakh twenty thousand only 120000



Somnath Waghamare,

Email –

Phone Number – 07745886950

Bank Account details

Name of the account holder – Somnath Waghamare

Account No – 55147141640

State bank of Patiala, FTII Branch Pune.

IFSC: STBP0000571

B.Karthik Navayan,