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Indian Dominant Castes Organisations across the Globe

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“As long as caste in India does exist, Hindus will hardly intermarry or have any social intercourse with outsiders; and if Hindus migrate to other regions on earth, Indian caste would become a world problem.” What Dr Ambedkar told in the 1927, has become truth today. The dominant caste people formed their caste organisations in United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, South Africa and UAE, etc

http://www.bbsl.org.uk/ – Bardai Brahmin Samaj London

http://www.elebs.org/ – East London & Essex Brahm Samaj

http://brahminsamajcanada.com/ – Brahmin Samaj Canada

http://www.brahminsamajontario.org/ Brahmin Samaj (society) of Ontario

http://palwadatoronto.com/  Shri Palwada Audichya Brahmin Samaj, Toronto

http://www.vsna.org/ Veerashaiva Samaja of North America (VSNA)

http://www.bsgc-il.org/ – Brahma Samaj of Greater Chicago

http://rajputdhobiusa.weebly.com/ – Rajput Dhobi Samaj -USA

http://www.bardaionline.com/ – Sri Bardai Brahmin Samaj (Leicester) UK

http://www.bardai.net/ Sri Baradi Brahmin Samaj Northomptionshrine

http://hinducouncil.com.au/ – The Hindu Council of Australia

http://www.mycasteishindu.org/  – Alliance of Hindu Organisations

https://www.ataworld.org America Telugu Association (ATA) Dominated by Kamma Caste

http://www.nataus.org/ – North American Telugu Association- Dominated by Reddys

https://iynaus.org – The Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States

jaydevjani@hotmail.com – Brahmin Samaj of Georgia Inc

http://mybsfl.com/ – Brahmin Samaj of Florida

http://www.bsoga.org/-  Brahmin Samaj of Georgia

http://www.nhsf.org.uk – National Hindu Students Forum (UK)

http://www.indiansgauteng.co.za – The Sanathan Shakti Society – Indians Gauteng

Transvaal Hindu Seva Samaj- Johannesburg, Gauteng

http://www.hindusamajsheffield.org.uk/ – Hindu Samaj Sheffield – UK

http://hinducouncil.com.au/ – The Hindu Council of Australia

https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/uae_brahmins/info- Brahmin Samaj UAE

http://www.agrawalsamajusa.org/ Agarwal Samaj USA

http://agrawalamerica.com/links.htm Agarwal Association of America

http://iskcon.org/ – The International Society for Krishna Consciousness


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