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Revolutionary Jai Bhim and Salutes to Dappu Prakash

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Revolutionary Jai Bhim and Salutes to Dappu Prakash.

Dear friends,

Dalit revolutionary cultural activist and singer, Dappu Prakash is no more. He found dead today morning in Tenali town in Andhra Pradesh. Recently, on an appeal from Dalit Camera, some of you have supported him with money to meet medical expenses.

He were full time revolutionary activist associated with JNM – Jana Natya Mandali from 1970s and has continued his cultural activitism as  an Ambedkarite from recent 2, 3 decades. He had not disclosed his biological family details anywhere with anyone and no one knows because he believed and lived for the movement and treated people around him as a family. This was due to his left radical activism that he maintained as a necessary and as a ideal. Now it’s became difficult his friends colleagues to locate his family to inform about his death.

Once he mentioned to my elder brother Battula Prakash that he belongs to Bellampally town in Adilabad District in Telangana state. But some friends saying that he is from Andhra Pradesh. If anyone able to trace his biological family, please get back to Palnati Sri Ramulu of Bahujana Keratalu or  Jaladi Moses in Tenali. His colleagues and friends in Tenali town in Guntur district are planning to conduct final rites in Tenali.

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